Friday, 31 May 2013

Comic Body Con

Last Saturday i met Lolly and Lisa for our monthly shopping trip and didn't need much other than a few  camis but i do enjoy shopping and trying things on even if i don't need them!
What i bought wasn't very exciting but i decided to wear my comic print body con dress that i bought from Primark last week. I'd seen a pic of it tweeted by the lovely Sian and knew i needed to have this dress.


I got the dress is a size 20 but it has plenty of stretch so i found it really comfortable to wear and as you now i love body cons so for £10 this was the perfect dress for me.
I wore the dress with my Torrid cardigan that i got from Florida a few years ago and some Primark pumps.



The dress is a body con style so it doesn't hide anything and shows off the vbo, this doesn't bother me i actually think it looks really cute but maybe if your not at the stage you want to be showing it, it might not be then dress for you.


I'm not sure how well this dress will last and keep its shape for but for £10 it wasn't breaking the bank. How could i say no to such a fab print?!
Now onto what i bought as i said its not the most amazing haul but i got a black and light purple cami, a navy and a dark purple vest from Primark along with some super cute mouse face shoes and a spot print peplum top from the New Look sale.

I hope you have a great weekend I'm at work tomorrow but hope to make the most of Sunday.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Free Your Feet

I was contacted recently by Clarks who offered me the chance to style up some sandals and share my outfit for the chance to win £200 to spend in Clarks. I snapped up the chance i mean who wouldn't want to win money to spend on shoes?!
I was sent the Studio Beat sandals in metallic leather i asked for a size 6 and was sent these in a standard width but they also do a wide fit too.

These are actually my first pair of sandals like this so i was really looking forward styling them and giving them a try. I have worn these out and i found them really comfy as the bottom is slightly cushioned so gave added comfort.
I found the standard width wide enough for my feet but i did have to add an extra hole to the strap but i do have really large ankles so i have to do this on almost any shoe with an ankle strap. 


I decided to pair them with my Primark skirt and Tesco cardigan and a brown belt which I'd had for a while. I really like how this outfit turned out and i love the skirt even more wearing it as a dress!


I wore the skirt as a dress but belted it to give it shape and added a cardigan as even though it was sunny out it wasn't super warm. I also added some sunglasses which the lovely Lolly gave me recently.



I think these sandals look great and are perfect for keeping your feet cool in the summer, I'm sure i will be getting much more wear out of them and can't wait to try them with my shorts and other dresses too!
How would you style them?

Monday, 27 May 2013

Plus Size Outfit Day- Wedding Bells

So this months theme is wedding bells and myself and other ladies will be showing you our wedding outfits either as a guest or the person getting married.

As you might know i have been married for over two years now so i will show you some pictures from my wedding and what i wore and then a few ootd which i think would work as an outfit for a wedding.
First up is my wedding pictures, we got married on the 13th of December and i was a little chilly but it didn't rain or snow which was good!
My dress wasn't traditional at all i bought it from Vivien of Holloway, the shoes were the first pair my hubby bought me along with the clutch to match, the faux fur stole was one i picked up just before the wedding.






I did my hair and make up myself and left it really simple as i didn't want anything to over the top. I had a great day and felt amazing in my dress. I would re create an ootd with it but its too small now unfortunately but i do still have in my wardrobe.
No onto a few ootd' that i think could work well for a wedding 






I'd be happy to wear any of these to a wedding in fact i have worn the first one to a wedding and it looked great.
Head over and check out the other ladies and their wedding outfits

I hope you are all having a great monday and a fun filled one if you are enjoying a bank holiday :)

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Crazy Cat Lady

Personally i don't think cat ladies are crazy i think they are ace! It's no real surprise to you all I'm sure that i love all animals, well except spiders, but i have a special place in my heart for cats and all things cat related.
There's no outfit post from me today as i haven't really worn anything super exciting so i though I'd let you into my animal filled world.
My family have always loved animals and we have had our share of them too (but not all at once) so many that i can actually do a list of them all
22 cats
4 dogs
6 rabbits
6 ducks
2 rats
2 lovebirds
lots of fish
stick insects

