Monday, 1 July 2013

Fat And Fabulous

I wanted to show you all this amazing necklace which i got from Black Heart Creatives as soon as i saw it i knew i had to have one but it took me a while to decide on colour. I finally decided on red as someone on twitter pointed out then i can be a red hot fat bitch!


I think its about time people stop seeing the word fat as a bad word it's not, its part of what you are i have fat, i am fat and thats ok! I'm fat, short and hot as hell ;) I know for some the word fat still hurts to use but for me i own it, it means so many things to me but not one of them is negative. So yeah I'm a fat bitch and proud are you?
You can get the necklace from the lovely Charlotte's Etsy Shop and you can also request your own individual name necklace saying whatever you want so what are you wanting for get ordering.


I wore the necklace with my leopard maxi which i bought a few weeks ago from Asda, i have worn this dress so much since i first got it. It's so comfy and is really lightweight with stretch so the perfect summer dress to lounge around it.


I got the dress is a 22 and the fit is pretty spot on, it has an elasticised waist to bring the shape in a little under your bust. Also unlike a lot of sleeveless dresses i try it doesn't have huge armpits, I'm not sure why places think the fatter you are the bigger your armpits are but they really aren't! 


I did look on the website to see if the dress was still available but i couldn't find it although they do still have it n my local store.


  1. Looking fabulous, lady, and you totally rock that necklace! xx

  2. Love this entire outfit! I NEED one of those necklaces


  3. Love it! Love, love, love it.
    I have a love/hate relationship with the word 'fat,' some days I can use it and it doesn't feel negative, some days it does. I think it depends how I'm feeling about myself at the time.

  4. You look rad! The necklace looks fab in red. Xx

  5. Love it I so want that dress xx

  6. I have that problem with armholes too!


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