Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Fabulous from Firmoo

I was lucky enough to be contacted recently by Firmoo an online glasses company. I'd never heard of them before they contacted me but i wish i had they have some great priced glasses and fun frames.
I had great fun deciding on glasses but i finally decided on these and sent my choice of to Firmoo along with my prescription.


I got an email on Friday to let me know that they had been dispatched and on Tuesday morning there was a knock at the door and they were here, that's super quick delivery if you ask me! I usually go to the opticians to get glasses and have only once before ordered online with another glasses company where i had a really bad experience. I'm happy to say that my experience with Firmoo was a very good one, the website was very easy to use and the form i got to fill in my prescription details was easy to follow.
The glasses came with a hard and soft case, cleaning cloth and spare screws and a screwdriver.


I really love these glasses they are so light it doesn't even feel like you have them on. They are a little different to my usual style but i really like how they look. The website allows you to try the glasses on if you upload a picture so you get an idea of what they would look like on.




Firmoo currently have a really great offer on at the minute which allows you to get a pair of glasses for FREE you only need to pay for the postage and packing. What are you waiting for get yourself over to the website right now and get yourself a pair! I'm sure you'll be as happy with yours as i am with mine.

I really love the details along the arms of the glasses


I really love these glasses and i would order from Firmoo again it was so easy and delivery was so fast! Have you bought anything from Firmoo before?

I was sent the glasses to review but as always all opinions are my own i was not paid to write this review.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Plus size outfit day

The theme for this plus size outfit day is 'lets get ready for Saturday night' . I decided to go with an outfit that i would wear for a night on the tiles. This theme means i can show you a little bit about what i do to get ready for a night out.

So here's my routine...
I always start off with a nice relaxing bath and do my hair, most of the time i just blow dry as i did here but on the odd occasion if i have enough time i will straighten my hair too.
Then comes the hard bit, choosing what to wear


I always have a good look and most of the time i go with the print that stands out to me the most, which on this occasion was leopard print


Once I've decided on what to wear it's time to put my face on. I don't wear very much make up but i do tend to wear a bit more for a night out, here's what i used

MUA eyeshadow palette, false lash effect mascara 

That gal face primer (used on my cheeks) sleek lipstick,GOSH lip primer
Once thats done it's time to put on your party outfit, something that makes you feel amazing and that for me is this dress.


This dress is from Tesco and part of their limited edition range which i find is a little more expensive than the standard range but it still doesn't break the bank at £30. This dress is still available online here so if your after a dress that will hug you in all the right places and make you feel a million dollars head over there and buy it now!


This dress is a 22 and i like how it fits on me it feels like it was made just for me. The material has some stretch with a inner layer to smooth the dress out, i found because of this i didn't have any lines from where my tights sat, sometimes with fitted dress i find you can see where your tights come up to. If you have a fear of the VBO (visible belly outline) this might not be for you as it is fitted. I suppose you could wear control pants underneath if this was an issue for you, but it's not for me so you can see how the dress sits without any shape wear. 


I really love this dress and for £30 you can't go wrong, yet another 10/10 for Tesco from me. Keep up the good work guys :)
After i get dressed i would usually choose my shoes which i have set out on a shelf with the pictures on the outside of the box which makes finding the perfect shoe so much easier.


Now I'm ready to party but i have to add one final piece to my outfit…


No outfit is complete without a set of cat ears and a cheeky poke out of the tongue.
Now you have seen my outfit please check out the other ladies and what they are wearing 

What do you like to wear for a night out?

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Stop spending October week 4

This week was really easy up until the point i went to the Simply Be store opening. I was surrounded by temptation, very pretty lovely temptation. So before i tried anything on i was half way to breaking, i did go into the changing rooms several times to try different bits on and i fell in love with two pieces.
They were the cat print Ax Paris shirt which was £25 and the print dress for £47.

I knew i had my get out of jail free card left as I'd not used it in previous weeks, but i only wanted to get one,it was a hard choice but i loved the dress the most so that's the one that i bought. I really loved the way it felt on and the print is so different to anything else in my wardrobe.

