Thursday, 31 July 2014

Birthday Girl in Blackpool

A few weekends ago me and Lisa went to Blackpool to celebrate her birthday. We had a lot of fun and many a drink was had! We set off Friday morning like excited kids in the car, i saw the sea first so i totally won that game ( although I'm sure i was the only one playing)
I didn't take that many pictures that weren't selfies or mirror shots but i thought i would share my few pictures with you. If you already follow me on instagram you have probably already seen them.

We had to have fish and chips when we arrived 

Family photo, Lisa,Me and The Mr

The Mr by the sea
The Mr had very kindly driven me and Lisa down to Blackpool so we repaid him in fish and chips and warm doughnuts on the way home, he really is the best !
Here was my travelling outfit which is an old Asos curve dress that i just love!

After unpacking we went for a walk around Blackpool and down the pier and of course we stopped for an ice cream! When we got to the end of the pier we spotted several older couples ballroom dancing they looked so sweet and it reminded me of when i used to go with my nan and grandad.
Before we knew it it was time to get ready to party. I wore my new Simply Be cami dress, i really loved it but it was a little weird to be going out in a dress as I'm so used to shorts!

Not sure what i was doing here, but we clearly
party in style check to the hello
kitty cups!

We had such a good night out and i really had a great time, we danced the night away until our feet gave in and we headed back to the hotel. The next morning i was feeling very delicate and took myself down for breakfast at about 7am, never one to shy away from a selfie here i am hungover and hungry!

The next day it did rain unfortunately but it stopped long enough for us to go out and have a look around the shops, buy sticks of rock and snow globes for Lisa. I decided to go for comfit and wore my Yours playsuit.

On Saturday night we headed back out this time i was in my trusty shots and a Simply Be top that i had been lusting over for weeks before it went in the sale a few weeks ago.

Look how cute Lisa looks in the birthday dress

I had the best time ever with my favourite dancing partner, now to decide what town we need to explore next year for my birthday!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Simply Be Store Visit

A few weeks ago now I was contacted by Simply Be and asked if I wanted to visit the Manchester store and get a style consultation. Having been to the Manchester store before I was keen to go back so of course I said yes. So on Thursday me and the Mr went on a day trip to Manchester. I was greeted by Jax who was so lovely and picked lots of items out for me that I wouldn't have chosen myself. Jax told me most of the time she does a style consult the shopper has a special occasion in mind but as I didn't have anything in mind we went for a mix of everything. This is quite a picture heavy post but I wanted to show you everything I tried on.
I have been wanting this Alice & You daisy top forever but it's been out of stock for ages online but there was a few in store. They only had a 20 but luckily the fit was perfect.


This shirt was one that caught my eye online when it first went into the new in section. I tried the 22 and 24 on but the 22 was too small on the bust. If your busty size up but if not your normal size should be fine.


This is a tunic but you all know I'm a lover of short dresses so I decided to try it on on it's own. The Mr said I looked very innocent I think it worried him ! 


These next two dresses are the same Ax Paris swing dress, now I would never have tried these but Jax brought them in and actually I loved them. They are both a size 22 and fit me fine.



The next two are the same cut of dress but 2 prints. I actually thought that I would like the checked one the least but surprisingly it was my favourite. Again without Jax picking them out I would never have tried them on. These are a 16-18 and still have masses of room, so size down twice unless you want a super over sized look.

sorry for the blurry picture of this dress 
This maxi was a 22 with a good fit and it is lined too. It's a cute dress just not really to my tastes.


This tartan dress isn't one i would have chosen for myself but i wanted to give all the options a go, however this dress really isn't me although i could imagine many of you rocking it.


This beautiful maxi is from Ax Paris and is a size 24 as there is no stretch. I cannot put into words how beautiful it is, the material is super silky too.


The next dress was Jax and the Mr favourite dress but I wasn't sold on it. I'm wearing my usual size 22 here and it's a great fit so keep to your usual size.


This leopard swing dress caught my attention as I was going to the changing room. I really liked it but it had taken other things in that I loved more so this stayed in the shop.


This swing cami is amazing I went for a 24 and I love the loose fit. I have really trouble with these cami tops and this is the first one I've fallen in love with.


Lastly is this super lovely dress which sadly they only had in a size 24 which was way too big. But just look at it, the cut and print is exceptional.


I was given a £50 voucher to spend in store so that went towards my total as I did end up taking a few items home with me! I went home with the Ax Paris pink swing dress, Ax Paris maxi, Ax Paris swing cami, Alice & You daisy top and lip print shirt home with me so it was a very successful trip! I had the best time and it really was a fun experience, it was great fun to try on things that i wouldn't usually. So if you are looking for something for a special occasion or just fancy trying the whole shop on like me then head down to your local store and book a style consultation.
Thanks to Jax and Simply Be for a wonderful experience. 

