Friday, 31 August 2012

Polly want a cracker?

A few weeks ago i went farm visiting and i already posted what i wore on one day out, here is what i wore to visit the other farm a much smaller but equally as good one. This farm is also used by the local college to teach and the staff on site are also the ones doing courses here which i think is great.
I'll get on with showing you my outfit first, the shorts and cardigan are both from asda a while ago, and while i love these i have found that recent ranges have excluded many larger sizes, which i for one hope isn't a permanent thing. The cami is from primark along with the shoes and tights.


I have just realised you can see my tights under my top, sorry about that i obviously didn't look in the mirror for long enough! The shorts are a 24 and are about two sizes too big but i thought they were cute and didn't try them on until some time after i'd bought them. They have the most amazing parrot print  and i love the bright summery colour of them. The cami and cardigan are both size 20, the cardigan was for the jubilee but i quite liked it with the outfit and every girl needs to wear a crown once in her life.
While i was at the farm i fell in love with a few of the animals especially Barry the bald rat he was so cute! Here are a few pictures of the animals.

wig coll
Cute farm kitty, very talkative pig,barry the bald rat

wig col 3
Mini horse,wrinkles the bald rat,alpacas and a friendly goat
wig col 2
Lovely cows and meerkats
I hope your all enjoying your week did you do anything nice over the bank holiday weekend?

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Clothes swap

On Sunday i collected together some clothes i no longer,or in some cases had never worn along with a few pairs of shoes and set off for my first ever fat swap. The concept is great and it was the first swap i'd ever been to, for those of you who don't know what a clothes swap is you take items you no longer love and swap for ones that you do. Everyone brought plenty of things and looking through the rails and tables there was something for everyone and every taste. I just want to take a second to thank everyone that was involved in the swap you made it a really great day!
So here's what i wore, now a few of you may have seen this before i was my first ever ootd back when i started my blog but its such a nice dress and so comfy that i wanted to show you all again. The dress is from SimplyBe i looked on the website but it doesn't seem to be available, I'm not surprised by this as the dress is so great and i did buy it 4 months ago.



I wore the dress with my primark headscarf,Irregular Choice robot bag and the glass chain and ring are from lifes big canvas
I got quite a few bits from the swap here's a sneak peek of what i got, my favourite being a beautiful red coat just like my nan used to have so whoever brought it if your reading this then thank you.


I also got a few zines while i was there i think they are amazing and have almost finished reading them, even marvin approved. I also picked up Kirtsy's first steps to fat acceptance its great i think everyone should have a copy.

I had a great day, met lots of lovely people and got to see my clothes go off to new homes where I'm sure they will be very happy. I can't wait for the next swap!
Over the last few months through blogging, twitter and events that you great ladies have put on i have met lots of new people (online and irl), you all rock and i just wanted to tell you that. It's a great community and i have been welcomed with open arms and never been made to feel alone or uncomfortable and for that i love you.
I'll stop being all weird and gushy now :p
Have you been to any clothes swaps, did you get some amazing things like me ?

Monday, 27 August 2012

I'm a winner

A few weeks ago i opened up my email on my phone expecting the usual sales emails, twitter notifications etc when one popped up from the lovely people of Simply Be letting me know that i had won a dress of my choice for entering my details at plus north. I didn't win anything on the day so i was really happy i headed straight over to the site to choose a dress. I'd already decided that i was going to get something that was a little different from my usual choices, i spotted the shoe print dress first and that was hard to step away from! But then i saw this dress and i new that was the one i was going to choose.


The dress is Anna Scholz for simply be and is £68, i ordered my usual size 22 and crossed my fingers that it would be a perfect fit. I'm pleased to say that it was i genuinely love the dress and the fit and its still very me without being similar to anything else in my wardrobe. It has lovely gold sequined swallows on each side which i really like and the material is a lovely too.
I wore the dress out to dinner with my husband as we were celebrating his all clear, for another 9 months, from his cancer check up. Yey happy face :) We went to our favourite restaurant for steak and had a lovely evening.




I wore my oversized headband and one of my many pairs of Irregular Choice shoes.


I really love this dress so thank you so much to plus north and simply be for giving me the chance to win :) I felt really great in it and would definitely recommend this if you need a fancy black dress that stands out from the usual ones.
What do you think to my winnings?
have you been lucky enough to win anything recently?

Saturday, 25 August 2012

An oldie but i love it

Toady's dress is one i got from Evans about 2 years ago, i remember wandering in on the off chance and seeing this on the sale rail. I was drawn to it straight away and when i tried it on i fell in love. I still love this dress 2 years later, it's really comfortable and i really love the shape. It's made from a jersey material but unlike other dresses i have had it hasn't bobbled or lost it's shape along the way and thats why i love it.

Had my eyes shut but i like the pic so it stayed
The dress has a really lovely floral print and is cut so the material covers the top of your arms but it doesn't have sleeves so it keeps you lovely and cool. I wore my oversized bow headband and tights with it, i was going to add a brooch but i didn't have time to hunt in my collection before i went out. The dress is a size 20 and still fits me well even though i am now a 22. As i bought it so long ago its no longer in the stores but I'm sure it will pop up on ebay if you wanted one. I'm sure this dress will be in my wardrobe for years to come.


Marvin photo bombing
Do you keep clothes for a long time or do you change your wardrobe with the seasons?
I hope you all have a great weekend.

