Saturday, 25 May 2013

Crazy Cat Lady

Personally i don't think cat ladies are crazy i think they are ace! It's no real surprise to you all I'm sure that i love all animals, well except spiders, but i have a special place in my heart for cats and all things cat related.
There's no outfit post from me today as i haven't really worn anything super exciting so i though I'd let you into my animal filled world.
My family have always loved animals and we have had our share of them too (but not all at once) so many that i can actually do a list of them all
22 cats
4 dogs
6 rabbits
6 ducks
2 rats
2 lovebirds
lots of fish
stick insects

My mum massively loves animals so much so she can't watch an RSPCA advert without crying and she passed some of that onto me.
I always knew when i moved into my own home i would have animals but as i work it wouldn't be fair to have a dog and leave it alone while we are at work but we do have cats.
Up until this week we had 2 Marvin and Buttons


They are both rescue cats and were 8 when we got them, they were very shy and took a while to get used to us and their new surroundings. But once they settled in they are the most loving cats ever especially Buttons who loves nothing more than snuggling up on my chest and napping.

Marvin enjoys curling up on my lap and having a snooze too!

Now most people might think 2 cats is enough but not for me! We visited the RSPCA and met a lovely little lady who went by the name of Minx but is now Harley and fell in love. So we now have 3 cats, say hello to Harley. 

She is 7 months old and full of beans, a lot more hyper than Marvin and Buttons. She was taken to the RSPCA as a welfare case and had a problem with her eye, unfortunately they couldn't save it so she only has one but that doesn't stop her running around at 100pmh!

She has met Marvin and Buttons and there hasn't been too much upset just a few hisses but that's to be expected.
Some might call me a crazy cat lady and that fine by me i love them and i don't mind admitting it i even have a necklace to testify to that!

I'm a big believer in rescuing animals i know i couldn't justify buying a pedigree kitten when there are so many in rescues that just want somewhere warm to sleep, a little tuna and lots of love. If you are considering a rescue cat check out Cat Chat a great website with lots of rescue resources and information and help.
Do you have any pets?


  1. Such a lovely post and your cats are all gorgeous! I believe that everyone should rescue animals too, there are so so many that need homes. Both my cats were from Happy Endings Rescue (Last August). I'm super emotional when it comes to animals too- even cute photos set me off! Harley will come around to her new set up in time i'm sure. Animals are good at adapting like that. Your a superstar! Oh and cat ladies are the best ladies ;) xx

    1. That's really nice I'm sure they are very happy with you :) I love cute animal pictures and I'm a sucker for anything animal related from shoes to bags to trinkets! We are the best ladies xx

  2. I also love cats. I have always had cats and when my husband and i moved into our first flat we got a kitten called Daisy.

    Sadly the woman we had her from didn't tell us she was semi feral and we had our eldest who was 2 at the time and Daisy was a bit on the horrible side to her. She was a one person cat.

    3 years later the council decided without telling anyone to start renovating our flat (Daisy was a happy indoor cat at that time, no interest in hte outside). And they started to rip the lift out, using an angle grinder to cut through bigger doors. Poor Daisy got so stressed she because stress incontinent, to the point she peed on mine and DH's bed.

    We went backwards and forwards to the vets including new years eve because i love my cat and wanted her to get better but in the ended it was recommended i rehomed her.

    Cat Action Trust here in Jersey did rehome her for me to an adults only countryside home and now she is thriving. 3 months later we moved into a house because our building was condemed. and 2 weeks after that we ended up rescuing a kitten who we were told was a girl and if no one had her she was going to the animal shelter.

    Sooty is actually a boy (we learnt this when he rolled over at 4 months old and showed us his nuts! Even the vet thought he was a girl. Poor thing had a pink collar and everything). And when he arrived to us he was riddled with fleas and worms. I will put a picture on twitter for you and tag you to show you how well he's doing now :)

    So yes, long winded but i totally agree, rescue cats are the best cats!

    1. Sorry to hear about daisy it sounds like she is much happier now though so that's a good thing.ive just seen the pic of sooty he's a beaut! And your right he's looking so healthy xx

  3. Aw, they are adorable. I think its great that you rescue your cats, all the cats we've had were rescues, but we haven't had any for a long time. We're more dog people.

    1. I do love dogs too but it wouldn't be fair to have one but I love how cats do what they want and think they are the best ! If I need a dog cuddle I go to my mums and spend time with hers :) xx

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  5. Fab post hun. Our cat is from a rescue centre too. Harley is lovely she reminds me so much of my moggy. I love having a cat it makes our house a home! Hoping to add a dog to the mix soon too!

    1. Aww she sounds lovely and I agree so much! We are out too much for a dog but my mum has 2 now so I can always see them if I need a slobbery kiss :) xx

  6. Yay, lots of cat pics! Keep us updated with how Harley settles in...more excuses for pics! x x

  7. Aw, all your cats are lovely, and your new kitten is a beauty. My parents have never really been animal people, so apart from goldfish, I never really had pets until I was sixteen and bought a hamster. LOL. I've lost my two rabbits and two guinea babies in the last four years (all due to old age), and only have tropical fish now- and I miss having furry critters around. I'll almost certainly be a crazy animal woman of some description when I'm old; most likely bunnies. Haha! I've always been a big animal lover xx

  8. Arrrr they're sooo cute!! :) We were looking at rehoming centers but ended up getting 3 boys from an accidental litter on Facebook. The woman saved the money from each of the kittens to get her cat done which is good.
    We've both had cats before, growing up and both said we wanted to get cats when we moved out so we did :) xx


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