Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Ice Cream Queen

I have had this dress since it was released but i haven't shown it you on the blog until now. This dress was designed by the lovely Lauren from Pocket Rocket for Simply Be. I loved this dress since i saw the first pictures of the design, the cut was me and the print is to die for! I mean who doesn't like ice cream right?!


I got the dress in a 22 which is a good fit for me but i know a few people who got the dress found sizing down was good for them.
I wanted to say sorry for the bags and shoes in the background i have scheduled these posts as i am away at leeds festival and have all my stuff out ready to pack. I know, this pop princess at a festival ,wish me luck lol!


The dress comes to my knees and it is made from a stretch material, for me its a bit too thick to wear when its really warm but i think it will be perfect for the cooler months.
If you want to get your hands on this beauty then you can here.


I think the dress is amazing and its so reflective of Lauren as well. I'm so glad i got my hands on one and i know that it will be something that gets worn over and over again.


I haven't belted the dress but if you wanted to you could along with adding some neon accessories like Lauren did.

Thank you to Lauren and Simply Be for creating such a fun, vibrant dress.


  1. You look gorgeous! The colour goes amazingly with your hair! Sp proud of Lauren! xx

  2. I just bought this dress! The print and colour are so fun! Love it! X

  3. I already loved the dress but it really looks stunning on you ;-)

  4. Great cut on you! I really like the neck line on this.

  5. Wow this dress looks lush and you look stunning in it with the vibrant colour.

  6. Proper lush. You stunning on you!!
    (Pleaae follow me and i will follow you back)

  7. I love this dress so much, especially the lovely neckline. ♡ You're looking great.

    ♡ Mel xoxo

  8. I've seen this dress on so many people, but none of them looked as great as you do in it! It's like it was made for you! Looks amazing with your purple hair! xx

  9. You look AMAZING in this dress! Wowza. x x

  10. I loved all of the blogger's dresses, they did a brilliant job, and the colours of that dress really pop on you. Looks wonderful :)

  11. This is a gorggeous dress. The colour is enough to make my mouth water. Brights like this always pull my purse strings. x


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