Friday, 21 September 2012

Bits and bobs

No outfit post from me today i thought id just do a little post on what I've been doing (apart from working) and buying recently. I have bought a few random bits that don't really fit in with other posts as i've just bought them on a whim while me and the mr have been out an about.

If you follow me on twitter you've probably already seen this,but while i was in toys r us ( for the mr not me ) i spotted a cute plush adipose from Dr Who. He's so cute and the perfect plush for me! 
I have also picked up a few beauty bits over the last few weeks firstly my lovely mr treated me to a new dior lipstick.

I love the colour of this it's a more pink red than the others that i have. Dior lipstick will always remind me of my nan i think that's why i love it so much.
I also decided to give the MUA heaven and earth eyeshadow palette a go. It was £4 from superdrug a great bargain.

I have wanted some dry conditioner for ages but i didn't want to pay the £12 price tag for the percy and reed one i'd seen on asos. I looked in boots and superdrug and couldn't find any then i went into tesco on the off chance and what did i find?! Dry conditioner for £1.50 per tin and on offer at 3for2 so i did what any sensible person would have done and i bought 12. 

Ive been spending my spare time with the mr and friends but i've also tidied up my dressing room and re organised my wardrobes so expect so new items on my sales blog next week. 
Nice and neat
Ive also bought myself some brooch backs from ebay to make some brooches for myself. I'll still be buying them but i quite enjoy making things for myself and mostly i haven't seen other people wearing them.

I even made a pin for my mr, meet terry 

And to help me on my way the mr bought me the tatty devine jewellery book. I can't wait to make the glasses necklace!

So that's all from me :) what have you lovely people been up to ?


  1. Ooo dear Rachel,, All of them are so beautiful and so fashionable..:)) First of all your cat brooches are so so cute as I like cats so much.. And eyeshadow palette has amazing colors.. I like make up so much you know.. I like all your lipsticks of course....:))
    Happy happy weekend....:))

    1. Thank you :) I thought you would like the cat brooches I hope you have a fantastic weekend xx

  2. Ooh so many great things in one post! That dior lipstick is gorgeous, and I'm loving the look of those polka dot boxes behind it. I tried a MUA product for the first time this week (nail polish) and I really can't believe how inexpensive the range is. Might have to try some make up as the nail polish is fab! Your dry conditioner haul really made me laugh! I guess you had high expectations. Does it work? Love the cameo and purple dinosaur. So cute! What's the Tatty Devine book like? I'd love to try making my own jewellery! xx

    1. Thanks I wasn't sure they fit in with other posts so I put them all together. Those boxes are a set of 3 for £10 from cancer research shop I love them :) I found the eyeshadow really good. The dry conditioner is good it makes your hair soft and silky smooth. The book is great lots of things to make I'd recommend it xx

    2. Great way to show it all off! I'm working on dressing table storage and those boxes match my curtains- just what I'm looking for. Will look out for the conditioner as I sometimes need to skip a step in the shower when I can't stand up for long. I was having a nosy at the book on Amazon, and it looks like my kind of thing. I've got loads of craft projects I want to try and learn while I've got all this time on my hands xx

    3. you should get some they might even sell them on the cancer research website as they were part of the new stock they sell rather than things people had donated. dry shampoo and conditioners are a life saver for me my hair is so unruly! i think it would be great for you and you could share what you make on your blog too xx

  3. How adorable is Terry?! :-)


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