Friday, 29 May 2015

Wish List

I pretty much have a huge and constant wish list so here whats on mine at the moment,

I love these glasses, i tried them on a few weeks ago but decided on another pair that i just loved that little bit more but i hope these will eventually be mine.

I really want a super cute well fitting denim shirt, i will definitely be on the hunt for one this summer! This one is really cute hopefully they will have it in store for me to try but from what I'm hearing about plus size disappearing in store at New Look that might not happen.

I don't usually like print t-shirts but this one is fab and not too in your face.

I need this for my room because well i am...

This bag is also from Matalan like the above, i seriously need it in my life!

I always want new perfume and this is the one I'm currently lusting after

What are you lusting after at the minute?

Monday, 25 May 2015


We don't have a uniform or a strict dress policy where i work its pretty much smart casual so I'm quite free when it comes to how i dress which is lucky. I never really buy things with the intention of wearing them for work but some pieces make there way into my work wardrobe pretty fast.
Last month i was having a nosey around Matalan when i spotted a few cute bits and decided to try them on.


The first thing i tried was this cute pencil skirt. I usually wear a 22 but as Matalan only goes up to a 20 in most of the cute stuff i always go and have a try on to see if a 20 will work. That day was a good fitting day and pretty much everything i tried on in a 20 fit which really surprised me. The skirt is a pull on pencil skirt and is made from a thick stretch material so you don't get that awful white stretch you get from some thinner printed pencil skirts.


I can't remember how much the skirt was and i can't seem to find it online but i don't think it was more than £12 which is great value too. As there is so much stretch in the skirt it's really comfortable to wear all day at work and i rarely find myself having to re adjust it.


The shirt was also from Matalan and i was convinced that this wouldn't fit as it was only a 20 and i usually have to wear a 22 or 24 in shirts depending on the cut and fabric. The shirt is still online and it other colours too. Mine was full price at £12 but its down to a bargain £6 now online so you can't go wrong!


The sleeves on the shirt are really unusual almost like a cape in my opinion. I think these too pieces go really well together and just go to show how you should always try on if you like something as you never know what the fit might be like.
Do you have any plans for today if your not working? My plans involve having a nice lazy day before being back at work tomorrow.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Dungaree Heaven

I really love short dungarees but they can be super hard to find when your above a size 18, last year i bought a pair from Simply Be and i love them but i have always wanted a more distressed looking pair and of course i wanted acid wash because its my favourite. As soon as i saw these on Simply Be i knew i had to have them!


They were perfect, acid wash with a distressed look. I was a little worried they would be too long as the look quite far down the leg on the model online but I'm happy to say that when they came the length was perfect.


I ordered a size 20 and 22 as i wasn't sure how they would fit. As soon as they came i was ripping off the packaging to try them on and they didn't disappoint. The size 20 ones fit me but when i sat down the legs were a little tight as there is no stretch to these at all. The 22 fit a lilt looser all over and are perfect on the legs when i sit so i decided on the size 22 which is my usual size.


I got these using a discount code i had so they only cost me £28 which i think is a total bargain. I would love these in a few more colours a pink acid wash would be perfect!! