Saturday, 30 March 2013

Ladies dates are lovely dates

Myself, Lisa and Lolly arranged another lady date recently to go shopping. Myself and Lisa intended to window shop only but that soon went out of the window oops!
Here's what i wore to go shopping, it was pretty cold but as i was just going to and from the car so i didn't really need a coat.


This dress is one my hubby bought me from Evans. I got it in a size 22/24 and as its a jersey material it fits over my boobs without the gaping that i usually get with button down fronts.


I wore this with Tesco tights, my Primark pumps and headscarf and my  Irregular Choice bag. I thought the outfit looked really cute and the dress was really comfy to wear. The fit is great and the tie waist gives the dress some shape, Its available online here for £45.

I had a really great day with lots of laughs these ladies always make me smile!
So as i said i did fail miserably at window shopping which is no great surprise really is it?! Here a sneak peek of what i bought,

You may have spotted them but i bought another pair of short shorts which made me a very happy lady! The shorts, stripy maxi dress and leopard print dress are from New Look. I got 2 pairs of glass from Primark for re glazing and a leopard maxi skirt. I also got a pair of tights from Yours.
The leopard print skirt was featured in fridays post as we all bought it, whats not to love about leopard print?!

Does your window shopping ever turn into much more?

Friday, 29 March 2013

Wild Cats

It has been a week of challenges and here is another with two lovely ladies Lolly and Lisa. We went shopping last week and all ended up buying the same skirt from Primark, so we decided to show you how we all wore it.

The skirt was £10 and I'm wearing a size 18 there is so much room in this skirt i could probably wear it if i was a size bigger. I also tried on the 20 which i would say you could wear as a 26 so if you are above a 20 give it a try.


I put the skirt with my Asos curve cami in size 22 and my Tesco cardigan which you have seen a million times but i do love it.


I can't wait to wear this out in the summer with some little pumps and sunnies. This is my first maxi skirt, I've got lots of maxi dresses but my wardrobe was lacking in skirts but this is the perfect one to start.


I really love how the leopard print is in different shades throughout the skirt.
Now go and have a look at how Lolly and Lisa wore their maxi skirt.
Have you got any plans for the weekend shopping maybe?

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Pink On Tap

The lovely Rachel contacted me to ask if i wanted to get involved with the out of my comfort zone challenge and i decided to give it a go.

The outfit needed to involve tights or leggings along with pink and stripes so here what i came up with.


The tights are from Yours and they are 100 denier which is what you need for this cold weather we've been having! The shirt is also from Yours, size 24 and you have seen it in a previous post here. The shorts are from New Look size 22 and you have seen these in quite a few posts recently i love them! The earrings are from Primark and the only bit of stripes that i could find.


I decided to go make up free in this post as i don't always wear it although i feel a bit naked without lipstick!


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Monday, 25 March 2013

Plus Size Outfit Day

It's that time again and the theme for this months plus size outfit day is 'all about polkadots'. It's no secret i love polkadots so i was excited about this months theme.

I had lots of options for this post but i decided to go with a recent eBay purchase, i got this dress for £13.99! 


The dress was brand new with tags on and for £13.99 its much less than i would have paid for it in the shop. The dress was from M&S and is a size 22, which is a perfect fit for me.


The dress is a lovely navy colour, i love navy but i don't have much of it in my wardrobe so this dress is a great addition. It's made from a thick stretch jersey and comes to my mid calf which i love. I wore this with thick black tights and pumps from Primark and my Asos pearl cat ears headband.


This is a really nice dress it will be great when the weather gets a bit warmer too. I did look on the M&S website but i can't find this dress but you could always try eBay and grab yourself a bargain like me.
Do you have a love for polkadots like me ?

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I hope you all had a great weekend 

Saturday, 23 March 2013

I Heart

If any of you follow me on twitter you will know that i wanted this t-shirt forever. I finally go my mits on it last month when my hubby bought it for me along with one for himself.

I wore this out shopping with my hubby last weekend, who just so happens to be chubby and bearded :) I wore the t-shirt with my short shorts and some leopard print tights, this outfit was definitely and attention grabber and i got a few strange looks but i felt fab so that doesn't bother me.


The tshirt is from Dpcted Apparel which is a US store so you do have to pay a little bit more for delivery if you order. I got this tshirt in a 2xl and the fit it great. The tshirt is lovely and soft too.


The short you have seen a few times now from New Look inspire and are a size 22. I honestly love these shorts so much they are so comfy and super cute! 
Since buying these shorts i find myself looking at tshirts and shirts that i can wear with them. I had wanted this tshirt for a long time but before getting these shorts i didn't really have anything to wear it with.


The only downside for me of this tshirt is the length because i want to wear it tucked in its a little too long and rolls up. But i have untucked it slightly so that it doesn't roll up, if you are wearing it untucked i don't think the length would be any problem. 
What do you heart ?

Friday, 22 March 2013

Another mini shopping trip

I was reading Sera's blog last week and she posted about the NYC lip balms as soon as i saw them i really wanted to try the apple red, as i like to have a colour on my lips but sometimes they get too dry for lipstick.
I decided to take a trip to the shopping centre and called into Superdrug to have a look at them as usual i ended up buying a few extra bits as well.
Here's what i bought
MUA Undressed palette £3

MeMeMe Isis satin lip cream
Berry Crush £8.50

MUA fur effect nails £3

NYC lipstick in Red Rapture £2.99
Glossy Lip Balm Big Apple Red £2.49

I also popped into Evans while i was there and picked up some cute dresses and tights

Then on the way home we called at Asda to buy dinner and i spotted the new Hummingbird bakery book, i have the other 2 and this one doesn't disappoint it has some amazing recipes in it. I can't wait to get my bake on!

What have you been buying?

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Party On!

Nothing beats the excitement of an upcoming party, how will you wear your hair? which lipstick will look just perfect? and of course the most important question of all what will i wear?!
For me choosing what to wear or, to put it more precisely choosing which new dress to buy is almost as much fun as the party itself!
Everyone loves getting a new outfit and when you find the perfect outfit everything else seems to fall into place!
You've seen this dress in a previous post but it really is one of my favourite dresses and i think perfect for a party.

I've been on a search for party dresses and decided to share with you my favourites, you know me there doesn't even need to be a party for me to be on the search for dresses!

I love this dress, i love all things with sparkle and this sequined embellished tunic is perfect for any party. The shape and colour are classic and this wouldn't be a one time party dress you could wear it time and time again and look just as fabulous every time.

How show stopping is this dress?! As soon as i spotted it i fell in love this is the kind of dress that I'd wear not only to a party but out for dinner or on a lady date with my fabulous friends. Worn with some killer heels this dress is going to be a knock out!

I really love the bright vibrant colours in this dress. I'm a big fan of colour and although sometimes in nice to wear a simple black dress i prefer to stand out from the crowd and this dress definitely does this! I also think as well as dressing this up for a night on the tiles you could easily dress it down.

For those of you that are looking for that little black dress this lace insert dress is super cute and the lace details makes it stand out and the skirt part looks perfect for twirling!

I love a good dress it doesn't matter what the occasion is there is always a dress for it! As a girl who has a wardrobe just for dresses its clear i love them, i could talk all day about them and there is nothing better than finding that perfect dress.
Once you have a great dress on you feel like you can conquer the world, and you can always spot the girl that's in love with her outfit and i think that's the best thing ever don't you?

Are you a dress fiend like me or are you yet to find your perfect one?

Monday, 18 March 2013

Admire From A Far

So i guess that is no great shock to you that 95% of my wardrobe is dresses, add in a few playsuits, a very small amount of t-shirts and of course those short shorts you've seen a few times!
There is a item of clothing that i do admire on other people and i turn green with envy when i hear of others finding their perfect pair, it's jeans!
I do love dresses so much but i wouldn't mind a cute pair of jeans that i could wear on those days that a dress just isn't suitable.
So out on a search i went for Womens Jeans and i can't believe how much choice their is out there! It's been over 4 years since i last wore jeans and back then as plus size i usually had about 3 pairs to choose from.
Just a quick search has brought back so many results here are a few pairs that caught my eye

I love coloured jeans i think they look great and this pair is fab coming in 3 different leg lengths and for £32 they won't break the bank either.

I also came across this pair which you can buy to fit your thighs, they come in either slim,regular or fuller fit for £42.

My eye was immediately drawn to this pair of jeans i love the floral print, I'm sure you all know how much i love a good print!

