Saturday, 21 February 2015

Catching My Eye

I haven't done a huge amount of shopping recently but i have done some online window shopping so here's whats been catching my eye recently..

I love this organza skirt from Simply Be its so beautiful and at £35 its reasonably priced too.
I love the colour of this top i think it would look so cute with jeans.

I have been after a scallop hem top for a while and this one from New Look is super cute and a bargain too.

Cat nail stickers, i totally need these to become a cat lady for life.
OMG i need these shoes in my life they are beautiful and they have cats on so of course i have to have them.

I have just got some new perfume from the Mr but i have already decided on what i will be adding to my collection next and its Opium i just love the smell.

What do you have your eye on at the minute?

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Birthday Love

It was my birthday a few weeks ago and i had the best few days! The Mr took me for burgers, shopping and treated me to my favourite fragrance then we relaxed at home which was lovely. A few days after my birthday me and Lisa went to Leeds for some drinks and lots of dancing.

Yes we take all the false lashes!

I wore a Simply Be swing dress I've had for a year or so with some black tights as it was super cold that night, it kept me warm walking to the bars but was a little warm for all the dancing that i did.
As always i had a wonderful night out with Lisa she is a wonderful dance partner and she always has emergency eyelash glue which came in super handy that night trust me!
I also wanted to show you the amazing gifts she gave me for my birthday i was truly spoilt. My birthday card had instructions and a little explanation for each gift it was such a thoughtful touch.

How amazing are the phone cases cats, pizza and burgers the best combos ever. There was other snacks too but i ate them before i even got chance to take these pictures.

Lisa knows how much i love nail polish and these colours are great, the Barry M is a fab two tone purple and bronze.

Lisa made me the glitter photo frame and put a picture of us on a recent night out in there too. The glitter bow is perfection and everyone needs a unicorn clutch right?!

The brooch is so me and the collar clips are amazing i think i might have done a rather large squee when i saw this. 
So a big thank you to Lisa for a fabulous day and for being the best dance partner ever.


Monday, 16 February 2015

You Beauty

I hope everyone has had a good weekend i have spent it relaxing with the Mr and watching a whole season of Drag Race i seriously cannot get enough of it! Anyway onto today's post which is just a quick one to show you this months beauty box.
My first choice this month was L'Occitane almond hand cream. I always need a hand cream as my hands tend to get very dry and i hate the way they feel when they are dry so hand cream is something i will always use. This is pretty small at 10ml so it will be good to pop into my handbag, you can buy a travel size 30ml from their website for £8 so this is worth about £2.60. I've used this a few times it smells nice and dry easily but it didn't wow me.

My second choice was In.Fused coconut body scrub, i chose this as nothing else really jumped out at me in this months choices and I've been looking for a good body scrub. I have only used this once since it came and it was a really good scrub, it was quite rough on the skin which i like and it smells like coffee with a hint on coconut. The Mr came in as i was using it and said i smelt like an espresso so it gets a thumbs up from him! It does look like you have been rubbing coffee or soil over you when you put it on but it washed off quite well and it left my skin feeling like had used a really rich moisturiser. I got 100g which is the trail size, you can get this from their website for £18.99 for 200g which makes this sample worth £9.50. I do like this but at £18.99 for the full sized product it's out of my price range.

Lastly my free samples this month were Lindt milk truffles and bareMinerals foundation. 

I love chocolate but i not a truffle girl so these won't get eaten and i haven't worn foundation since i was about 16 so that won't be used either. The contents of my box was more than the £6.95 i paid for it but its the second month in a row that i haven't been wowed by the choices on offer, however i do like to get a monthly box and i always use the products i get so for now i will continue to subscribe.
Do you subscribe to You Beauty ? What are your thoughts on the recent choices?

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Acid Wash and Polka Dots

As you saw I'm my last post i fell in love with these Simply Be jeans and had to have them in every colour! So today I'm showing you the indigo acid wash ones, these were the first pair i bought and have me totally in love with the "Rosie" style. The fit is great and they really do hug you which i love. My advise on these jeans is to size down one size for a great fit as there are generous with plenty of stretch.


I wore this outfit last week when me and the Mr went to five guys for burgers, which i must add are the best burgers I've ever eaten. These jeans are comfy to travel in and you don't get that dig in at the waist which I've had with other jeans before. Length wise they are a little long for me but only about an inch or two. 