My mum massively loves animals so much so she can't watch an RSPCA advert without crying and she passed some of that onto me.
I always knew when i moved into my own home i would have animals but as i work it wouldn't be fair to have a dog and leave it alone while we are at work but we do have cats.
Up until this week we had 2 Marvin and Buttons


They are both rescue cats and were 8 when we got them, they were very shy and took a while to get used to us and their new surroundings. But once they settled in they are the most loving cats ever especially Buttons who loves nothing more than snuggling up on my chest and napping.

Marvin enjoys curling up on my lap and having a snooze too!

Now most people might think 2 cats is enough but not for me! We visited the RSPCA and met a lovely little lady who went by the name of Minx but is now Harley and fell in love. So we now have 3 cats, say hello to Harley. 

She is 7 months old and full of beans, a lot more hyper than Marvin and Buttons. She was taken to the RSPCA as a welfare case and had a problem with her eye, unfortunately they couldn't save it so she only has one but that doesn't stop her running around at 100pmh!

She has met Marvin and Buttons and there hasn't been too much upset just a few hisses but that's to be expected.
Some might call me a crazy cat lady and that fine by me i love them and i don't mind admitting it i even have a necklace to testify to that!

I'm a big believer in rescuing animals i know i couldn't justify buying a pedigree kitten when there are so many in rescues that just want somewhere warm to sleep, a little tuna and lots of love. If you are considering a rescue cat check out Cat Chat a great website with lots of rescue resources and information and help.
Do you have any pets?

Friday, 24 May 2013

Holiday Wardrobe: the essentials

Thanks to the great British weather, most of our wardrobes are filled with winter coats and woolly scarves. Well, now the summer sunshine is finally making an appearance, hopefully the Antarctic look will become a thing of the past! At last, you can search the best home shopping choices and find the perfect items to spruce up your summer look. Heading abroad in 2013? Then make sure your wardrobe is well prepared. From clothes for the airplane to evenings out, here’s a roundup of what you’ll need to pack this summer. 
Us Brits are known for our tendency to over-pack, so try to be selective in your choice of clothing. For day to day activities you’ll no doubt be on your feet a lot of the time, enjoying typical touristy treats, so be sure that your clothes fit the part. Check out home shopping UK and stock up on the basics you’ll need during your trip. Going someplace sunny? Then take enough cotton tees to last you through the holiday. Coupled with some stylish cropped trousers and a comfortable pair of sandals, you’ll be more than ready for the day’s events. 
There are no two ways about it; evenings are always somewhat glamorous. Forget about shorts and vest tops. Evenings abroad are designed for you to enjoy life’s little luxuries. So dress to impress! It doesn’t have to take a huge amount of effort. Something as simple as a floral print midi is both tasteful and elegant; minimum effort for maximum results! Or alternatively, if the evenings are a little cooler, then you could always combine a smart pair of linen trousers with a pretty sleeveless blouse. But remember, when you do go abroad, don’t forget to take a pair of heels. Whether these are court shoes or wedges, adding a little extra height instantly makes an outfit look dressier. 
Amidst all your packing plans, don’t forget to pack comfortable clothes for the journey home. No matter how long your flight is, the time will pass very slowly if your outfit’s too restricting, so remember to take a more casual combination for the times when you’re not in holiday-mode. Just a comfy pair of joggers and a hoody will work perfectly, whilst also providing something to relax in during the evening.  And even if you‘re thinking of just wearing the same clothes you wore on the way there, we still recommend that you take an extra, more comfortable choice of outfit; it’s better being safe than sorry! 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

It's all abut the prints

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts at the minute I've still been having problems with my back so i haven't felt too much like getting dressed up.
I have noticed so many bright pop art type prints around at the minute which i love. I have treated myself to a few bits so i thought I'd do a quick post to share them with you.

