Sunday, 14 October 2012

Stop spending October week 2

So how has week 2 gone? To be honest easier than i thought it would have I'm still ignoring the sales emails in my inbox but i have had a browse on a few of my favourite stores. I repeat a BROWSE i've not bought anything for2 full weeks can you actually believe it?!
So whats caught my eye while I've been browsing…

This little beauty is £25 and also come in a divine purple colour if I'm honest I'd probably have bought both.

The third dress of dreams is this one at £30 it's a great dress and who doesn't love leopard print?!
All the dresses are from Tesco they have some great pieces in at the minute and at great prices too. It pains me not to have added all 3 to be cart and checked out but i stayed strong and closed the tab.
So this week i have saved £80 the total of the 3 dresses , I'm crossing my fingers that at least one of them is still available when the challenge is over.
How are you finding the challenge if your taking part ?


  1. Keep going! I'm sure at least one of them will be available - hopefully the leopard one, that is gorgeous xx

  2. You're doing so well and much better than I would be doing! Especially since you browsed and saw beautiful dresses you loved and wanted xx

    1. Thanks I pretty proud another 2 weeks to go :) xx

  3. Well done. I've done the complete opposite this month, it's like I can't stop spending but I can't afford it and don't have room for it all, so I really have to stop!

    1. Thanks :) I have that problem usually of buying things and not having the money the challenge was much needed xx


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