When i saw these they reminded me so much of a pair i had when i was younger so i had to include them. Even though i haven't worn jeans for years i have a soft spot for a good bootcut.

Now that I've been looking at these jeans i feel like i need a pair in my life but which to choose?! 
Have you managed to find your perfect pair yet?

Sunday, 17 March 2013

A Cosy Night In

This weekend we did something a little different i had to work Saturday so i didn't feel like getting dressed up or going out anywhere.
I had been sent a poker night in set from BGO so it seemed like the perfect time to use it.

We gave the poker set a go first which I can't say that i was very good at, i definitely won't be entering any competitions anytime soon. It was really fun to play, i like to think I'm good at the serious faces and fooling the competition into thinking that i have a good hand. I think my hubby would probably disagree though !

The lovely people over at BGO also included a copy of Oceans 11 and a Pizza Hut gift card. So after  i lost miserably at the poker we ordered pizza and settled down in our pj's to watch the film. Here i am looking all snug in my tiger onsie the height of fashion i know!

It was a really fun night and great way to relax after work, plus everyone knows yesterdays pizza makes the best breakfast :)

How did you spend your Saturday night?

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Dressed Up To The Nine (lives)

Last week the lovely Louise from Polka Spots And Freckle Dots joined twitter we had been chatting and she had tweeted that she was planning to post about the Ax Paris cat print dress. I had been tidying out my wardrobe recently and noticed that my dress still had the tags on, so i needed to wear it. I suggested that we do a joint post to show you all how we both styled it.

I love Louise's blog and she has a wardrobe i am envious of, lots of pretty dresses with some amazing prints and patterns !
I bought this dress months ago when it first came out and i think i paid about £30 but to be honest i can't remember exactly. I really love the print and the dress itself but i got all panicky that i would ruin it if i ever wore it so its just been sitting pretty in my wardrobe.


I wore the dress with a Asda cardigan that I've had for a while, some Irregular Choice shoes and Tesco tights. 

I bought this dress in a 24 as i needed to size up for the top to fit comfortably because of this the waist is a little big on the dress but its still very pretty and i would prefer the waist to be a little big than not be able to breathe because the top was too tight.


The dress is now out of stock on the website but i do hope they bring another version back this summer maybe with a different animal print on.
The dress has a silky feel to it and it lined so i won't be going see through in the sun, and it has a lovely flare to the skirt that makes it perfect for twirling.
Thats my take on the dress now pop over and see how Louise styled hers Louise's Blog.

Do you keep things for best out of an irrational fear of spoiling them like me?

Friday, 15 March 2013


This months fatshionologie theme is trousers. as you might have guessed i didn't have many options for this as i only own 3 pairs of leggings and 1 pair of trousers.

So i decided to go with my Clements Ribeiro Mimosa trousers which you have seen in a previous post here.


The trousers are a size 20 i found i needed to size down in these as they were quite generous. I wore them with my Asos curve cami in a size 22, my Primark flats and New Look cardigan .


The outfit was super comfy and it was nice to wear something different to a dress, its definitely an outfit I'll be wearing again.


I actually wore this out to dinner last weekend it was pretty chilly and rainy out but this cardigan kept me very cosy. I guess the outfit looks bit like i went out in my pj's but i really love it ! 
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Are you loving the trend of pyjama print trousers?

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Floral Midi

As you may have seen from my post on Monday i popped into Tesco at the weekend and I'm sure its not a surprise that i left a dress or two. I bought the maxi you saw on Monday and while i was leaving the clothing section i spotted a dress I'd tried on a few weeks ago but not bought. I picked up my size and checked the tag and it was down to £7 in the sale which made it less that half price!

This will be my first ever midi dress, i really love them but with being quite short i often find that they end up being far too long but this one is perfect.


I got this dress is a 22 and it fits true to size, it is made from a jersey material which is quite thin so will be nice for the summer. The dress was £16 full price but i got it in the sale for £7 which is a great bargain.

I wore this dress with my new tights which were also from Tesco in a XL (£4 for a pack of 3) and my  Irregular Choice kitten heels. The dress is really comfy to wear and i love the 3/4 sleeves. I couldn't find it online but they had lots in my local store so its worth having a look.


What do you think to my sale bargain?

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