Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Match Made In Heaven

Sorry its been so quiet here for the past few weeks I've been busy at work and the days I've had off seem to have gone in a flash but i do have an outfit for you all today. I hope you've all had a great few days off work and a nice Xmas if you celebrate. A few weeks ago now I went to the Tshirt Store opening, here is what i wore to that and for food with the hubby!


So here is what I wore, this is a top and skirt from Clements Ribeiro for Evans but I wore them together as I think they look great as one! I found these both on the generous side when I tried them on so the top and skirt are both a 20. I love the skirt and top they are made from a thin jersey so have stretch in them and the print is an amazing glove print!


I really love the length of the sleeves on the top but as it was freezing when we went out so I added my biker jacket from New Look inspire. The jacket is a size 22 and is now in the sale, i love it its really comfy and warm and it added a bit of edge to a pretty girly outfit.


I added my Irregular Choice scotty dog flats and i wore my hair in a bow this was like the 2nd ever time I'd done it so i was pretty pleased!


I'm back at work tomorrow (bonus prize if you can come rescue me!) then off for the New Year do you have any plans ?

Monday, 23 December 2013

Party On!

It's that time of year when you get together with all your office friends for the work Christmas party. I was sent the Christmas party stereotypes by Curvissa and I recognised quite a few of these as people in my office. I am mix of the over dresser and the gossip, I love nothing more that putting on an over the top dress and giggling over the office gossip! And i know a few people who would probably put me as the most drunk too, although i try not to be this one too often as the hangovers are killer!

Some might say head to toe velvet and killer heels is a bit much for a glass of the fizzy stuff and a plate of finger food but I say never! I love to dress up and Christmas party's are definitely an excuse to put on my glad rags. 
According to Curvissa as the over-dresser i am,
Someone misinterpreted the dress-code… awkward! She'll be wearing an extravagant style prom dress, too much fake tan,festive nails and overly high heels; probably not the best code of conduct if your office do is in the local bowling alley.
That sounds about right apart from the fake tan, I've always overdressed even as a child running around in the middle of summer in my nans high heels,pearls and faux fur coat!

Now as the gossip according to Curvissa i am also,
This tittle-tattle talker can be found wide eyed, speaking in hushed tones to anyone that will listen stating "that so-and-so was spotted with that guy from the third floor". Bubbly and confident, this Christmas-party loving animal will definitely be festively fashioned. You might notice some tinsel wrapped around her ala a tinsel-boa or oversized snowman earrings, so if you hear the rustling on Christmas decorations, beware the gossip queen.
I'm definitely bubbly and confident and quite the party animal when i get going, but although i do love a gossip there are much worse I'm my office several men included!

It's doesn't take me too long to actually get ready but choosing what to wear can add hours onto my prep and leaves my room looking like the wardrobes have exploded. According to a recent survey it takes 21% of people from Yorkshire and the Humber 30 minutes to and hour to get ready which is about right for me if you don't include trying on 20 different dresses to find the right one! You guys in the West Midlands are super speedy with 37% getting ready in under half an hour.
I went looking for a Christmas party dress and I love this one it would be prefect your Christmas party .

I love the shoulder details and even if i am going bowling who says i can't dress to the max. I love standing out no matter what the setting, so Christams parties give me an excuse to go even further.
And as for the shoes, the higher the heel the better and if i can get some leopard print in there then that's a bonus!

So what kind of work party stereotype are you ?

Post in collaboration with Curvissa

Friday, 20 December 2013

Tshirt Store Opening

Last week I was invited to the opening of the T-shirt Store in the trinity Leeds. I popped along with the hubby not sure what to expect and to be honest I was pretty sure nothing would fit me but the hubby loves a good tee so I thought we might see something for him. I'm glad to say that i was pleasantly surprised.

We met up with Toni and Beth and it was lovely to see both of them again. The store itself it small but the perfect size to hold all the stock and display it so it can all be seen without having to trawl through rails and rails. I loved how neat everything was and it was really easy to see everything.

The T-shirts are all fair trade cotton which the company is really proud of and you can tell they are good quality they feel so soft!

The more I looked around the shop the more I wanted. I checked out the sizes and the biggest they had was an XL now I usually get a 2xl in tshirts so I wasn't sure these would fit me but after seeing so many amazing T-shirts i thought I'd give them a try and I'm so happy i did! Here are a few of my favourites,

Im in love with this sweater

I'm happy to say that the XL fits me great with a little room so I'd say they fit upto a 22/24. All the staff were lovely and really happy to help, they spent time talking to us and getting feedback. While I was trying not to buy every cat tshirt I saw the hubby had picked out his favourite tshirt. We ended up coming home with a tshirt each here they are coming to an outfit post soon. I went for the galaxy kitty or course! and the hubby went for the ninja turtles/pulp fiction one which he is in love with.

The Tshirt store is located between Blott and Topshop downstairs in the trinity so go and check them out or go the their website. They are looking for more UK designers to work with on T-shirt designs so if that's you get in touch. The launch was great fun it was lovely to meet everyone there and now i have my go to place for funky T-shirts. I obviously love the cat T-shirts one but i love the quote on this one,

Make sure you pop in and checkout the store if your in Leeds.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Crazy Clerance

Just a super  quick outfit post today. For any of you that don't know Crazy Clearance is where you can pick up some serious bargains! I had my eye on a playsuit from Simply Be for months but by the time i went to buy it is was out of stock in my size.


