Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Workwear Chic

This months fatshionologie was what would you wear for a work meeting or interview. Now I'll be honest I've only ever been for a handful of interviews in my working life, i have worked in my current job for nearly 9 years so this is what i would wear if i was told i had an interview tomorrow. I think it shows I'm unique and not afraid to stand out.


I'm wearing the Simply Be trousers i blogged about here which are a dream to wear and a shirt i picked up a few weeks ago from New Look i got it in a size 24 so that it would fasten over my chest (you don't want to be flashing during an interview! )
I added some Irregular Choice heels and a cat brooch to the collar and I'm ready to be hired :)


I love this shirt with the trousers and until the challenge i wouldn't have thought to put the two together as i had intend to wear the shirt with my shorts.


What kind of thing do you wear to an interview?
Check out the other ladies and there take on interview wear



  1. ARG! Those pants!!! God I love fatshion. It's like opening a pharaoh's tomb, all these treasures that no one knew were there...still I wish you'd write more about the classy lady behind those outfits.

    1. thats a great way to look at it! i might do one of those get to know me post at some point xx

  2. Those shoes are the sex! Love the brooch & trews too. x x

  3. Love the trousers, and I love the detail to the collar. I've only been to one interview in my life- I worked at my job for 9 years (and am technically still employed)- I'd have no idea what to wear without lots of thought xx

    1. thank you :) I've had a few more than you but not too many either! xx

  4. Fantastic outfit, love it all together.


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