Wednesday, 31 July 2013

True Beauty

Today its the OMCZ day and the theme this week was "boho" now I'm not sure i have anything that fits into this but someone mentioned maxi dresses so i decided to show you this beautiful one i picked up a few weeks ago.

When we went shopping for Becky's birthday we went and had a look in Evans and all had a huge try on of clothes. I hadn't spotted this dress but then Nicola came out of the changing room wearing it and had dress envy, she looked so amazing!
So off i went to find my size and once i tried it on i knew i had to have it.


How beautiful is this dress??!! I went for a size 22 and the fit is perfect, if you have a smaller bust i think you could probably size down in this dress as the cut is pretty generous. The dress is from Scarlett & Jo and was only £50 i had expected it to be so much more so when i looked at the price tag i was shocked!


The dress has an elasticated waist which i think gives the dress a lovely shape. The dress is a lovely deep purple and it has embellishments on the shoulders which look great and really make this dress stand out.


The dress is still online here, i cannot recommend this dress enough its my favourite maxi dress ever! 
So I'm not exactly sure how boho my look is but i couldn't keep this gem in my wardrobe any longer.

I got caught doing my hair!
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Monday, 29 July 2013

Project D

For any of you who might not know Project D have a exclusive collection with Simply Be if you haven't checked it out then go and take a look, there are some seriously beautiful pieces available.
I was recently sent out one of the dresses from the collection by Simply Be, this dress had been on my wish list since it first appeared on the site and i was ridiculously excited when it arrived!


I fell in love with everything about it, from the cut to the print and i knew it would be just perfect and i wasn't disappointed when it came! I went for a size 24 as the dress has a button down front and i wanted to be able to fasten it all the way up. The 24 is a great fit everywhere, there is no stretch to this dress so I'd recommend sizing up if you can.


The material is really smooth and silky and really adds to the vintage feel of the dress. I think this dress will be really easy to dress up or down and it will be great for any occasion. If you want to get your hands on this vintage inspired beauty then its available online here in sizes 14-32.


I don't think the dress needs too many accessories but i did add my horse necklace which sat nicely under the collar.
The dress comes with a fabric belt but you could add your own or wear it without on for a more floaty look. This dress is stunning and worth the money it's so well made, and you will definitely stand out from the crowd in this print!


Have you got your eye on anything from the collection ?

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Polkadot Peplum

There hasn't been too many outfit post recently as I've not really been wearing much and when i have its been mainly the same things. This is one of the outfits that i seem to be wearing a lot recently, i wore it first to Lisa's birthday picnic and since then I've wore it a few more times and i love it!


I did look more put together for Lisa's picnic but the rest of the time I've looked like this, messy hair pulled into a top knot and no make up at all. The top was from the sale rack in New Look and was only  £4 what a bargain?!
I know some people don't love the peplum but i think its cute and i love how this top looks with my shorts. The shorts are also from New Look a few months ago.


You can't see what they say but the badges are my 'i love fat men' and 'i love beards' badges from Funki Munki Badges. This outfit is perfect for the warm weather and is really comfy to wear too. I wish i could get this top in other prints because its perfect with these shorts.


Thanks for reading I have so much to show you over the next few weeks i can't wait! So many cute outfits :)
Have a great weekend.

Friday, 26 July 2013

Happy Pets

I was recently contacted by Pet Supermarket who offered me some pet goodies. These were for dogs, as you know I have cats but there are 2 special doggies in my life, Nescafe and Tetley my mums dogs.

I was sent out 3 types of dry food,some dog treats and a polkadot bandanna.

As you can see they were both very happy with their package!

Tetley was too big for the bandanna but Nescafé looked so cute in it waiting for a treat.

Thank you very much to Pet Supermarket you made 2 dogs very happy! If you want to make your pets happy then you can use discount code BLOG15 to get 15% off your order until 28/8/13 

Monday, 22 July 2013

Are You A Funki Munki?

As you all know i love a good brooch or badge and i can never have enough. The lovely Leah and her hubby James have a great online badge store that you should all know about!
They very kindly offered me some badges and i headed off to the website to have a good nosey. There are lots of different categories and so many to choose from, but it gets better, you can ask for a custom badge to be made of anything you want!

When Leah told me they could do custom badges she offered to make me badges of my kitties which made me super happy. They are great now i can take my kitties anywhere.

How great are these?!

The Funki Munki Badges website is really easy to use but it is going to have a bit of a makeover soon so look out for that.The prices are really good too and i love how there are so many to choose from and designing your own means no one else will have it. The badges are a good size only 1 inch so you can wear several at once.
These are all available on the website if you want to get yourself some, and with 2655 to choose from you'll be spoilt for choice.

Ive already worn two of the badges out and they held in place well and didn't come open and stab me like some badges do.

Go and check out Funki Munki badges and design your own too!

