Friday, 28 September 2012

Snow leopard

This is the second dress i got from  Tesco using my voucher the first one i got you can see here. I absolutely adore this dress! It is made from the softest jersey material I've ever felt and it fits like a dream. All of that for the bargain price of £16. Its still on the website here but only a few small sizes are left. There was a few left in my local Tesco though so you could always try in store for more sizes.


I wore this dress out to dinner with the mr, i wore it with black pumps and a oversized polkadot bow headband and black tights from Yours. This dress is perfect and as you all know i love leopard print but i didn't have any in this lovely grey shade.


I can't wait to wear this dress again and again. When the weather gets warmer again i plan on wearing it with bare legs as its a great length. The material is really soft but also nice and thin so i think it will be great for summer too. I personally don't think leopard print ever goes out of fashion (well not in my household at least) so i can imagine i'll have this dress for many seasons to come.
I don't think you've ever seen a full length shot of my mr on here so here he is looking extremely dapper, a round of applause for his first ootd …..


Have you got any plans for the weekend? I'm working tomorrow so just a lazy evening for me. 

Thursday, 27 September 2012

A one off

I know some people build an outfit around there shoes or top etc but when i got this necklace i knew i wanted to wear it but i couldn't decide what with. The necklace is beautiful and i wanted it to stand out so i didn't want to wear anything too patterned.

I finally decided on my asos curve peter pan dress and some colourful tights. The dress is from quite a while ago but i have seen them on ebay a few times. Ive worn this dress before in this post, i find it a really easy dress to wear and i think it looks great with coloured tights. The tights are from m&s in a xl and just fit me so if your any bigger or like a bit of room in your tights these aren't for you.



The necklace was from Chloe's shop lifes big canvas I've had lots of bits from there and i love them all. But this is extra special as it's a skunk and i love them! 


He was £8 and came with the silver chain, he's also as far as I'm aware a one off so i won't see anyone else walking around wearing one. Now if only could get a real life skunk to be my friend?!
I hope your having a good week does anyone else love skunks like me ?

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Pre loved

Today's post is an outfit i wore to work last week i have had this dress for a while and i had forgotten about it but upon foraging in the third wardrobe it caught my eye. When i first got the dress i loved it and it has been worn a few times but when i wore it to work last week i realised i'd fallen out of love with it. I still love the way it looks and the print and pattern but i just didn't feel right in it. However i was measuring a dress to send off to a twitter friend and thought i'd measure this one too for her and send a picture. She loves this dress so its going to it's new home where it will be worn with love. I love it when this happens, I've had clothes before that others no longer love but i want to keep forever, i think this is why i loved the swap so much.


I wore the dress with my new tesco cardigan, black tights and pumps from primark and my reindeer necklace from dolly darling. I wore the necklace not because it's christmasy just because i like reindeer's and i think this one is super cute!


As my lovely mr takes these pictures for me i thought it was time he was in front of the camera so here we are, me pulling a weird face and the mr looking sad (it was time to go to work).


Have you re-discovered something recently only to find you no longer love it? 

Monday, 24 September 2012

Plus size outfit day

While i was catching up on blogs last month i spotted this post on Miss Temple's blog. It was for plus size outfit day if you want to read about the ideas and lovely ladies behind it check out this post from Miss Bartoz or this one from Rubenesque. There is also details on there if you are interested in joining in.
The idea is for bloggers from all over the world to show their take on the monthly theme and share fashions.

So the theme for this month was burgundy, i knew straight away which dress i would choose. I had bought this dress from New Look on a recent shopping trip. The skater dress is very popular at the minute lots of places seem to be selling them, this is only the second skater dress in my wardrobe but I'm sure it won't be my last. The dress is still available here and was £22.99 which is pretty cheap compared to some of the other skater dresses I've seen.


I bought the dress in a size 24 the 22 fit me perfectly but i felt it was a little short so i sized up for some extra length. As you can see the dress is still pretty short on my 5 4" frame. The colour of the dress is a great deep wine red as close to burgundy as i have in my wardrobe, and its made from a fairly thick jersey so it will last during the winter too.



I wore the dress with black pumps and a leopard print headscarf from primark and my squirrel necklace from asos. The belt I'm wearing came with the dress and its fits with extra room, its not one of those plus size dresses that come with a tiny little belt that doesn't even fasten!

