Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sale Steal

I have had this dress for a few weeks now, i bought it in the sale from Fashion World for a bargain price of £13 as i had a discount code too. I had been eyeing up this dress for months but wasn't sure if id get the wear out of it at full price. Then me and Lisa decided to go to Blackpool for her birthday and i decided to take the plunge.


I got the dress in a size 22 my usual size as i wasn't sure what the fit of a cami dress would be like. When it came i fell in love with the print and feel of the dress but the shape wasn't doing it for me so i decided to add a black belt and then i fell in love.


This dress is really lovely it has a silky satin feel to it but because of this the material doesn't have any stretch to it. It also as two gold chain straps which you can just about see over my bra strap, i'd love to wear this without my bra straps showing but I'm yet to find a strapless bra that actually fits well and that i can keep on all day.


The dress without a belt comes to about my knee but once i added the belt the dress is more mid thigh   which is fine by me. The only downside to this dress is the armpit room, the sides on this dress come down to almost my bra line. I really wish that when people designed clothes for a larger body they stopped making the armpit holes huge! yes we do have bigger arms but trust me we dont need all that armpit gape.

Overall i love this dress and i think it will be perfect to dance the night away in Blackpool! If you fancy getting this dress for yourself it's available online here and it's still in the sale too.


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

World Fashion

Sorry it been a while since my last post life has been hectic recently but hopefully fingers crossed everything is back on track! Today i wanted to share with you a cute outfit inspired by France. I was contacted recently by JD Wiliams and asked if i would like to take part in a world fashion inspired challenge. They asked me to pick something that reminded me of a county that's playing in the football at the minute at create an outfit based on that country.


I went for shorts which are the first thing that comes into my head when i think football and a super cute striped top that reminded me of the brenton stripes of France. 
The top has a relaxed fit to it so there was plenty of room in the size 22 that i was sent, it also has 3/4 sleeves which i love. Its made from a lovely soft jersey and i was really comfortable wearing this, it kept me surprisingly cool in the warm weather too. My favourite part of the top has to be the little lace trim as i think it makes the top stand out more than your basic striped tshirt.


I went with these shorts as the first thing i think about when it comes to football is shorts. As you know i have quite a few pairs of shorts already so it wasn't surprising they came to my mind straight away!
These are the Joe Browns hot pants although i personally don't find them to be that short, you definitely won't be flashing your bum walking down the street in them. These shorts are made from a denim with a fair bit of stretch so it makes them really easy to wear and very comfortable, they are really well made too. I have never owned anything from the Joe Browns collection before so it was nice to get to try a new brand.


So that's my look inspired by France and Football, i really love this outfit and i think it looks super cute. The one thing this challenge has made me realise is that my geographical knowledge leaves something to be desired! 

Friday, 13 June 2014

You Beauty

As I mentioned in this post I have signed up for a You Beauty Discovery Box so i thought I'd do a quick post and share this months box with you.

I was really impressed with the choices this month as soon as the choices opened I knew what I wanted to get.
My first choice was Herbacin hand cream, I've used this before and it's seriously the best stuff for dry hands! It has a really subtle fragrance and it leaves your hands soft for ages.

My second choice was L'oreal 24h infallible lipstick in fuschia. I had never tried this before but I'm always on the look out for new lipsticks. I wore this out and it lasted around 5 hours and was still in place after eating and having plenty of drinks. Not 24 hours but it definitely has staying power.

My added extras were a Dead Sea mud mask and a expandable facecloth. All this for £6.95 you really can't go wrong.

What did you get in your beauty box this month?

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Pink kisses

While I was in Primark last week I spotted a cute bright pink tube skirt and I knew it had to be mine. I have this skirt in black and it's so comfy and easy to wear, and at £5 it's not making my bank balance cry either!


I decided to wear it to work the next day and I'm happy to say it's kept it's shape well after a full day at work. This is a size 20 and fits me well it's tight fitting as it should be but not restrictive as there is plenty of stretch.


I wore this with my Clements Ribeiro for Evans lip print top which I got last year. I think the pink and grey goes really well together. The print of the top is super cute too.


The top was a bit long to wear over the top of the skirt so I tucked it and and I really liked how it looked. I think this skirt will go with so many things that I have in my wardrobe, Primark also had a few other colours and I'm pretty tempted to get a few more. 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Cocktails, Catch ups and shopping

Today I met up with Lisa for our monthly shop/catch up/gossip over cocktails. I didn't get a full outfit picture but i remembered to take a car selfie on the way.

We met up at meadowhall and started off in Primark, I had a few bits to take back and ended up buying more! I got all the items below, shoes £5, mini hair doughnuts £1, polka rollerball perfume £2 (these are perfect for your bag and I really like the smell too), candies vanilla bon bon perfume £8. The vanilla perfume is super sweet I love it, I smell like a human sized sweet! My favourite perfume is Vera Wang Princess but its a little too expensive to wear everyday so i like to have a selection of cheaper perfumes for work.

I also picked up this Loreal 24h infallible lipstick, I got a pink in my beauty box and I'm now a massive fan. It hasn't dried my lips out and it lasts for ages even after eating and drinking. The Eyeko eye liner was free with a magazine (that's now in the bin!)

I also had a voucher for the body shop, when you spent £30 you got £15 off so I treated myself to a few bits. I got a coconut lip roll on, coconut hand sanitiser, cocoa butter moisturising stick, chocomania perfume, shea body whip and almond hand and nail cream. All that came to £30 so I only paid £15 a total bargain!

We tried on lots of clothes but forgot pictures (we were far too busy catching up) I didn't buy any but I have my eye on a playsuit from yours clothing that I will be buying on payday. It will be perfect for Lisa's birthday weekend in Blackpool. As always we finished off with a few drinks in TGI's.

What have you been up to this weekend?

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

You Beauty

Just a quick post from me today, sorry it been a little quiet on here recently I'm busy doing overtime at work so i haven't had much time for outfit pictures but i do have a few new pieces to share with you so those will be up soon!
If you have followed this blog for a while you will remember i used to subscribe to the she said beauty box but when it was cancelled i struggled to find another beauty box to fill the void. Then i happened upon You Beauty for £6.95 a month you get to choose 2 products and get a few extra samples too. This is great for me as i like to be able to choose what i receive and the price is perfect for me too, I don't really want to be spending £13 or so on a box filled with things i don't use or want.
I signed up a few weeks ago and got my first box about 5 days later and i was really impressed.

I picked Eau My Goodness Shine & Fragrance Spray from Percy and Reed, i was sent a 50ml can which is worth more that i paid for the box as 100ml retails for £22. The stuff is great its smells lovely and fresh without leaving a white film like dry shampoo and it adds shine to the hair too. If money wasn't an object i would buy this again tomorrow as i really like it but at the moment its out of my budget.
My 2nd pick was Batiste xxl powder which retails for £3.99 i was actually going to buy some of this to use next time i went out so i thought i'd add it to my box and save myself a trip to superdrug.
The added treats were samples of Lizi's granola, Charles Worthington leave in conditioner and Caudalie divine legs.
Overall i am really pleased with the box and cannot wait for this months to come!
Do you subscribe to any beauty boxes?