Friday, 24 August 2012

A very summery ootd

Here i am again in yet another playsuit but this time i decided to do it with bare legs! I always wear my playsuits with tights because they stop my legs rubbing together and i'm not in danger of flashing bum cheek. I wore this to go see my mum and nan and it was ridiculously warm so there was no way i could put tights on so i got out the worlds whitest legs, so white you can almost see though them. Don't get me wrong i love being pale but i sometimes forget just how pale i am until i wear something like this.
The playsuit was from asos curve in the sale for £14. It's no longer on the website but they do have lots of others to take your fancy. I got this in a 24 as it has buttons all the way down and we all know the problems i have with button fronted items. So here is it complete with some ridiculous posing :)

This is my super hero pose!
I really like the playsuit its made of a nice lightweight material and sizing up meant that all the buttons fasten and don't gape. It's really lovely and summery to wear and even has pockets. The shoes are some old ones from primark and the sunglasses are from dorothy perkins ages ago.



I really like this playsuit and will be wearing it again with and without tights. I have a few other playsuits in my sights but I'll have to wait for the sales to snap those up.
What have you all be wearing to keep cool in the heat?

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Drum roll please

The winner of the tesco competition is…………..

Beth :)

Congratulations if you let m know your email i will send you the voucher code.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Cookie monster

I don't show you many of my work outfits because i think they are pretty drab most of the time and tend to be clothes that i have moved from my pretty going out dresses pile onto the well there ok so i'll wear them to work pile. Do any of you do that with clothes? when they loose the sparkle do you demote them?
So i bought this dress from dorothy perkins before i went on holiday last year i'd been eyeing it up for weeks then it went into the sale for £18 and sold out in my size! But i decided it looked stretchy enough so i tried the size down and thankfully it fit. This is a size 20 and a little tight around the girls but not enough that it's uncomfortable.

i didn't realise the bra was so visible
never mind


The little black cardigan is from asda ages ago but they still so similar styles during the summer it cost about £6 and the shoes are primark.
I was also wearing the necklace that the hubby got me when we went to lifes big canvas shop in leeds. Cookie monster always reminds me of my hubby so the necklace was a lovely gift.


How's your week going do you have any plans for the weekend that you are looking forward too?

Monday, 20 August 2012

She said beauty

I've been looking at beauty boxes for a while now and while I'd decided on which I didn't want, either because of price or because I felt the contents were a little fancy for me, I am still undecided as to which I want. I decided to try a few boxes before deciding on which one to go for. I couldn't afford them all at once so over the next few months I'll be showing you the boxes.
The first beauty box I wanted to try was she said beauty it's one if the cheapest I've seen at £9 plus £2.95 p&p. You can also cancel this at any time so your not stuck with it for 12 months if you change your mind or can't afford it anymore. My lovely husband ordered this one for me isn't he lovely?!
So here's the box, it's well presented and everything inside was neatly wrapped in pink paper.

It comes with a card so you know what
everything inside does and costs and you get
a few discounts too

I'm sure your wondering what I got in my box so here goes,

White glo professional choice toothpaste- this taste really nice I've used it for a few days, I'm not sure they look any whiter than with any other whitening toothpaste but it does taste good.

Balance me rose lip salve- I've used this a few times now and it leaves your lips super soft but the rose scent may be a little over powering for some.

Redken color extend radiant 10-I don't have coloured hair but I need a leave in conditioner and this promises some good things so I'm going to use it.

Papier poudré rachel powder paper- I've used papers similar to these before but not named after me! :) these also have a light powder on the sheet so you get some coverage too.

Absolutely flawless nail foils- I don't know if it was me or the foils but a perfect match we did not make! They are so hard to get on and were creasing over the nail but this could be me rather than the foils.

4711 eau de cologne- this is a tiny bottle that was a bonus in the box it's a fairly strong fragrance so you will either love it or hate it.

Overall I'm happy with this box there is a good range of things inside and i will use all of them. Except the nail foils i tried these but they just don't work with me and my nail shape.

I would defiantly recommend this if your thinking of subscribing to a beauty box.
Do you already subscribe ? if so who do you subscribe too?

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Spotty seperates

Just a quick outfit post today, i wore this out a few weeks ago but I've only just  got around to loading the pictures.
I don't usually wear separates as you know, but when i spotted these in H&M i thought i'd break out of my comfort zone, they were polkadot after all. I got them at the beginning of the summer so they are no longer in stock, they were from the + range in a size 22.

They have pockets!

I'm wearing it with my asos curve cami in a 22 which you can still buy here. The cami is very comfy and soft but its super long it comes to below my bum which i don't mind as i always wear in under something or tucked in, it would be great if you are tall or like your cami's to give more coverage. I'm also wearing my tesco cardigan which I'm sure you all recognise from at least half my posts! The tights and shoes are both primark.
I'm wearing my new glasses chain from lifes big canvas which I'm completely in love with.


I also want to say a big thank you again to Becky from the ramblings of mrs bebe and Char from dino princess char for helping me with my blogger issues the other day. 
I hope you all have a fab weekend :)

Friday, 17 August 2012

Window shopping

As i don't have an outfit to show you today i thought i'd show you some of the dresses that I've been looking at lovingly over the past few days.
Side tie dress £28

Ponte dress £28

Shift dress £16

Shift dress £49.50

Red skater dress £35

Snake print skater
dress £45
Excite clothing

Pleated dress £27

Polkadot zip dress £25

Swan print dress £25
Asos curve

Peplum dress £55

Belted tulip dress £35

Maxi dress £45
What have you have you eye on recently ?
Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't already

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Giveaway time

As you know i took part in the Tesco plus size panel and as a thank you for all of your feedback Tesco have given me a £25 voucher to giveaway to one of you lucky people! They are very thankful for the feedback and it will be passed onto the buying team to help improve future collections.
So all you have to do to be in for a chance to win the voucher is follow on GFC and leave a comment below letting me know what you would spend the voucher on.
Heres what i would buy
Circle print dress £18
I will announce the winner next week :)
Good luck