That was my take on burgundy take a look at what the others have done

Do you have many burgundy items in your wardrobe?

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Stop spending october

A few weeks ago the lovely lucy from lifethrulucylasticaslense asked if i wanted to take part in her STOP-tober similar to the stop smoking  campaign being run except we would give up spending for the whole month of october. Check out Lucy's post here and please feel free to join in, the more people i have for support (when i inevitably have a breakdown because that dress/cardigan/playsuit has now sold out and my life will never be the same again) the better.
The main idea is to give up your biggest extravagance each month which isn't hard to pin point for me, its clothes and i have the wardrobes to prove it!

I will then post once a week to show the things that i loved but left and how much money not buying them has "saved" me. Im sure this will highlight how much i spend on clothes and although i tend to buy clothes from places i have "accounts",so I'm not really paying for it right away, i will still save money by not increasing my balance.
I really hope i can go the whole month, if you get involved you can have a get out of jail free card to use on one item if you need to. As Lucy is the queen of frugal and all things money saving I'm sure she won't use hers but I'm afraid i can't say the same for me!
So do you think you can handle stop-tober ? fancy getting involved?

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Its True love

As you'll remember a few weeks ago i was contact by Tesco to be involved in their plus size panel and i was sent some images of the new true collection to show you all, if you missed it you can see the post here. I was also very kindly sent a voucher to use, i have been keeping it in my email waiting for the lace dress to come into stock but eventually i couldn't wait any longer and placed an order last week. I got it delivered to store the next day which was free and a really quick way to get your goodies asap.
So what did i order ? I got a maxi dress and two animal print dresses, posts to come later on these.
The maxi dress was from the True range and it was going out of stock in some sizes so i wanted to order it before my size ran out.


This dress is amazing! After getting this maxi from the swap i decided i definitely needed another Tesco maxi in my collection. This dress is still available online here in a few sizes and a bargain at £20. Its made from a jersey material and hugs your curves perfectly, the print is great too .
I wore this with my new cardigan which i got in store from Tesco last week at the reduced price of £7 and my sunglasses brooch.


The dress is a 20 i sized down and it does give a great fit i know i'll be wearing this much more in the future. The cardigan is a 20 and fits true to size, its lovely and soft and worth its £7 price tag.



I wore this to work last week and got a fair few complements on it so its a winner for me ! 
Do you end up buying things before you intended too ?

I was given a voucher to buy this dress but as always all views and opinions are my own and i was not paid to write this post.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Bits and bobs

No outfit post from me today i thought id just do a little post on what I've been doing (apart from working) and buying recently. I have bought a few random bits that don't really fit in with other posts as i've just bought them on a whim while me and the mr have been out an about.

If you follow me on twitter you've probably already seen this,but while i was in toys r us ( for the mr not me ) i spotted a cute plush adipose from Dr Who. He's so cute and the perfect plush for me! 
I have also picked up a few beauty bits over the last few weeks firstly my lovely mr treated me to a new dior lipstick.

I love the colour of this it's a more pink red than the others that i have. Dior lipstick will always remind me of my nan i think that's why i love it so much.
I also decided to give the MUA heaven and earth eyeshadow palette a go. It was £4 from superdrug a great bargain.

I have wanted some dry conditioner for ages but i didn't want to pay the £12 price tag for the percy and reed one i'd seen on asos. I looked in boots and superdrug and couldn't find any then i went into tesco on the off chance and what did i find?! Dry conditioner for £1.50 per tin and on offer at 3for2 so i did what any sensible person would have done and i bought 12. 

Ive been spending my spare time with the mr and friends but i've also tidied up my dressing room and re organised my wardrobes so expect so new items on my sales blog next week. 
Nice and neat
Ive also bought myself some brooch backs from ebay to make some brooches for myself. I'll still be buying them but i quite enjoy making things for myself and mostly i haven't seen other people wearing them.

I even made a pin for my mr, meet terry 

And to help me on my way the mr bought me the tatty devine jewellery book. I can't wait to make the glasses necklace!

So that's all from me :) what have you lovely people been up to ?

