Thursday, 24 May 2012

Day 24 - The item that brings all the boys to the yard

I don't now about bringing all the boys to the yard but a flash of cleavage brings my mr. He is most defiantly a boob man and if he had his own i don't think he would leave the house! I recently got this dress from Tesco it was £16 and is made from a nice jersey material not to thick so good for the summer. I just love the print its very summery and fun, you can still buy the dress online here.
The dress has a wrap effect around the chest so it does show some cleavage but not too much when your stood up, but if you sit hunched forward like i tend to do the girls come out to say hello. I really need to remember the the next time i wear it!
Thanks for reading hope your having a good week so far, its nearly the weekend yey.


  1. This dress is gorgeous on you - and you can't beat a hint of cleavage :)


  2. Boobies!! Looking hot as ever x

  3. Gorgeous dress! You look fantastic in it! xx

  4. Love the print and shape! That last picture isnt helping my crush any! ;p Boooooobs!!!! Xxx

    1. Thanks, ha the girls say hello ! I think this is one of my most booby dresses it was the one I was going to wear to mhall but the girls come out to say hello when I sit down! Xx

  5. The girls are saying hello to the boys...even when you're not! Haha! :D Cute dress!

  6. Fab dress,I love the daisies.Looks good on you,too.x


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