The wonderful Jax


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Glamour Beauty Edit

A week or so ago an email popped into my inbox about a Glamour box for Latest in Beauty. Having just ordered my other beauty box i didn't think i would be getting another but i clicked the link more out of curiosity than intent to buy, but that quickly changed.
This box was £16.95 including p&p and it jam packed with amazing stuff! I knew i had to have it and very kindly my lovely Mr bought it for me.

First off I'm going to start with the items in the box i will never use, there is only two of them and its the fake tan mit and Rimmel fake tan. Now as i have mentioned many a time before i don't use fake tan. I'm the same shade as a piece of A4 paper and quite happy with that. I don't mind that i won't use these as the rest of the box is so good.

The rest of the box is just perfect for me. The main reason i wanted this box is because i have been desperate to try magnifibres as they claim to be false lashes in a tube. This product on its own has a rrp of £21 so i saved money by getting the box and i got the rest of the goodies too. I have tried the magnifibres a few times since the box came and they make my lashes so full but i haven't noticed much extra length. But i would re buy this just for the extra volume and thickness it gives. 

The box also included a bourjois cream blush in 02 which is a lovely shade and its really easy to apply and gave my cheeks a natural glow. I was sent the Crabtree & Evelyn nail varnish in pink, some boxes got this in red but i have lots of red polish so it was good to get a different colour.  The lipstick i was sent was in shade Starkers, now i don't usually wear nude lipstick but i really like how subtle this is.  This is my first ever Illamasqua lipstick and im really pleased with it, it didn't leave my lips dry and it was full size too!

The final items in the Glamour Beauty edit were DHC cleansing oil which i was actually just about to re purchase so that was convenient! Toni & Guy plumping whip which i haven't used yet but i am going to give it a try to see if i can add so extra volumes to my hair. And finally it's the Hawaiian Tropic ultra radiance sun lotion in spf 30. I had actually had a sample of this the week before and used it, i find Hawaiian tropic to be a really good lotion and I'm so happy i got 30spf as i do like to be protected and anything less means i burn. 
I'm super happy with is box, there are things in it i wanted to buy and now i don't have to and things that i was desperate to try without having to pay full price.
Did you get yourself a beauty box this month?

Monday, 14 July 2014

You Beauty Box

I thought I'd share with you my You Beauty box today. Now when this box first came one of my items was wrong but the team sorted it out super quick and sent me the right item a few days later so i have to say the customer services has been really good.

So what did i get, well my first choice was the L'oreal miss manga mascara. I'd wanted to try this but heard mixed reviews so i was happy to see it was an option in the box. I tried it when it first came and must say i wasn't bowled over. I found it quite dry and flaky however i have used it since and it hasn't been as bad. This has a rrp of £8.99 so its not the cheapest of mascaras, it's supposed to created mega  volume which i don't think it did. It's by no means the worst mascara i have ever tried but I'm not sure i would re purchase.

My second choice was Tan Organic Oil Arganic, this can be used to prolong tan and get an even fade. I'm sure you all know i don't fake tan so i haven't got this for to use with a fake tan, but i will be using it to moisturise my skin. I used this the day it came and i love it, it leaves you skin so soft and has a really fruity smell to it. The only downside to this for me is the price its rrp is £24.99 for 100 ml, if i found this cheaper or on offer wouldn't hesitate to buy it.

Finally i got my extra treats which were really good this month! I was sent Dove mens pro shave cream. Now the Mr doesn't shave but i have been having a few problems with shaving rash on my legs so i gave this a try and I'm really pleased with the results and it smells so good too. I was also sent a sample of Egyptin magic skin cream which I've yet to try and a sample of Agent Provocateur Fatale perfume which is quite a strong scent but i love it.

All that for £6.95 its amazing isn't it?! 

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Pre Blackpool Prep

As I'm sure you all know I'm going to Blackpool next weekend to celebrate my favourite dancing partners birthday. I know me and Lisa will have a great time we always do but I'm having a serious stress over what to pack. I am the epitome of "a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear" except i have 3 wardrobes which I'm sure makes it worse!
As you can see i have a problem!

I went to meadowhall with the Mr today to get some last minute bits and i thought I'd share them with you.
I went into New Look to look for shorts for the Mr but ended up coming out with a pair of shorts for me and a super cute jacket.

The jacket has really bright flowers on it which i love and its really light too so perfect for the warmer weather. I actually got this in a size 18 as its really roomy and only £22.99. The shorts are some i have been lusting after online but when i saw them in store i went for it. They are a size 22 and true to size, i think these might be coming with me to Blackpool as they are so comfy and will keep me cool.
I also went into Primark as i needed to pick up a pair of shoes, i have a really bad habit of completely ruining shoes on a night out so a cheap pair from Primark that i can throw in the bin when I've worn them out dancing is perfect.

