Saturday, 24 August 2013

Pretty Peacocks

This is my second scheduled post while I'm away at Leeds festival so i thought what better follow on from Lauren's dress but to show you Em's beautiful dress.
This dress it cut to perfection and it makes me feel like a million dollars :) It shows off my figure really well and i makes me feel really smart too. I love the mix of colours from the peacock print.


I got this dress in a 22 and i love the fit, this dress seriously feels like it was made just for me. When a dress does that it's definitely a winner in my book.


This dress comes to just below my knee which i love, and it has some stretch too so you may want to size down for a more fitted look. The camera hasn't picked it up very well but the dress has beautiful gathering down the sides to the front which make the fit even better.


I really love the waist band of the dress too which brings the dress in under your bust to give the dress a really nice shape. I think this dress is really versatile, I'd wear it to work if i wanted to dress up a little or out for a night out with some heels and a few sparkles.


I really love this dress, again a big thank you to Em and Simply Be for creating and designing this beauty! If you want to get yours head over to the website, what are you waiting for?
Here is Em looking totally gorgeous in her dress 


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Ice Cream Queen

I have had this dress since it was released but i haven't shown it you on the blog until now. This dress was designed by the lovely Lauren from Pocket Rocket for Simply Be. I loved this dress since i saw the first pictures of the design, the cut was me and the print is to die for! I mean who doesn't like ice cream right?!


I got the dress in a 22 which is a good fit for me but i know a few people who got the dress found sizing down was good for them.
I wanted to say sorry for the bags and shoes in the background i have scheduled these posts as i am away at leeds festival and have all my stuff out ready to pack. I know, this pop princess at a festival ,wish me luck lol!


The dress comes to my knees and it is made from a stretch material, for me its a bit too thick to wear when its really warm but i think it will be perfect for the cooler months.
If you want to get your hands on this beauty then you can here.


I think the dress is amazing and its so reflective of Lauren as well. I'm so glad i got my hands on one and i know that it will be something that gets worn over and over again.


I haven't belted the dress but if you wanted to you could along with adding some neon accessories like Lauren did.

Thank you to Lauren and Simply Be for creating such a fun, vibrant dress.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Sale Bargains

So my spending ban has gone out of the window and i have a few new pieces to show you over the next few weeks. The total cost of this outfit was £27 including shoes which i think it really good!
I got the top from Evans it was in the sale for £15, it was one of the few things from the Clements Ribeiro collection that i didn't try on the first time around. I got a size 20 and it is really generous i think you could get into the 20 if you wear a 24. The t-shirt is really soft and comfy to wear and i think it looked cute with my new shorts.


The shorts were in the sale in New Look for £9! i got a size 22 and they fit great and they are super short which i love. I took the pics when i got in so i look a little dishevelled but still cute.
The pumps were from Primark for £3 and that was full price not sale. They are really comfy and didn't hurt my feet while i wondered around the shops last weekend.


I really love this outfit but it seems to draw a lot of attention from others, I'm not sure if its the fact a fat girl has all that leg out or my tattoos or a combination of both! But i have never been one to shy away from attention :)
I hope you all had a great weekend, i spent most of mine shopping but there is nothing new there is there?!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Second Times A Charm

Hello to all you lovelies i hope you are all well :) Today i thought I'd show you an outfit i wore yesterday. When the Clements Ribeiro holiday collection came out a few months ago i tried nearly everything on but only bought 2 tops and the swimsuit the rest of the collection just didn't seem a good fit for me.
Fast forward a few months and i was back in Evans, (i swear the staff think i sleep in the stock room!) and i was browsing the sale rails and saw that lots of the collection was heavily reduced. Now even though I'd already tried it all on and hadn't fallen in love i thought I'd give it another try. I picked up this dress which was reduced from £39.50 to £15, they only had an 18/20 left but i thought I'd give it a go and I'm so glad i did.


I really love it! The first time i had tried on a 22/24 which looked really bad on me but i never thought to size down. This fits really well in the 18/20 on me and it still has room in it, the only downside of sizing down was that its quite short, this doesn't bother me but if you like to bend over maybe add some leggings or thick tight in the winter. 


I think the green goes really well with my purple hair and i really loved the print. It was one of my favourites at the launch but getting the wrong size had put me off. 


I think this is a fab bargain for £15, they only have a 14/16 online but they did have a few in the store near me so you might still find one in the sale rack.
The dress doesn't really have very much stretch but is really generous which is why the 18/20 was better for me. The material is also quite thick so better for cooler days.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend :) 

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Stand Out From The Crowd

This time for the omcz post it was my turn to choose the theme so i went for standing out from the crowd. However each wanted to interpret it was up to them, whether it was bright clothes, flesh out and proud or breaking a fashion rule etc.

Now i stand out from the crowd most of the time, but i like that,being different shouldn't make you want to blend in it should make you want to stand out more. That's the way i see it anyway i like to be visible and if someone has an issue with that then they have two choices really and one of them ends in off :)


So although I'm wearing all black which is pretty unusual for me, i still stand out a lot. I have bright purple hair, i have visible tattoos and fat and I'm breaking the 'don't show your boobs and legs' rule in a very sheer top. Do you know what? I felt absolutely amazing i think i looked great and I'd wear this everyday if i could.


