Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Day 29- Face of the day

During the week i don't wear any make up other than mascara and lip balm. For this post i decided to show you how i look make up wise if I'm off out some where for the day. Again i found these pictures really difficult to take my head just seems massive!
So here the face

sorry i look like a complete nutter here!
And here is the make up that made it happen,
Too faced natural eye palette

I wore the top row of colours,heaven,velvet revolver and sexpresso

Just put a little of this on my cheeks its 01

Lip pen 03

this stuff is amazing it smooths out all your pores and
little lines

So that was my face and a few of my favourite make up bits. I love the palettes that too faced do, i have several of them. If you are buying a lip pen i would recommend the revlon ones over max factor as they come with a balm so don't dry your lips out and stop on longer.
What are your favourite make up pieces?


  1. looking luvly ^^
    maybelline mascaras have been quite good.
    i use the same one. ^^

    1. Thank you :) Its a great I only buy their mascara now xx

  2. you look super pretty! the mascara you used from maybelline is one of my favorite mascaras, they really make the eyelashes pop! your lipstick is really pretty too and looks great on you! :)


    1. Thank you I love the mascara the waterproof one is great too the lip pen looks good but comes off really easily xx

  3. You're so lucky. You have a naturally pretty face and can totally get away without it but look lovely with too!x

  4. You look lovely Rachel! I have a big head, too, but your features are so in proportion and it doesn't look big at all!

    I love Two Faced make up and that pallette looks gorgeous. I use the waterproof version of that mascara (I think), it's yellow anyway and one of the best I've tried.

    1. Thank you close up face pics make me feel wierd even though I like my face close up just seems odd lol I have the waterproof too I have about 6 I love them! Xx


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