Monday, 10 June 2013

Simply Be Blogger Takeover

Last week i was lucky enough to be invited to the Simply Be blogger takeover day, i was really excited to go as i couldn't wait to see the bloggers dresses in real life!

When i arrived i spotted the ladies in their dresses and they all looked beautiful! You could tell that they were each wearing their own design and they looked perfect on them! They were all super friendly and it was lovely to meet them finally. Once everyone had arrived the ladies LaurenEm and Laura talked us through the design and ideas behind their dresses along with the process they went through from initial idea to the final piece. 
It was great to hear that they were given a free reign to design something they would love and when i saw them in their dresses it was clear that they do love them!

I love all the dresses and i think there is something for everyone i cannot wait to get my hands on them! I really love the print of Lauren's dress, i mean who doesn't love ice cream?!

Throughout the day we got to look at some of the up coming collections and designs for Simply Be and we got a chance to hear about the whole process from the start of trends to the fit of garments and an insight into the production. It was really great to hear about it all and the Simply Be team were all very friendly and keen to get feedback.
I didn't take my camera but i had my phone so i did get a few snaps on my favourite up coming pieces,

I love this tapestry style dress its fab
and not as heavy as otters i have seen

Velvet shorts!

I love this leopard skater dress especially the
zip detail to the back

Super cute bird print!

The main item i fell in love with was a pair on denim shorts with a lace trim, as soon as i saw they had gone onto the website i added them to my basket and they are on the way to me now!

I now have so many things on my wish list! I can't wait till it all come out especially the bloggers dresses which i love so much!

I had a really great day and it was lovely to meet some ladies who i hadn't met before, everyone was really friendly so thank you to Simply be for the invite :)
If you haven't seen the youtube videos of the girls and their dresses then check them out below and if you want to get your hands on one they should be for sale on the 14th June.


  1. Glad you're getting those shorts with crochet trim, so cute. It was really lovely meeting you again! :)

    1. I can't wait for them to come! It was great to meet you xx

  2. I really love Lauren's dress, and hope I manage to get my hands on one. The print is so amazing! xx

  3. I love that skater dress! Between yours and Sian's posts I can safely say I'm going to be skint all year because there's SO much stuff to look forward to from Simply Be! x x

    1. Lol me too I don't think my account is going to like me very much! Xx

  4. LOVE the Blogger's dresses! The other pieces are lovely too, I love the look of that bird print one especially! Can't wait to see it all xx

  5. I think the blogger collab was a brill idea! I like the look of that tapestry dress and the bird print is in such pretty colours!!


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