Friday, 19 July 2013


I was tagged by a few lovelies in their ABC posts so i decided to give it a go in case you want to know a little more about me! Thank to LouiseMel and Becky for tagging me and giving me an excuse to talk about myself!

Attached or Single?
Married for 2 1/2 years together for 8 1/2 years. Here is the Mr looking dapper

Best Friend?
I have lots of friends and they all have a special place in my heart even the ones i have only met once or twice! But i think my sista from another Mr must be the lovely Lisa.

Cake or Pie?
Pie but it has to be shortcrust pastry and no mushrooms! Then a bit of cake for desert maybe :P

Day of choice?
Can i just answer with any day off? I like a day where you have it all to yourself no work to go to and you can do whatever you want.

Essential Item?
My mobile, my Mr says that i never have it out of my hand but seriously you can do everything on these things now!

Favourite Colour?
I'd probably say purple because apparently leopard print isn't a colour :)

Gummy Bears or Worms?

Sheffield South Yorkshire

It has to be clothes really doesn't it?! 

January or July?
January as I'm not a lover of warm weather, plus in January i get to wear my faux fur.

Nope, never thank you. Unless they start coming with whiskers I'm not interested!

Life isn't complete without?
My Mr and my friends.

Marriage Date?
13th December

Apples or Oranges?
Both although i must confess i eat all of the apple apart from the stalk (so the middle and pips) which people find weird. I used to get told that I'd grow an apple tree in my belly because i ate them but no tree so far!

Spiders, they always seem to run at me and try to get me, also clowns as one chased me around the shopping centre when i was young, they are pure evil!

"Smile it increases your face value" Dolly Parton

Reasons to smile?
Lots of things make me smile everyday, the Mr, friends, family, my kitties and my wardrobes.

Seasons of choice?
Either Winter or Autumn, i prefer the cooler months and being able to wear layers and keep as hot or cool as i like. I can't deal with hot summers where i can't cool down.

Tag people.
I think anyone who wants to should give this a go, if you have a few minutes spare have a go, I'm a nosey person so i love to find out more.

Unknown fact about me?
I have done a few of these type posts now so I'm running out of facts! 
I cry solidly for the whole of the Green Mile from the minute it starts till the very end every single time i watch it. I actually think the crying gets worse the more times i 've seen it. The book also made me burst into tears on a crowded bus.

I like them all part from mushrooms,sweetcorn and tomato. My favourite is probably peas sometimes i just have a bowl full with mint and butter for tea.

Worst Habit?
I have a few but i don't see them as bad habits just character traits including, being a nosey parker or as i say inquisitive, not looking at things around me, and swearing.

X-ray or Ultrasound
I had both when i was younger but nothing since and I'd like to keep it that way, i don't like the doctors or hospitals.

Favourite Food?
I'm quite sure a few of my friend will laugh when write this but its Yorkshire Pudding, i even had a side of them when we went on a shopping trip.

Zodiac Sign?

So there was a bit about me hope I've not scared you off with my apple eating and yorkshire pudding love :)

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Fashion Rules

Its the out of my comfort zone challenge this week and this time the theme was breaking fashion rules. There are always "rules" around fashion and they are all a load of rubbish. Always dress for yourself and feel fabulous and stuff anyone who feels the need to comment otherwise.

Now i tend to break quite a few fashion rules as it goes, not for the purpose of breaking them just because i wear what i want to and no set of "rules" is going to stop me. So what do i wear when i rule breaking?
Stripes, I'm so sick of hearing that fat girls can't wear stripes. Fat,thin,tall or short you should wear what you want ! Never dress for someone else!


Shorts, i own my thunder thighs and i get them out with pride!


Sleeveless, if its warm my arms are coming out there's no two ways about it! I have seen comments about fat girls putting their arms away, but I'm not listening and never will.


The Body con! I love a body con dress so much and yes its fits my body and my body has lumps and bumps,  and i will never hide those. I love the way a body con makes me feel and the way i look in them. 


Those are a few rules that seem to on the list of don'ts when it comes to a fat girls wardrobe but do you know what? I feel fabulous in every single one of them! That's all that matters really, if you think you look great and feel good then wear it.
Here i am breaking a few other fashion rules
Never show cleavage and leg together. As far as I'm concerned get out as much flesh as you want and you are comfortable with.


Short girls shouldn't wear maxi dresses. What do i say to that?... Hell yes they should.


My last rule break is one that everyone gets told, you can't wear leggings as trousers. I say if you want to then do it. I see countless comments from people saying 'omg just seen a girl wearing leggings AS TROUSERS you could see her pants!!!!' Personally i don't care if i can see your pants if they offend me i won't look its pretty simple. 
I don't wear leggings as trousers, as up until recently i hardly owned anything other than dresses but i decided to dress up for you, enjoy!



