Monday, 3 June 2013

Jump On The Spot

I have been stalking the ASOS website waiting for some short dungarees to come in stock and i spotted this beauty which i knew i had to have. So i added it to my basket along with a pair of shorts which you will be seeing very soon, and eagerly awaited delivery.


I absolutely love jumpsuits but often find them difficult to find in my size and with the fit i want but when i saw this one i knew i had to give it a go. The jumpsuit is made from a thin-ish jersey material with stretch, i went for a size 24 but i could have happily gone for the 22.


The jumpsuit is still online here if you fancy giving it a go yourself. Now the trousers are a little long for me but as they taper in at the bottom i won't have to take them up which is good. The top is elasticated to keep it in place, i don't own a strapless bra as i have never found one that works for me so i wore it with a black bra and with straps on show. The jumpsuit is also elasticated at the waist to give some definition but if you wanted a more defined shape you could add a belt.


This cost £30 which i think is a decent price for this and i know i will get loads of wear out of it, with sandals in the summer and layered up in the winter. It even has pockets which i love so much.


The only negative i would have with this is that if the material is too stretched it goes a bit white which you sometimes find with thin jersey. I think if i had sized down to a 20 in this it would have been too stretched and resulted in a lot of white but as i went with the 24 there is no sign of it with mine.
I'm so glad i didn't miss out on this it's perfect! 
Have you bought anything from ASOS recently?


  1. I love this, you look so cute. Just ordered some boots from asos because I am weak. ;)

    1. thank you i love it ! you can't say no to shoes though can you ?! xx

  2. Love the jumpsuit! It looks awesome! It's hard to find a suitable jumpsuit for my body, but this one I might consider buying!

  3. I just posted the link to this on Twitter earlier. I love it! x x

  4. Such a great piece you look lovely in it. It's perfect for summer xx

  5. You look fabulous! I actually thought this was a jumpsuit with shoulder straps until you said it was your bra straps- you really can't tell, and it looks amazing on you. I've been eyeing this one up myself- it's gorgeous! xx

  6. I love that jumpsuit you look fantastic and I also thought your bra straps were part of the suit!! I might have to try one now! xx

  7. Adorable! You look super! I also thought the bra straps were part of the suit!

  8. Wow I love this jumpsuit! I have yet to buy one but I love polka dot so may give this one a go.


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