Saturday, 29 June 2013

I Can't Believe It!

I actually now own a pair of jeans! I got these recently from Evans (before the spending ban) I took a 22 and a 24 into the changing rooms and decided the 24 was the best fit for me.
They are stretchy fabric and finish a few inches above my ankle, I have never found jeans before that were comfy and that I wanted to wear but I love these! I surprised myself hen i put them on and loved how they looked.


They are quite high waisted so sit really well and I wasn't pulling them up all the time either like i used to have to do with the jeans i wore years ago. I decided to wear these with my Asda t-shirt which you have seen a few times before now.
The jeans were £19.50 which I think is pretty reasonable and are available online here if you fancy a pair. They are great quality and didn't go baggy around the thighs or knees which sometimes happens.


I can see me getting lots of wear out of these jeans and now I finally have something that i feel dressed down it and that will be perfect for trips to the zoo or a walk around the dam.
And just in case you wondered what my bum looks like in them here it is


I can't believe I have finally found the perfect fitting pair of jeans! 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Spend Spend Spend

I have decided to do a spending challenge over the next few months. I love shopping so much so this will be a tough one for me!
I plan to buy nothing over the next 3 months unless I have sold something to pay for it, so expect a few blog sales along the way!
This will be a great way for me to shop my own wardrobe and create outfits with the clothes I already own rather than buying a new ones.

I do have a few bits including some Irregular Choice shoes that I plan on selling, once they are up on my sale blog I will let you know :) Lets face it I'm not going to be short of outfits over the next 3 months, I have 3 wardrobes to choose from! I plan on keeping you updated with how I'm doing with a little post every few weeks and letting you know if there have been any slip ups or anything that has weakened my resolve. Last year I did the 30 day spending band and didn't buy a thing so I hope I can be as disciplined this time.
Wish me luck! 

Monday, 24 June 2013

Snap Shots Of Fun

Life has been a little hectic recently so this post is just a collection of snaps and things i have done over the last week or so.
First up is my trip around the dam with the hubby feeding the ducks and having a nice walk in the sun. As you can see I'm wearing trainers! and the denim tunic i got at the recent fat swap.

Then i had lots of fun and giggles with the girls for Beckys birthday it was really great to see her again and have a few drinks and yummy chinese. I don't have any pictures of us all together as we were having so much fun but here is me and Lisa being silly once everyone else was in bed.

Then we all went shopping and had a ball, i love a fat girl shopping trip ! There nothing better than taking over the changing rooms and having a mini fashion show. I did get a few bits and here they are,

After all that shopping we went for dinner which was lovely and had a great chat, i feel very lucky to have such lovely people in my life :)

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Whats Better Than One Dress?...

Well two of course! I was contacted last week by Curvissa who kindly offered me the chance to review an item from the site. There was a lot to choose from but i finally decided on this dress which had caught my eye awhile ago.


The great thing about this dress is its not just one but two dresses! You can war them together like i have done above or you can wear each separately.
I love them both together as you just see a glimpse of the stripy dress as you walk. I love the colours and patterns on both dresses, they are perfect for summer.


I was sent this dress in a size 24 which is a great fit for me as the floral part of the dress is button down and i often have to size up for this style. If you are smaller in the bust you could just go for your usual size.
I decided to keep the outfit simple with some unicorn flip flops and a messy bun, perfect for keeping cool in the lovely warm weather we had.


This is the under part of the dress, i love it on its own its a great length and it feels really nice on. It has some stretch to it but is a good quality fabric and i don't think it will loose its shape easily. Both parts of the dress are 100% cotton so will wash well and keep you cool on sunny days.


This is the top part of the dress worn on its own, again it looks just as lovely on its own as it does with both dresses together. In direct sunlight the top part of the dress can become a little see through but with light coloured underwear on it shouldn't be a problem.
If you want to get the dress its available here for £69 in sizes 14-32 and if its your fist order check out the discount code.
Here are a few other bits from the site which caught my eye

Maxi dress £45

Camel harem trousers £42

Print trousers £35

Ballet pumps £15


Friday, 21 June 2013

Its Friday!..

Today the lovely Becky is coming up north to celebrate her birthday with our group of friends i can't wait to see her again and give her a big hug :)
We are going to eat lots of yummy food, watch films and shop its going to be a great weekend!
While I'm having fun i thought id share with you a few of my favourites I've seen online recently
Super cute denim and crochet dress from New Look.

I couldn't do this post and not mention the fab blogger dresses could i ?!

You can get all three dresses here.

I also love this playsuit from Simply Be

I love this Asos clutch

Im sure you have all seen a squillion of these posts by now but as I'm sure you know google reader will be closing soon so if you want to follow my blog through a reader you can follow on Bloglovin by clicking this link or by clicking the bloglovin button on the right :)
If you want to import your blogs from GFC to bloglovin just click here.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever you have planned :)

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Daisy Duke

I had this post scheduled then i remembered that it was the OMCZ challenge day so i have blagged it a bit!
This fortnights theme was an outfit inspired by a movie/tv character, I've decided with this post to go with daisy duke as she wears shorts shorts too. I'm annoyed with myself for forgetting as this theme was really fun and i can't wait to see the others inspirations.I've also just realised I'm wearing the same shorts from the last OMCZ post, but at least they are getting some good wear!
I recently went into Matalan  for a look at the Rogers and Rogers section and came out with a few bits. I got this dress which is great for work and I've already worn quite a few times and this shirt.
I decided to wear the shirt with my Asos curve shorts and my new converse pumps, i think this is the first time I've worn anything resembling a trainer on the blog!


