Monday, 20 May 2013

Happy Holidays

Unfortunately i don't have a holiday booked for this year but believe me i wish i did! My last holiday was to Florida with my hubby, we had an amazing time and it was 2 weeks filled with theme parks water parks and great fun in the sun!
I'm not going to lie here I'm the worst packer ever and i don't think i have ever packed my own suitcase, i leave it in the capable hands of my hubby who i assume is so good at it after years of playing tetris!
I do always write a list of all the things i need to take especially my holiday clothes other wise i would end up with lots of cute dresses and shorts but not a single top.
I like to have quite a loud and bright suitcase as i always have a crazy panic that someone else will take it and I'll have no clothes to wear on holiday so i like to choose something like this

These suitcases are really light which means one thing, more room for clothes!

Clothes wise i like to pack things that won't end up too creased after however many hours folded up in the suitcase. If I'm off somewhere warm i pack a few dresses, shorts and some t-shirts along with some swimwear.
These are the type of dresses i would pack as they can be dressed up or down so you can wear them day or night.

A nice light jersey dress won't end up all creased and with some bright accessories would be perfect for  going out for dinner one evening. For only £16 I'd probably end up getting it in a few colours.

This cream polkadot dress will look great with a tan, i actually have this dress in blue and although I'm not going away this year I'll be wearing it with some big sunnies and sandals and dreaming I'm on holiday!

When you have as many pairs of shorts as i do you need a few different options for tops during your time away, especially if you have a habit of spilling your ice cream like me :)
These tops would be great and wouldn't take up too much suitcase room
Available here

Available here 

Available here

If I'm buying new things for my holiday i try to buy things that i know I'll wear over and over again so that I'm not wasting any money. If you can't afford to buy a whole new holiday wardrobe then try to pack things from your existing wardrobe and just add a few accessories to brighten outfits up.

A great beach bag is a must and don't forget the sunnies and suntan lotion to go inside!
If you are going on holiday i hope you have a great time, bring me back an over the top souvenir and I'll love you forever :)


  1. Love those suitcases! And the cream dress is really pretty xx

    1. They are great aren't they I'm going to get some like that the next time i go away although i think that maybe a while! That dress is lovely but i found it small on the boobs and had to size up a fair bit i need to find i out and do a post on it soon xx


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