As you can see there is quite a lot of print and its all very fun and cute, so what did i buy?
The kiss print and zebra tops from Clements Ribeiro at Evans, i tried on lots of pieces but these were the two i really liked the fit of and i can't wait to wear them!
I got the kapow body con dress from New Look which is available online here.

Then i got lucky in Primark where i got a hello kitty t-shirt, cat t-shirt and doughnut vest. I also managed to get the comic print high necked body con dress and a cute cat face make up bag.

I'm really happy with all the bits i got and it might be a bit of a surprise that i got more tops than i did dresses but i really need more tops to wear with my shorts.
It's not clothes related but i also got this bedding from Primark which my hubby loves and put on the bed for me so i don't have to fight with the duvet.

What have you been buying recently?

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Wedding Wear

It's that time of year again when  you start to get wedding invites through the door. As soon as i see an invite the one thing that springs to my mind is what am i going to wear?! then the planning of my outfit starts.
I like to wear something that shows my personality and that will be comfy to wear for the whole day but look great on the dance floor later.
I find the internet is the best place to look for wedding guest outfits as you can have several pages open and compare each one to make sure you have the perfect outfit.
I picked out a few of my favourite outfits from Kaleidoscope to share with you,

There are so many great dresses out there and you don't always have to search the wedding sections to find these many dresses can look great in a wedding setting.

I love floral or prints for weddings especially summer weddings but if you fancy something with a bit  more glitz and glamour then this sequin dress would be perfect.

Do you find it difficult to find that perfect outfit for a wedding?

Monday, 20 May 2013

Happy Holidays

Unfortunately i don't have a holiday booked for this year but believe me i wish i did! My last holiday was to Florida with my hubby, we had an amazing time and it was 2 weeks filled with theme parks water parks and great fun in the sun!
I'm not going to lie here I'm the worst packer ever and i don't think i have ever packed my own suitcase, i leave it in the capable hands of my hubby who i assume is so good at it after years of playing tetris!
I do always write a list of all the things i need to take especially my holiday clothes other wise i would end up with lots of cute dresses and shorts but not a single top.
I like to have quite a loud and bright suitcase as i always have a crazy panic that someone else will take it and I'll have no clothes to wear on holiday so i like to choose something like this

These suitcases are really light which means one thing, more room for clothes!

Clothes wise i like to pack things that won't end up too creased after however many hours folded up in the suitcase. If I'm off somewhere warm i pack a few dresses, shorts and some t-shirts along with some swimwear.
These are the type of dresses i would pack as they can be dressed up or down so you can wear them day or night.

A nice light jersey dress won't end up all creased and with some bright accessories would be perfect for  going out for dinner one evening. For only £16 I'd probably end up getting it in a few colours.

This cream polkadot dress will look great with a tan, i actually have this dress in blue and although I'm not going away this year I'll be wearing it with some big sunnies and sandals and dreaming I'm on holiday!

When you have as many pairs of shorts as i do you need a few different options for tops during your time away, especially if you have a habit of spilling your ice cream like me :)
These tops would be great and wouldn't take up too much suitcase room
Available here

Available here 

Available here

If I'm buying new things for my holiday i try to buy things that i know I'll wear over and over again so that I'm not wasting any money. If you can't afford to buy a whole new holiday wardrobe then try to pack things from your existing wardrobe and just add a few accessories to brighten outfits up.

A great beach bag is a must and don't forget the sunnies and suntan lotion to go inside!
If you are going on holiday i hope you have a great time, bring me back an over the top souvenir and I'll love you forever :)