I picked up 2 pairs of shoes, the black leopard print ones were £6 and the pink ones £4, which was a bargain. Then i picked up these hoops for a £1. I love them, id been after a pair for a while but all the ones I'd seen had been silver or jewelled, these are perfect!

As you can see from the picture I'm in the process of bleaching and dying my hair ready for Blackpool, well when i say me i mean the Mr he's the best hairdresser ever!
Right I'm off to pack, there is a chance i might cry and that Lisa will be subjected to many a text message while i try to decided what i can pack into my child's penguin suitcase!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Queen Of Hearts

As you might have seen in my last post i picked up a few bits from Asda recently and i wanted to share this amazing shirt with you.


This shirt was from the G21 section which unfortunately only goes up to a 20. I seriously wish Asda would make this range in a larger size range as it's usually got some amazing pieces in it.  The shirts really over sized so i managed to fit into the 20 with room to spare. I can fasten it all the way to the top with no gaping which is great.


The shirt is £14 although i got mine a little cheaper as one of the button holes was sewn shut so they knocked me 10% off. The shirt also came with a cute heart necklace which i love and i think it looks perfect with the shirt but I'm sure it'll get worn on its own too.


The shorts are the same ones from the previous post, i lifted the shirt up so you could get a better look. They don't have any stretch to them but they feel true to size for me and are really soft too. 


If I'd have seen this shirt online i would never have ordered it because even though it says over sized i wouldn't have though the size 20 would have fit without gaping so I'm really pleased that it was in store.

Monday, 7 July 2014

A Trip To The Supermarket

Supermarkets can be a great place to find some bargain pieces for your wardrobe so on my day off i decided to pop to the local Asda and have a good trying on session. I find my local Asda can be a bit hit and miss when it comes to larger sizes but its always worth a look.
I took quite a few pieces into the changing room and left with three so i didn't do too bad. Here are a few of the bits i tried on.

I did try some other stuff on too but i didn't get pictures of it all as my battery was dying. From these items i got the shorts and the vest from the first photo. I thought i would show you how they look in better light with a proper camera rather than my phone.


The shorts are a size 22 and were £8 which i thought was pretty good value and the vest was £6 so not overly priced at all. The vest is super comfy and soft and the 22 fit with quite a bit of room so it could easily fit a size 24 maybe bigger if you didn't mind a tighter fit.


 I also picked up a lovely over sized shirt which I'll be posting soon and this cute mouse face bag £8. I'm a bit of a sucker for bags that are animals faces, i was pulled in by a dog backpack too but i managed to resist.


Have you had any supermarket bargains recently ?

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Playfully Yours

I posted last month about mine and Lisa's shopping trip and how I'd developed a bit of a soft spot for a playsuit in Yours. I really liked it but i didn't buy it as i knew there was a few discount codes knocking around online and i wanted to save a few pounds.


How cute ?!! I really love how this playsuit fits the shape looks great and it feels like it was made for me. This is another purchase that will be making its way to Blackpool with me. The material is quite a thick crepe type material which makes i really comfy to wear and seems to move with your body. 


The shorts are mid thigh and a lovely loose style, a lot of the playsuits i have feel can feel tight around the hips/bum when sitting down but this isn't like that. I also really love the print of this playsuit it's fun and bright and i couldn't think of a better playsuit to take with me.


As you can see from the back there is an exposed zip and then a button fastening at the top. I found this really easy to do up myself especially as the zip only goes halfway up. Trust me as a girl who has gone out many a time in a playsuit there is nothing more annoying than not being able to do up it up and having to ask a stranger in the toilet to do it.


If you have never tried a playsuit before what are you waiting for head over to Yours and try this beauty on for size I'm sure you'll love it! Also if you haven't seen it already check out the super cute Hayley Hasselhoff modelling for Yours.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Spot The Cover Up

This is a dress i wore a few weeks ago to work, well i say a dress it was in fact sold as a beach cover up dress but what the label says it's for will never stop me wearing it however i want!


Ive had this dress for over a year but i hadn't got round to wearing it until a few weeks ago, so sadly its no longer available on the Simply Be website. I did however have a nosey around and Simply Be have this cute little number  which looks similar but with a super cute boat print instead. 


It feel like ages since I've wore a polkadot dress, my shorts obsession has sort of taken over recently but wearing this reminded me of how simple but fabulous looking a polkadot dress is!


I'm wearing a 22 in this dress and the fit is great, at first i thought it was going to be too tight over my boobs but the back is shirred so it has a surprising amount of give in this dress. The straps are detachable too so you could wear in as a strapless dress if you wanted.
I feel bad that such a cute dress spent so long in my wardrobe before being worn, am i the only person who does this ?