Thursday, 31 May 2012

Day 31 - The thing your obsessed with at the moment

So according to my hubby i have a very obsessive personality and once i decide i like something i have to have as many as i can. So my previous obsessions have been books once i decide i like an author i buy all of their  books. This started with Stephen King i love his work and have all his books except the dark tower series as it isn't really my cup of tea but still amazingly well written. So it started with The Stand and now every time a new book comes out my hubby or my mum will get it for me as a present. I decided i liked my hair in headscarfs and now i have about 20 different scarfs. I also find it very hard to choose so if i have two dresses in my basket i usually end up buying both! I own lots of dresses,cardigans, bags and shoes all for the same reason once I've started buying i can't stop. So with a slightly obsessive personality and a hoarding tendency, i really don't like to get rid of things i much prefer to see other people get use from them before i just throw them out, i have lots of things i can show you that I'm obsessed with. Here are a few      

My Stephen King collection along with Sophie Kinsella
and Mandasue Heller. i do have a 2nd and 3rd bookshelf
and now a kindle.

My wardrobe my lovely hubby built the 3rd one for me
at the weekend now all my clothes have a home

My lipstick collection

My ring collection there are squillions

I have all my shoes in the original boxes and they all have a
photo of the shoes on the box.

So this is the last day of the challenge can honestly say I've really enjoyed it. I have managed to do all the posts and although some we not all about fashion i hope you enjoyed them. I have enjoyed reading all of your too.
So tomorrow it will be june how has the year gone so quickly?!
Hope your all having a nice week and have some fun plans for the weekend. Thank you for reading and a big hello to all new readers and followers.

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Day 30 - Pretty hair

For years i had three hairstyles in my arsenal, they were hair in a pony, in a bun and down. I recently watched a tutorial on you tube on how to do a french twist, which i always end up calling a vanilla twist!
Its really easy to do and although mine doesn't look at perfect as the video i like the result i would try to explain how to do it but i am the worst at explaining anything just ask the hubby! So if you were like me and didn't know what it was or how to do it check out one of the many tutorials on you tube. I finished it off with a black flower that i got from claires accessories about 4 years ago.
Whats your idea or pretty hair? have you got any styles you can share with me ?

I have my head bent back in this picture so
it does look a little funny

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Day 29- Face of the day

During the week i don't wear any make up other than mascara and lip balm. For this post i decided to show you how i look make up wise if I'm off out some where for the day. Again i found these pictures really difficult to take my head just seems massive!
So here the face

sorry i look like a complete nutter here!
And here is the make up that made it happen,
Too faced natural eye palette

I wore the top row of colours,heaven,velvet revolver and sexpresso

Just put a little of this on my cheeks its 01

Lip pen 03

this stuff is amazing it smooths out all your pores and
little lines

So that was my face and a few of my favourite make up bits. I love the palettes that too faced do, i have several of them. If you are buying a lip pen i would recommend the revlon ones over max factor as they come with a balm so don't dry your lips out and stop on longer.
What are your favourite make up pieces?

Monday, 28 May 2012

Day 28 - Something that everyone has now

Well not everyone will have this but i know a lot of plus size ladies that do, its the swallow print dress from new look inspire. I bought it quite a number of months ago from the new look in meadowhall shopping mall. The new look there has a really good inspire section upstairs, unlike the new looks in the towns closest to me. As soon as i saw the dress i knew i had to have it and it took all my power not to but it in green too. I bought it in a size 20, i think the dress is on the larger size which is why i was able to size down. The dress is made from a nice jersey material,one of my favourites as you don't need to iron it! I'm not sure if it will loose shape over time as honestly this is the first time I've ever worn this dress. I think its long enough to wear without tights or leggings so today i got my milk bottle white legs out for the world to see. My shoes are from primark £5.
As its been so nice i took some more pictures outside, sorry about the slightly wild grass and the building material behind me.
Did you do anything nice over he weekend? hope you had a good one!

Sorry if i look a little squinty i left my glasses inside
and i can barely see without them

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Day 27 - Inspired by your style icon

I don't really look at celebs or people in the public eye and think i want to dress like them. The person that i have always looked up to not just for style but in everyway is my nan. When i was younger i would spend at least half of my week at my nan and grandads as i went to school near their house. When i was younger my nan would always have a nice dress on and a cardigan, maybe this is where my dress and cardigan obsession came from, and a pair of heels. She always looked, and still does look great. On certain friday nights her and my grandad would go dancing and i went with them. I loved going with them to ballroom dancing everyone dressed up and my nan would wear her special dancing shoes, she had lots of different pairs and i enjoyed trying them all on and dressing up in her jewellery and faux fur. I think without meaning to i have taken several parts of her style and now wear it as my own. My nan had lots of shoes,dresses and cardigans and surprise surprise so do i. I took pictures of a few of the things that either remind me of my nan or are hers and i now own.
When i was young my nan would give my her handbag to carry my crayons and things
in it was just like this but burgundy i lost it moving when i was younger so i was very happy
when found this at the vintage fair

My nan always uses elnet and i can't smell it without being reminded of her
now its the only hairspray i use.