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

I love Celia

This is one of the new Clements Ribeiro dress i bought when i went into Evans to try them on, you can see that post here. I really love this dress the print is great and i love the lace shoulder detail, its much more of a autumn/winter dress as you can see from the colours in the collection.


I got the dress is a 22 and it fits well, there isn't much room in the bust but it wasn't worth sizing up for as the rest of the dress would have been so baggy. I wore this dress out to dinner with the mr and it was very comfy to wear, and i love how it sits on me. It has a mesh layer on top of the under skirt which has lovely gold threads running through it which is so pretty it reminds me a bit of christmas. The dress is available on the website here


Sorry that i look so miserable in this picture, i had planned to wear another new dress but got it out and it had a huge rip in the side seam which made me sad. I've taken that dress back and exchanged it for a new one so I'm back to smiley Rachel now i promise!
Did you buy anything from the new collection?

Monday, 17 September 2012

Spotty skunk love

I wore this to work last week it's a lot nicer than the dresses i usually wear but i'd not worn it yet and i was eager to show off my new AMAZING kissing skunk brooch which goes perfectly with the dress. I bought this dress on one of my many recent shopping trips. It was in the sale at H&M for a purse friendly £10, it's original price was £29.99 and for such a great dress i would have paid the full price. I got the in a 2xl I'm afraid i have no idea how this translates into numbered sizing but I'm a 22 and i love the fit on me. The dress is made from a jersey material so does have a fair bit of stretch and has 2 layers to it so it'll be perfect for winter too.

The dress has a really nice detail on the side where the material is bunched up, unfortunately i couldn't get this to show up in pictures. The dress was so comfy and it's a great length on me meaning i don't have to wear tights. The cross front covers well but can easily be placed to show off more flesh if required.


I wore the dress with black pumps from primark £5 and my new brooch. Words cannot describe how much i love this brooch, i really love skunks and loved reading and watching Bambi as a child (many a tear has been shed! ) So when i saw Rowan from Kitchen sink tweet that her one of a kind Bambi jewellery was up for sale i headed straight to the site to have a look. As soon as i saw this brooch i added it to my basket and went in search of my bank card. The brooch is made using pictures from an old Bambi story book and there all one of a kind so no one else will have the same piece as you. The brooch was £19 which is the most I've ever paid for jewellery for myself but how could i say no?!


Have you grabbed any bargains or one offs recently?

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Not another leopard print maxi?!

Yes thats right when i went shopping a few weeks ago i popped into the recently opened Yours and picked up yet another leopard print maxi which as we speak makes it my third ( but i'm guessing not my last!) I had spotted this maxi a month or so ago when the Yours new season brochure came through the door and wanted it instantly.
I tried the dress on in a 22/24 first but i felt that was too big around the back and arms so i went for the 20 and i love how it fits. The material is silky smooth with stretch and it has side ties so you can pull it in a little for a more defined waist. The dress was £45 but as the store had just opened they were giving £5 off so i got it for £40 it's still available online if you want to grab yourself one.


I wore this last weekend for yet another shopping trip this time with the lovely Rebecca,Sarah and Laura. The dress was lovely to wear and kept me pretty cool in the warm shopping centre. I wore it with my headscarf and black pumps (unseen) from primark and my lovely fox bag from lifes big canvas



I also wore my cat ring which was from topshop several moths ago i think it was £8. I really am a sucker for animals if it has a animal on the chances are i want to buy it.


I really love this maxi i think it looks great on and makes me feel fab. I hope your all enjoying your weekend do you have any plans?

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Swapping rules!

Here are another two items that i picked up from the swap, i wore them together for work and i really love the outfit. Both of these pieces are from Tesco it seems i have a F&F addiction ! I was going through the tops table when i came across this cardigan, most of my cardigans are shorter and i needed some plain ones so i was pleased to find this. It's a size 22 and it even had the spare button attached. The maxi dress is a size 20, the fit and length are perfect. I wore a black cami underneath as i was wearing it to work but it can be worn without.



My hubby likes to take action shots so tends
to get me with my eyes shut but i like the pic
I'm in love with this dress I'm definitely going to get more if Tesco bring them out again. I always feel really tall in maxi dresses but I'm only 5 4" so I'm not sure i actually look that tall!
The dress is really light with a silky feel to it and its so comfy, i have actually worn it several times since the swap and I'm sure i'll wear it many more times in the future.
Are you still loving maxi's ? Any suggestions on how i can wear them in the winter?