A few months ago I was checking crazy clearance and I spotted the playsuit in a 24. It's a lovely silky material with a lovely bird print on. I think it might be a little big it might look better a size smaller but it will be great for keeping cool during the summer.


I've been busy working recently so haven't had much time to post but I have a few outfits coming up soon including a super cute galaxy print cat t shirt! I hope you have all had a great week :)

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Simply Be Yourself

Simply Be have a new video up on their You Tube channel which is all about embracing positivity and idividuality if you haven't seen it yet here it is below or click this link

Simply Be are all about making you feel great and letting you show off your personality in their wide range of styles, including that amazing mermaid dress!
This video is all about being confident and true to yourself something that we should all aim to be. I really love this video and think it gives a great message. You can join in on twitter with the hashtag #SimplyBeYourself share your stories and thoughts on the video and let Simply Be know what you think.
I was sent a press release with a link to the video which included a quote from Charlotte the PR Manager at Simply Be, who is honestly one of the loveliest people I've ever met. The quote was so lovely i wanted to share it with you too,
"We hope that in some small way we can make a difference and help women realise that they are amazing just the way they are."
I couldn't agree more with what Charlotte has said, you are different to anyone else and that makes you perfect, so own who you are and rock it !

Monday, 9 December 2013


I was contacted recently and asked if i wanted to review Charnos XeLence tights. They are specially designed to fit up to a size 32 and have a specially designed panel on the thigh area to stop chafing which i always a good thing!

I'm not going to lie i was a little sceptical but I'm always looking for new tights that fit well and are comfortable. I was sent the tights in medium shape which is sizes 22-26 and do you know what? They are a dream, true to size and super soft. They are seriously great tights!


I usually have to size up in tights and then sometimes even the 28-32 don't fit, there is nothing worse than putting tights on only for them to stop at your knees, or they rip as you try to put them on. This has happened to me on more occasions than i can count which leaves me annoyed and out of pocket.


Both the black and nude tights are 15 denier so they are really light and you don't feel like you are wearing anything. The panels over the thighs are slightly thicker and make them really comfortable to wear.


The tights have a really soft waist band and it doesn't dig into your skin like other tights that I've had before. The nude tights are a good match for my skin, i was worried they might end up being an overly tanned colour but they are really great .



These tights are £7 and for the quality and fit they are so worth it! The have 3 size ranges available:
Light shape - 16-20
Medium shape 22-26
Full shape 28-32
These are true to size i usually wear a 22/24 on the bottom and these tights fit me and would easily fit me at a size or two bigger. There are other styles available in the range including 50 denier,spot print and knee highs! 
The range will be released soon and i for one can't wait to get my hands on some of the other styles especially the spot ones which are super cute and i might even give some knee highs a go!
Thanks to Charnos for sending me the tights to review its always great to find a product that actually does what it says on the tin!

Friday, 6 December 2013

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Leather Look

A month or so ago i was in the Simply Be store in Doncaster when i spotted a dress so unlike anything i would usually wear i wanted to try it on to see how it looked. I would never before have thought i would own a leather look dress! As soon as i tried it on however i fell in love with everything about it.


The pictures don't do the dress justice its so much more beautiful in real life. I got this dress is a size 22 and as usual with Simply Be the fit is great. The dress itself is made from a  leather look material and is quite thin with some stretch so you can order your usual size and not worry.


The dress also has a mesh panel down the front which shows off some serious cleavage without being too much in your face.


The whole dress is embossed with this gorgeous flower pattern which hasn't picked up in the pictures but you can see it when your wearing it and it looks so pretty.


I'm totally in love with this dress the shape is great and i really love the cute cap sleeves. It comes in blue as well as the black online here for £50. I think you could easily dress this down with some ankle boots and a jacket or dress it up with heels, a faux fur stole and killer lipstick.


I really love this dress and I'm glad i gave it a go and tried it on. It just goes to show always try something on even if you don't think in a million years it would be your thing, you could be surprised like me and find a piece you fall in love with.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Lady Dates

A few weeks ago i went to meadowhall to meet up with some other lovely blogger babes for a spot of window shopping, coffee and some lunch. I had a fabulous time with EmmaBeeLolly and Leah here are a few pics others took during the day. I always forget to take pictures as I'm too busy chatting away.

Pic by Emma not quite sure what my face is doing?!

Pics taken by the lovely Emma
I thought I'd share my outfit from the day with you, i forgot to take outfit pics on my way out so they were taken after i got home and without shoes again! I do wear shoes i promise ;)


This dress is one i have had in my wardrobe for months and months with the tags still on. Its not that i didn't like the dress i just always had something else i wanted to wear first. The dress was from New Look ages ago and is a size 22, which is if anything a little big for me but not so much that you would notice.


The dress has a really lovely floaty chiffon style top layer with cute little polkadots on and cute buttoned cuffs on the sleeves. Its a really pretty dress and comfy to wear as well. The dress has a elasticised waist but i decided to add a belt which i got from Primark with a pair of shorts and it actually fits me which is surprising!


I had a great time with these lovely ladies, one of the best things about blogging for me is how many people i have met that i now call friends, without blogging i might never have met them so I'm really thankful i have :)