I'm still classing this week as a victory as before the challenge i would have bought both without a second thought. So although i spent £47 i saved myself £25.
How has the week been for you if you doing the challenge?

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Simply Be store opening

Last week i was very lucky to be invited to the Simply Be store opening in Manchester. It's the first event that i have been able to attend and i was really pleased to get an invite. I have been to the store they have in Doncaster and thought it was lovely so couldn't wait to see the larger Manchester store. I was a little nervous as i was going on my own but i really didn't need to be there as the the staff were so friendly and i saw Gemma a few minutes after i went in, and had a good chat, she bought an amazing shirt that i can't wait to see in a OOTD.
So on Thursday after a drive (actually several) around Manchester centre my hubby finally found the entrance to the car park, lets just say it was a good job we set off a little early! I left the mr in the loving arms of costa and went off to wait for the store to open.
The store looks amazing really nice and spacious lots of room to move about. It's really light inside and the changing rooms are to die for. It makes for a great shopping experience.
I was a bad blogger and forgot my camera I'm still telling myself off about it now, but i did get a few pictures while i was there on my phone.
Gorgeous Ax Paris dipped hem shirt

Owl top

Joe Browns section i love the polkadot


I love these so much

I loved the bag display

The detail on this dress was gorgeous

Lots of coloured jeans i love the leg display

The best christmas jumper I've seen
I thought it was only right i wore a Simply Be dress so i wore my swan print one which i blogged about  here and took out a bag that caught my eye as i was leaving. It wasn't the most sensible choice and about half way through i had to put it inside my goodie bag but it is cute. The bag was from ebay for a few pounds some time ago.

The store was opened by Kym Marsh and she did a quick interview and seemed happy to have her photo taken with the guests, there was lots of food and drink coming around and there were some spot prizes given out.

Photo from the Simply Be Facebook page
It was lovely to meet Charlotte from the Simply Be team and all the lovely bloggers including the ones i saw at plus north but never spoke to like Rosie and Mel. In between all the chatting i did manage to slip in a purchase, as I'm sure you know I'm doing the no spending challenge so i did use my 'get out of jail free card' to buy this beauty. A proper outfit post will be coming soon but i had to include this changing room shot as the dress it too beautiful not to.

A close up of the material and pattern of the dress
I got to meet the lovely Betty Bee who is my headscarf inspiration, (its thanks to a very good tutorial she did that i am even able to tie mine!) and the equally lovely A Thrifty Mrs it was lovely to chat to them. 
Picture from the Simply Be Facebook page
I even got a goodie bag my first one ever and its great there was so much stuff in it!

I had a really great time and would do it again tomorrow if i could. If you have the chance you should definitely go and have a look around the store I'm sure you'll find something you love. 
Do you have a Simply Be near you?

Friday, 26 October 2012

Party on

I've not been buying this month but with the party season coming close i thought i'd have a look at the party dresses on offer.

Asos curve

Have you seen any dresses to get you in the party mood?!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

From the depths of the wardrobe

I needed something to wear the other day and decided to have a look in my work wardrobe, i came across this dress that i've had for a while from Asos. I got it in one of the many great sales they have for about £14!


There really is nothing amazing on that wall
but i always seem to look at it!

Im not sure about the dress now i've worn it, it's a little tighter around my chest than i would prefer and it is quite short when i sit down. The dress is a size 20 so thats the reason it doesn't fit great I'm sure on someone smaller it would look fab. But I've decided to add it to the pile of clothes to be sold or swapped.


The dress has a lovely detail around the bottom of the arms and the hem of the dress which  love.


I wore it with thick tights and my robot necklace which i've had for a while it was either from Asos or Topshop but was that long ago i don't remember. I had forgotten about him until i saw Laura tweet a picture of hers and remembered it.


Just a quick post for today how is your week going? My workdays seem to be getting longer and the time I'm away shorter :(