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Go to Garments

With fashion trends constantly changing, fading and re-emerging on both the catwalks and the high street, it can often be difficult to keep up with latest looks. Moreover, as these trends can often be tailored to specific shapes and sizes, from plus size clothing UK trends to tall or petite looks of the season, it can be a struggle to know what will work for your own body shape. 
Fear not, as there are some must-have-items of the year which are here to stay, and, more importantly, look fabulous on every figure. Read on for a quick guide to the best go-to garments which work for every shape, and should definitely be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe this year.
The Blazer
The blazer is an absolute must-have for every occasion. From oversized boyfriend blazers and androgynous tuxedo styles to cute, cropped jackets, the blazer is a versatile buy which works for every shape, every season and every outfit. If you’re dressing for an evening out and you want to show off your curves, then why not go for a cropped black blazer with a pencil skirt and some platforms? The cropped look will help to create a gorgeous silhouette and make you look confident and glamorous as you nail the pencil trend as well. Alternatively, if you’re a petite woman, for spring you could try an oversized white blazer with a pair of linen shorts, a chiffon shirt and a pair of wedged heels. This look will elongate your legs and make you look taller, while creating a sophisticated, fresh look for the season. 
The Midi 
The midi dress is a great garment which can be done in a range of ways. If you don’t feel confident in a maxi or a mini dress, the midi is the perfect alternative as the length works to complement height as well as body shape. For an effortless, elegant look, try a straight shift style which brushes down to the calves and pair with some court shoes to lengthen the legs by making the ankles look shapely. Alternatively, a skater style midi dress will create a gorgeous womanly form by cinching in the waist and emphasising the hips with the contours of the skirt. You can also try different necklines to suit your bodice shape. For example, turtle-necks will look chic without over-emphasising your top half while deep v-necks and a supportive bra will work wonders for your cleavage. 
The Peplum 
The peplum trend has made a name for itself with its flexibility and femininity. Perfect for the office, a light lunch, an evening dinner out and even a day spent running errands. The shape layers over the stomach or hip areas, depending on the style so if you are conscious of those areas this is the perfect style for you. The forties-inspired style looks great on tops, dresses and skirts, and is a fashion-forward look for every figure.
There you have it: three go-to-garments which work to complement the modern woman and the various shapes and sizes that she comes in. Get trying on now and find out what works for you just in time for spring!
Do you have any go to garments?

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Old Friends

This is an outfit i wore to go and see one of oldest friends Lauren, we have been friends for so long and even if we go a while without speaking when we get together its like we only saw each other yesterday.
We are really different in our fashion choices and i love to see her raised eyebrows when i wear something a little out of the ordinary so i decided for this visit to wear my new or should i say old shorts.


I got these shorts from ebay they were customised from a old pair of mens levis, as soon as i saw the rips and colour i knew i had to have them.
I had them in my watch list for ages before i decided i couldn't wait any longer and bought them and I'm so glad i did i love them!


I wore them with my New Look cardigan and my chubby guys T-shirt, the shorts were really comfy and it was a perfect outfit to wear to spend the day chatting with an old friend and eating pizza :)


I seem to have a bit of thing going on for shorts and i can't see that going away anytime soon so expect to see much more of my legs over the next few months especially when i have my thigh tattoo in a few weeks! Once I've had it done I'll post it for you all to see.
Hope your all having a lovely weekend.

Friday, 17 May 2013


Although it might not seem like it with recent weather, summer is coming and with that comes the search for good swimwear. It can be difficult to find the right sort of style you want and within your budget. I personally have quite a curvy shape so i went on a search for swimwear for curvy women.
I love swim dresses and all in ones as i think they are great for swimming and having fun in water parks.
I picked out a few of my favourites to share with you

It probably doesn't surprise you that i picked this swim dress with it being leopard print! I love the shape and the print and for £29.95 it's definitely within my budget. It's available here in sizes 12-28.

Another of my favourites is this swimsuit which goes up to a size 30,

I really love the zebra panels down the side and everything would be kept in place as i went down the slide in the water park or relaxed in the lazy river rapids. This swimsuit would be just as perfect for swimming a few lengths in the local pool.

For those of you who prefer to laze around and top up your tan i think this is such a cute bikini,

I love the polkadot trend that is coming out in swimwear at the moment, it looks great and i think its timeless. I have a polkadot swimsuit and i know that no matter what the trends are for that summer it will look fabulous.
Whether you are going on a nice relaxing holiday or just going to the local pool I'm sure there is a style to suit you and your personality.