So my advise on fashion rules is forget they exist and wear what you want and what makes you happy. If your not usually a rule breaker then give it a go you might like the feeling of being a rebel ;)
Check out the other rule breakers below,


Monday, 15 July 2013

Casual To Keep Cool

Its been so warm recently i haven't been able to cool down and when I've been going out I've pretty much lived in my leopard print maxi but today i decided to wear something different.


Its no secret I'm not a summer girl as you can see by my red face and messy hair i don't look my best flustered! I wore my Primark Hello Kitty top which is a size 20 and was from the pyjama section for about £5. I love Hello Kitty so I'm not letting the fact something didn't come from the main section stop me wearing it!


I wore the top with my new-ish Evans knee shorts, i bought these at the same time as the cropped jeans and i love them just as much. They are a size 24 and a great, comfortable fit for me. They are online here but only in a 30 and 32 at the minute but there was loads in store so you could always try your local store if you have one. They were £18 which i think is a really reasonable price.


This outfit is perfect for relaxing in and it did keep me pretty cool although i wouldn't say no to a bit of air con! 
Evans will definitely be the first place i go to look at jeans in the future as i don't have a bad thing to say about these or the cropped jeans i blogged about here
Hope you all had a great weekend!

Saturday, 13 July 2013

A Bit Of Beth

Like a lot of you i loved the Beth Ditto ranges for Evans they were great and i still love to wear the pieces that i got. I didn't buy them all at the time they came out so now i stalk eBay for pieces in my size and have come away with a few bargains!
This dress is one of them, i love it so much!


I won this dress for around £10 which is great, i got a size 24 and its a little big but not too noticeable and i like the extra room that i have in it.


The dress has an exposed zip to the back and great draping to the front so it fits like a dream and gives me a great shape. It even has pockets too which i love. I did buy this dress when it first came out but it ripped and i knew i had to have it again, I'm on the look out for the velvet version which I've never owed but would love too!


This dress really is perfect its great for the summer to wear on it's own or to layer up with thick tights and a faux fur in the winter. I think the Beth Ditto range has stood the test of time as there are so many pieces that i still want to own and the ones i do always get great compliments on.


I hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

A Statement Piece

I was contacted recently and asked if i wanted to review a statement necklace from Damart, i decided on this one as it was leopard print and you know how much i love a bit of leopard!

The necklace itself is quite simple with the rope design and the large leopard disc but i think it looks great.
I wore it with my Tesco maxi dress which I've had for a while


I think the necklace goes great with the dress, the dress is all black so you often need a bold statement piece to bring it together and make it seem less boring.


This is my first big statement necklace that isn't a word necklace and i really love it. It's available online here for £13 if you want to add something extra to your outfit.


I think its great how something can change an outfit and make you feel more put together, I'm definitely  loving the statement necklace!
What do you think ?

Monday, 8 July 2013

Spending Update

As i mentioned in my post here I'm doing a 3 month spending ban its been 2 weeks now so how have i done?
Really well i haven't bought anything new and i have even sold a few things on my sales blog there is still quite a few bits there if you fancy a look.
I did say that i would only spend money that i made selling on new things but i haven't spent any of it yet although there has been a few things that have caught my eye and here they are,

I saw this tapestry print dress at the Simply Be blogger takeover day and fell in love its beautiful and worth its £40 price tag.

I love these asos shorts £15 but as I'm trying now to spend i guess i really don't need another pair at the minute as i have nearly 10 pairs!

Two dresses for £19.99 a bargain I'd say! available online at New Look

By not buying these i saved spending £75 and by selling my unworn and hardly worn clothes i made just under £40 so I'm pleased with my first 2 weeks on the ban :)
Hope you all had a great weekend have you been spending or saving?

Saturday, 6 July 2013

FTF Swimwear edit

It's time for flash the flesh but this time we are doing swimwear! I haven't done swimwear on the blog before as i only own one costume or i did until i got this one a few weeks ago.

When i first saw the Clements Ribeiro swimsuit i fell in love, as I'm sure I've mentioned before i love a swimming costume as they are much better for splashing around the water park in than a bikini. I got this in a size 24 which is a great fit for me.


I had chance to test this out in the pool and it kept everything in place and was super comfy to wear!


I love the print on this its so great, the top doesn't have any wires in but i still found it to be supportive when i put it on. The label says its for bra size c/d which is technically way too small for me but i think its a good fit.


I always end up laughing half way through pictures!

The print isn't all over there is a plain blue section to the back which looks great but i would have loved to see the print all over the swimsuit. I wanted to include a picture of the back not just to show the print but i know some people really hate their back fat, for me it was one of the last things that i learnt to love but i do so here it is


I loved doing the swimwear flash the flesh it's great to show that there is no such thing as a beach body, if you have a body get it to the beach and while your there wear whatever you want!!
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