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Liquorice allsorts

From the first time i saw this dress on asos it reminded me of liquorice allsorts i think it's all the colours and stripes. I never actually got round to buying this dress but the lovely lolly likes did and she recently decided to part with it and was kind enough to give it to me :)
I wore this to the supermarket i didn't have anything exciting to do but i thought it was the perfect dress for a stroll around morrisons on a warm day. And seeing as i had it on of course i had to get a few pictures ( any excuse to pose i think!)



This dress is a size 26 but very stretchy I'm a 22 and it fits me fine i would guess if your a 24/26 it will be a more fitted snug dress and there is plenty of stretch for it to fit to your curves. As you can see it is fitted and shows off the belly so if your uncomfortable with this i wouldn't recommend it. I found the dress super comfy and it kept me cool, it will definitely be making more appearances in the warm weather. 
I hope your all having a nice week, do you have any clothes that remind you of food?

Monday, 10 September 2012

September's beauty box

Because of when i signed up for the she said beauty they took two payments quite close together so i got the august and September box. I thought id share with you what i got in my box this time, i actually prefer this box to the previous one.


Ginvera green tea gel- this is a sample size of the exfoliating gel, i needed a new exfoliating wash so this was good to receive and i get to try it out without paying for the full size. I have used this once it fells really nice and has small grains in sometimes i find they can be really big and hard on my skin but this was really nice.


Collection 2000 primer - i do use primer and i have tried lots of different ones i didn't actually know that collection 2000 did one. I have used this and find it to be just as good as the others I've bought. This was a full size product worth £5.99.


Collection 2000 make up fixer - This again is a full size product worth £5.99 its not the sort of thing i would use everyday but it would be great to keep make up in place on a night out. 


DHC deep cleansing oil - This is used to take off make up and clean your skin of any dirt particles and oils. I used this the other night for the first time, it does feel weird when you put it on but once i washed it off my skin felt clean and super soft. This small bottle is worth £3.


Amie cooling clay mask - This was a sachet sample worth £1.50 i haven't used this yet but i'm excited to. It has over 94% natural ingredients and claims to draw out deep seeded dirt and prevent blemishes. I do use face masks but i usually get the peel off ones i can't wait to try this.


Lastly just like last time we got a bonus gift and this time is was popchips, they are a low calorie crisp i have eaten mine which i got in a ready salted flavour. They were nice and i would buy them again, i usually find that "diet" food can be lacking in flavour but these were yummy. Good if you fancy something different to a standard crisp.

Did you get a box this month how did you find it?

Friday, 7 September 2012

Loved up in lace

I'm very lucky to be reviewing a dress from the lovely people at Yours today. I was in contact with them last week about some tights that i had bought from them when they asked if i wanted to pick a dress from the site to review. A dress of my choice ?! i didn't need to be asked twice and i jumped at the chance heading straight to the website to find a dress. There were so many to choose from i wanted them all but i managed to narrow it down and finally settled on this one.
I really love the lace detail and the colour, i chose purple but they also do the dress in black. You can buy the dress online and if your lucky enough to have a store close like me you can also buy it in store.
It's £39 and in my opinion its worth every penny.


Sorry it got dark as i was taking the pictures
The dress is a lovely colour and it looks great on. I went for a size 22 which fits me perfectly, i know from previous experience that the limited collection from Yours usually runs small but i found this true to size. The dress has a stretch lining under a lovely mesh overlay. It also has a dipped hem which doesn't show well in my front on pictures.


You can see the dipped hem in this picture
The dress also has the most amazing lace panel in the back which adds a lovely touch to the dress. I really love this dress and i'm wearing it to a friends wedding party i think its a perfect dress for the occasion, so thank you to Yours for sending it to me, you have saved me a 'what to wear' dilemma!

How gorgeous is the lace?!

I'm wearing this with my new lace cat ears headband and Irregular choice heels. I really love this and it has the approval of my hubby who loves the lace back and colour, what do you think ?
Do you have any plans for the weekend?
This dress was gifted to me for review i was not paid for my opinion all thoughts and views are my own.