Monday, 10 September 2012

September's beauty box

Because of when i signed up for the she said beauty they took two payments quite close together so i got the august and September box. I thought id share with you what i got in my box this time, i actually prefer this box to the previous one.


Ginvera green tea gel- this is a sample size of the exfoliating gel, i needed a new exfoliating wash so this was good to receive and i get to try it out without paying for the full size. I have used this once it fells really nice and has small grains in sometimes i find they can be really big and hard on my skin but this was really nice.


Collection 2000 primer - i do use primer and i have tried lots of different ones i didn't actually know that collection 2000 did one. I have used this and find it to be just as good as the others I've bought. This was a full size product worth £5.99.


Collection 2000 make up fixer - This again is a full size product worth £5.99 its not the sort of thing i would use everyday but it would be great to keep make up in place on a night out. 


DHC deep cleansing oil - This is used to take off make up and clean your skin of any dirt particles and oils. I used this the other night for the first time, it does feel weird when you put it on but once i washed it off my skin felt clean and super soft. This small bottle is worth £3.


Amie cooling clay mask - This was a sachet sample worth £1.50 i haven't used this yet but i'm excited to. It has over 94% natural ingredients and claims to draw out deep seeded dirt and prevent blemishes. I do use face masks but i usually get the peel off ones i can't wait to try this.


Lastly just like last time we got a bonus gift and this time is was popchips, they are a low calorie crisp i have eaten mine which i got in a ready salted flavour. They were nice and i would buy them again, i usually find that "diet" food can be lacking in flavour but these were yummy. Good if you fancy something different to a standard crisp.

Did you get a box this month how did you find it?


  1. Some nice things in here.I haven't seen the primer and fixer before.Love the crisps,it's a nice touch :-) x

    1. I really liked this months box :) I like the little bonus you get too. The primer is as good as others I've tried not sure on the fixer though never used those before xx

  2. Hi dear Rachel All of your beauty box items are so nice.. I need a make up fixer immediately.. I have bought some cleaning masks and oils but I have forgot to buy make up fixer. I saw that you wrote a very low price for make up fixer... This is so good...:))
    Yes I like it so much...

    1. I love the beauty box. The fixer isn't something I would usually use but it's worth trying xx

  3. awesome ^^d fantastic stuff!
    would love to try the dhc !
    it`s everywhere in japan, in fact i`m a member of their 'beauty club' XD
    but rarely use anything from them.
    must get around to it once i go back. ^^d
    thankies for the reminder ^^d

    1. I've used it a few times now it's great and leaves my skin really soft I'd recommend it xx

  4. Wow, I haven't used Collection 2000 since my early teens when I used to wear electric blue mascara and iridescent pink lipstick! Haha. They look quite chic now. And you can never go wrong with a clay mask. They're definitely the best for a deep cleanse and a fresh feeling face afterwards. Let me know what this brand is like! xx

    1. its quite good actually it seems budget make up it quite popular atm. i can't wait to use my mask :) i will do xx


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