My nans brooch she gave me from her jewellery box
before i got married 

I wore this one on my wedding day

I always remember my nan having a red dior lipstick and i loved how it smelt
now i own the same shade of red and purple although i don't think my nan
would wear that!

One of the things i always used to dress up in was my nans faux fur
so now i have several of my own and i love them

These are pearls from my nans jewellery box i was so happy as a
teenager when she gave me these and it started a bit of an obsession
as you can see below 

So who's your style icon?
I hope your enjoying your weekend, thanks you for stopping by.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Day 26 - Whats in your bag

The simple answer is a lot of crap lol! The bag itself is Irregular Choice and was bought for me by the hubby for no particular reason a year or so ago. I use the bag pretty much everyday, i do change my bag when I'm going out but this is my go to work bag and i rarely ever take anything else to work with me. I love the material of the bag it has sort of a woollen effect with suede and leather trims. Its really roomy inside and as with all Irregular choice bags it has their signature pattern on the bottom and a lovely velvet inside.

Now onto the contents of my bag, I'll point out i did clear my bag out a week or so ago so it wasn't anywhere near as full as usual.
Here are the main bits, my iPhone because i would go anywhere without it !, my sunglasses and its been quite sunny around here the last few days,my actual glasses because i can't actually see further than my arm and a book, i will usually have either a book or my kindle depending on what I'm reading at the time.

Next is my purse which was from accessorize last year, a mini make up bag from primark, the only thing i keep in this is my lush lip scrub (so the sugar doesn't go everywhere is it comes open) my simon's cat diary which was a xmas gift for the hubby, earphones, sanitiser and a mints tin.

Then we have my crap, as i mentioned earlier i recently cleaned out my bag so this is no where near the usual amount i have. So lets see there is a mcdonalds coffee card and a handmade burger company card, a post it i made into a heart shape. a heart shaped card from my nan, a recipe for a herman cake (I've not made it), some envelopes i don't even post anything so why i have these is a mystery an finally receipts, i never get rid of these they just get shoved into my bag and then on my annual bag cleaning mission ill get rid of them!

So thats whats in my bag whats in yours ?
Hope your all enjoying your weekends

Friday, 25 May 2012

Day 25 - A totally you outfit

I was a little unsure what to choose for this as everything i buy i consider to be me in some way. So i went with the item in my wardrobe that has been worn the most. This is my asos curve playsuit i bought it early last year for about £35 i think although this could be wrong as i have the worst memory ever! As I've said before i love playsuits and this is one of my favourites, i love the colours, pattern and the loose shorts.Oh and did i mention it has pockets?! i love pockets on clothes even though i don't really use them. I wore this with my over the top headband from primark, bought many years ago.
So whats your "you" outfit or your most worn item?

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Day 24 - The item that brings all the boys to the yard

I don't now about bringing all the boys to the yard but a flash of cleavage brings my mr. He is most defiantly a boob man and if he had his own i don't think he would leave the house! I recently got this dress from Tesco it was £16 and is made from a nice jersey material not to thick so good for the summer. I just love the print its very summery and fun, you can still buy the dress online here.
The dress has a wrap effect around the chest so it does show some cleavage but not too much when your stood up, but if you sit hunched forward like i tend to do the girls come out to say hello. I really need to remember the the next time i wear it!
Thanks for reading hope your having a good week so far, its nearly the weekend yey.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Day 23 - Something for your favourite store

I get my clothes from lots of different shops and online stores. My favourites is tesco i would say at least half my wardrobe is from here. I love that you can buy clothes while doing the food shop or getting a sandwich on your dinner. They sell most of the styles up to a 22 or they have the true range which goes up to a 28 and recently they have added ann harvey range which goes up to a 32.
This is my favourite thing from the ann harvey collection i think it would be great for summer with some flip flops and a big sunhat.
I thought id choose my most recent tesco purchase to show you today. I cant find this on the website but i bought it last week from my local store so hopefully you can find it in your store too. I love playsuits and to find a bird print one in my size i was a very happy lady! When i first saw it i thought it was a dress and it was only when i saw the leg holes when i was trying it on that i realised it was a playsuit. The playsuit was £16 and is made from a really soft material and is comfy to wear, the only downside is as it doesn't have a zip its a little fiddly to get on, but this doesn't bother me and i love it too much. So much that last night i bought another one in floral print!
I wore the playsuit with my torrid cardigan as it was a little chilly and my black tights from M&S.
Whats your favourite shop ?