I decided to wear these with my Simply Be jacket which i got a month or so ago.  This blazer is quite thin with some stretch so you can easily size down in this, i went with a 20 and there is still room to add a thicker top underneath if you wanted to. I've been after a polka dot blazer for ages and this one is perfect and it has long sleeves too which is good for the colder months.


As i wanted to add a bit of colour i decided to wear my leopard print top which is also from Simply Be but no longer available. I really loved how this outfit all came together and i love the clash of leopard print and polka dots.


Has anyone else tried the Rosie jeans yet?

Saturday, 7 February 2015

The Perfect Jeans

This is a pretty casual outfit that i wore to go to see a late night film with the Mr. I wanted to be warm and comfortable and this outfit hit the spot.


These jeans are amazing!!! I saw them on the Simply Be website and fell in love but i was unsure what size i would need and if they would stretch enough to fit my calves. A few weeks ago i went into the pop up store in Meadowhall and spotted the dark indigo version of these so i picked them up and headed to the changing room. After trying on the 22 in these i decided to size down to a 20 as these are really stretchy and the size 20 still has a fair bit of room in them.


These jeans are super soft with plenty of stretch i have them now in all 3 colours as i simply couldn't resist. These are the light acid wash ones available here for £35 which i don't think is bad for what is basically a second skin. I cannot praise these jeans enough, i was going on about  them so much Lisa has ended up buying them too!


The top is an old one from Evans that I'd actually not worn in forever so i decided to give it an outing although looking at the pictures I'm not sure if it will be one that i keep.


Lastly i wore my super amazing burger trainers which were in that sale for £15 at Schuh. The Mr has been trying to get me into a pair of converse for the last 10 years but I've always resisted thinking the would be uncomfortable or not really me. These however are burgers, so that swayed me and i ordered them. As you can see i haven't fastened them all the way up to the top as my ankles are pretty chunky. I also found them surprisingly comfortable too which is always a bonus.
I hope you are all having a great weekend, having gone out last night to celebrate my birthday I'm nursing a giant hangover right now!

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Birthday Treats

It was my birthday on Wednesday and i decided to treat myself to a few bits so i thought i would share with you what i bought.
My first stop was Primark as i had won a £10 gift voucher from the lovely Natalie's blog  a few weeks ago. So i managed to get all this and only paid £8.50! 
The shoes are for work and dancing as they are super comfy and only £4 a pair too. Don't get me wrong these shoes won't last you a lifetime but with how fast i ruin shoes they are the best value for money.

I also picked up a necklace, some midi rings and some giant hoop earrings from the jewellery section. I haven't tried the tights yet so i can't comment on the fit, Primark tights used to be amazing but they they changed them and i haven't tried since so I'm hoping these will fit better. The bag was a bargain at £4 i bought something very similar about 3 years ago and its my go to bag so i thought i would get a new one as it was getting a little worn. The eyeliner and lipstick were from Superdrug, the Rimmel lipstick is an amazing colour but it seems to go bitty very quickly

I picked up some cute tops from Tesco today too. The denim shirt was a bargain at £5 and the white top is so cute and will go with so much of my wardrobe. I also wanted to try Balmi lip balm so i picked one of these up while getting myself some hand cream.

Of course i had to pop into Simply Be as i was passing on my birthday and this textured top screamed out at me. I love the bright colour and the fit it great too. While i was paying i spotted this cute necklace in the sale and snapped that up too.

I was super spoilt by the Mr who bought me my favourite perfume for my birthday and one i hadn't tried yet. I really love Vera Wang perfume its smells so good and lasts for ages as well.
I hope you are all having a good week and have an amazing weekend whatever you are doing.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Charnos XeLence

I was recently sent some amazing tights to review by Charnos. They were super kind and sent me the 15 denier black and beige as well as some beautiful spot print ones and a 50 denier pair too!


The tights have been specially designed and made for larger dress sizes. They cover sizes 16-32 an I can honestly say they are true to size which most of you will know is hard to find when it comes to tights.

The band on the top of the tights is really soft and it doesn't roll over and become uncomfortable like I have found with other tights. The cherry on the top on these amazing tights is the thigh area. They use a higher denier yarn here to help reduce chafing and make the tights last longer. I have had a fair few pairs over the years wear so thin in this area so I think it's great that Charnos took the time to think about this in their design.


These tights have great stretch I'm wearing the 22-26 and there is loads of room in there!
At the moment the range only goes up to 50 denier but I would love to see these in a 80 or 100 denier which would be perfect for the cold weather we are having at the minute.


There are a few places online you can get your hands on these including UK tights who seem to have to full range available. These are fabulous tights and i love them!