I got the shirt in a size 24 and it's a good fit a little lose with no gaping over the bust when fastened. It comes with a cami but you can take that out and wear it sheer if you wanted to. For £16 i thought this was a really cute shirt, it comes just past your waist at the front but down to mid bum on the back.


The Rogers and Rogers range at Matalan goes from a 18 to a 30 and i found the size range in store to be good with quite a lot of different sizes available. The range has definitely improved from how it used to be and is one of the places i now look at rather than just walking past.



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Monday, 17 June 2013

A Little Later Than Expected

Today's post is my fatshionologie post it should have been up over the weekend but i wasn't very well so here it is for you today a little later than expected but just as lovely.

This months theme was polksdots, i didn't have any idea what i was going to wear but when i opened up my wardrobe i spotted this in the polkadot section (yes i organise my wardrobes in prints). I got this dress at the second fat swap and it was brought by the lovely Rebecca. 


The dress is from Joanna Hope and has a slip underneath the dress so your not showing your underwear to everyone! Its such a beautiful dress and its really lovely to wear,


The dress has a cute ruffle detail down the front and fastens with buttons, i left the top few undone for a more open neck, and a tie belt to give a more defined waist.

I decided to keep this outfit simple with some faux pearl earrings from primark and my leopard cat ears hat which my mum got me at Christmas.


This dress is the most perfect summer dress its so light and floaty, great for keeping cool! Thank you so much to Rebecca for bringing it to the swap, it has a happy new home :)
Hope you all had a great weekend.

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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Fat Swap Fun

Last Saturday I went to Leeds to the fat swap as if that wasn't exciting enough (free clothes!) I also finally met the lovely Leah who I'd been speaking to on twitter for ages.
The swap was fun as always and I came back with much less than I took so my wardrobe is very thankful! 
Here's what I got at the swap, 

The jeans I plan on cutting down and making into shorts then dying them pink.

I got these two tops and think they will look cute with shorts.

Thanks to Lisa who brought this jacket and bodysuit.

I also got the denim tunic dress which i think looks fab.

Lastly I got this amazing skirt that Mel brought with her I love it.
There was also a discount for Chloe's shop so we popped in there and I got these. Thank you so much to Lisa who bought them for me as the shop wasn't taking cards that day.

I had a great time at the swap and it was great to finally meet Leah and her hubby and catch up with all the other lovely ladies too. 
I hope you all have a fab weekend :) 

Friday, 14 June 2013

Meet Wilbur

As i mentioned several times over the last weeks i couldn't wait to have my tattoo done and last Friday i finally had it done!
This pic is a little dark but i love it

He took just over 3 hours and was done by Padz at Lucky 13 I'm really happy with the tattoo. It looks just as i wanted him too purrrfect :)

It was recommend that i wet heal, which means to clean and cream 3 times a day and keep covered with cling film for 5 days, I'd never done this before but i can honestly say it has been amazing! its healed so well and I'm really pleased and i can't stop looking at him.
I plan to have a lady cat in a frame on my left thigh done by Padz again. I would definitely recommend him, he was super fast but with great results and the shop was really friendly too.
Finally its Friday! i can't wait for the weekend, i hope you have a great one.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Blogger Takeover OOTD

Last week i was invited to the Simply Be blogger takeover day i posted about the day on Monday which you can read here if you missed it.
I wanted to wear something that i hadn't had chance to yet so i decided to go for my E1 London leopard print dress which i got last year from Simply Be.


This dress is a size 22 and a perfect fit! I love it so much, i have no idea why i hadn't worn it before i think it just got mixed in with all the other leopard and got overlooked. I love the knot under the bust which gives the dress a great shape and the long sleeves meant i didn't need to take a jacket as it kept me warm enough.


A lot of ladies asked me where the dress was from unfortunately they no longer have it on Simply Be, they did have it on Crazy Clearance but they now only have a size 12 left.


If this dress does come back into stock or you find it on eBay then don't hesitate to buy it, its amazing and it will make you feel fabulous from the minute you put it on.
Hope you are all having a great week :)

Monday, 10 June 2013

Simply Be Blogger Takeover

Last week i was lucky enough to be invited to the Simply Be blogger takeover day, i was really excited to go as i couldn't wait to see the bloggers dresses in real life!

When i arrived i spotted the ladies in their dresses and they all looked beautiful! You could tell that they were each wearing their own design and they looked perfect on them! They were all super friendly and it was lovely to meet them finally. Once everyone had arrived the ladies LaurenEm and Laura talked us through the design and ideas behind their dresses along with the process they went through from initial idea to the final piece. 
It was great to hear that they were given a free reign to design something they would love and when i saw them in their dresses it was clear that they do love them!

I love all the dresses and i think there is something for everyone i cannot wait to get my hands on them! I really love the print of Lauren's dress, i mean who doesn't love ice cream?!

Throughout the day we got to look at some of the up coming collections and designs for Simply Be and we got a chance to hear about the whole process from the start of trends to the fit of garments and an insight into the production. It was really great to hear about it all and the Simply Be team were all very friendly and keen to get feedback.
I didn't take my camera but i had my phone so i did get a few snaps on my favourite up coming pieces,

I love this tapestry style dress its fab
and not as heavy as otters i have seen

Velvet shorts!

I love this leopard skater dress especially the
zip detail to the back

Super cute bird print!

The main item i fell in love with was a pair on denim shorts with a lace trim, as soon as i saw they had gone onto the website i added them to my basket and they are on the way to me now!

I now have so many things on my wish list! I can't wait till it all come out especially the bloggers dresses which i love so much!

I had a really great day and it was lovely to meet some ladies who i hadn't met before, everyone was really friendly so thank you to Simply be for the invite :)
If you haven't seen the youtube videos of the girls and their dresses then check them out below and if you want to get your hands on one they should be for sale on the 14th June.