I wore this out for my impromptu night of dancing I'd bought the skirt and top from  New Look that day and changed into it from the dress I'd been wearing during the day. It was perfect for dancing in, although the skirt might be a bit short for some peoples tastes but not mine!


The skirt was only £8.99 and i got a size 22, its a stretchy material so you don't need to size up, the top was £17.99 and a size 26. The lovely Lisa had taken it into the changing rooms but didn't want it so i tried it on and fell in love, the neck line detail is beautiful.


If you want to stand out then do it, never worry about what someone else thinks you're the only one that actually counts :)
Lets see how the others stood out,

Do you like to stand out from the crowd?

Monday, 12 August 2013

A New Spin On A Classic

A few moths ago i went to the Simply Be blogger take over day and got the chance to see some of the pieces that would be coming soon. I'm not going to lie i fell in love with most of it! One of the dresses i saw and loved was this leopard print dress, i loved the fact it was a red/burgundy colour and not the usual colours you see associated with leopard print.


I was sent this dress by Simply Be along with the Project D dress you saw here and i really love it. Its actually quite a thick jersey so it will be great for the cooler weather and layering up in the winter. I was sent the dress in a 22 but i could easily have fit in a 20 its really roomy.


The dress came to my knees so it would still be a good length for you taller ladies too. I wore this to go shopping and to for a few afternoon drinks which actually turned out to be a fun filled night of dancing. those unplanned nights are always the best!



The dress has a low cut back which i really love and it has a exposed zip to the back which i don't usually like to be honest but this one is pretty cute although i think the dress wold look just as nice without it. This dress is really comfy and i love the print and colour too. Its online here if you want to let out for wild side!
I've also re dyed my hair so its a little darker now and i love it sooo much !!
Hope you all have a fantastic week!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Stylish Specs

As I'm sure you all know by now i have to wear glasses everyday so i do like to try different style and have pairs that make me stand out, I'm never one to blend into the background! I was offered the chance to try some glasses by SpecsPost and had a hard time narrowing it down to the pair i wanted to try.
They have a great range of glasses of all prices. styles and shapes. I finally decided on this pair, the frames are a little different to the ones i usually wear and i loved the little flash of pink on the inside of the glasses.

I love these frames so much they look really cute on and I'm glad i went for something a little different to my usual  style. 


The glasses were really comfy to wear and fit my face well, the website does give you measurements for the glasses so you can compare them to your current ones and find the perfect par for you. You can even get your old glasses re-glazed from £20.



I wore my glasses with my new Simply Be playsuit and i think they go perfectly. I'd definitely recommend SpecsPost for glasses the service was great and they arrived really quickly, I'll be heading here to look for new frames in the future!

I now have my eye on some sunglasses i love these so much and you can't go wrong at £21.99 for prescription sunnies!
Have you used SpecsPost before ?

Monday, 5 August 2013

Gok For Simply Be

You may not know but today is National Underwear day so get your best set on and strut your stuff even if no one else sees it!
To celebrate the lovely Carey contacted me and asked if i wanted to be part of a review for the day featuring some seriously gorgeous Gok Wan for Simply Be underwear, of course i said yes and was sent out this gorgeous bra and knicker set.

I went for a 24 in the high waisted knickers which have some light control, they fit really well and don't make you feel like your being squeezed to death which i find most control wear does. They also look super cute.


In the balconette bra i went for a 42G and found the fit good especially in the back, it was really comfy to wear and i have infact worn this bra several times since i was first sent it. The bra also comes with a second set of straps in purple so you can match it to your outfit.


I really love this set, it looks and feels great perfect for national underwear day! I don't usually buy matching sets but i really love this and i have my eye on the white and black version already. Check out the Gok collection and find your perfect set to celebrate.


This was my first ever underwear post and i couldn't think of a better time to do one than today! Thank you to Simply Be for letting me join in the celebrations with them :)
Happy national Underwear Day !

Sunday, 4 August 2013

I Finally Did It

I have always wanted to dye my hair a really nice purple colour so i finally decided to go for it last week. I booked in for my hair bleaching last week and i ordered the dye online, i ordered the crazy colour lavender as i loved the colour.
So i thought I'd show you the before and after,

The colour didn't take all over my hair so there are a few bits that are more blue/grey/yellow! But i did buy a darker purple dye which i am going to use next week to cover over it. I really love how it looks though and I'm glad i finally decided to do it!
Hope you all having a lovely weekend!

Friday, 2 August 2013

Casual Playsuit

When i was at the Simply Be blogger takeover the other month the lovely Charlie pointed out a playsuit set she liked and said it's pyjamas but I'd wear it out! I agreed but when i went home to order them they had sold out in my size but while i was having a nosey at the site the other day i spotted another 2 pack of playsuits in the night wear section.
I decided to order them and i went for a size 24-26 as i thought the 20-22 might be a bit small. They were £22 for a pack of two which i think is good value, you can get them here.
I fully intend to wear these out of the house they are perfect especially in the heat and really comfy too!


I think the 24-26 might be a bit big but i think the smaller size might have been too small for me so I'm sticking with these ones.


This one is the purple polkadot playsuit but the other one in the pack is leopard print! I have wanted a leopard print playsuit forever but never found one above a size 18 so it might be from the nightwear section but i will be rocking that leopard one all summer!
I hope you are all having a lovely week :)