Monday, 19 August 2013

Sale Bargains

So my spending ban has gone out of the window and i have a few new pieces to show you over the next few weeks. The total cost of this outfit was £27 including shoes which i think it really good!
I got the top from Evans it was in the sale for £15, it was one of the few things from the Clements Ribeiro collection that i didn't try on the first time around. I got a size 20 and it is really generous i think you could get into the 20 if you wear a 24. The t-shirt is really soft and comfy to wear and i think it looked cute with my new shorts.


The shorts were in the sale in New Look for £9! i got a size 22 and they fit great and they are super short which i love. I took the pics when i got in so i look a little dishevelled but still cute.
The pumps were from Primark for £3 and that was full price not sale. They are really comfy and didn't hurt my feet while i wondered around the shops last weekend.


I really love this outfit but it seems to draw a lot of attention from others, I'm not sure if its the fact a fat girl has all that leg out or my tattoos or a combination of both! But i have never been one to shy away from attention :)
I hope you all had a great weekend, i spent most of mine shopping but there is nothing new there is there?!


  1. I had a mixed weekend, felt really ill but forced myself to stop feeling sorry for myself and go to the beach wiht friends yesterday.

  2. You look really good as usual! Lovely bargains. Oh, people who stare can go get fucked! I had a couple turn around in the middle of an aisle in B&Q to stare at me on Saturday so I loudly said 'What the fuck are you staring at?!' Haha. x x

  3. You look amazing! Wish I could pull shorts off as well as you do! Weren't people ever taught that staring is rude?? Arseholes. They were probably just jealous of your awesome style, tattoos, and beautiful hair! (Or they should've been)! xx

  4. Do NOT shy away! This is a great look. I love the whole outfit. People are stating because they wish they could pull it off. Simples! x

  5. You look fabulous, and the starers were probably wishing they had your confidence.

    I've just broken my spending ban to get a sales bargain, and I hope I look half as good as you do in this outfit :)


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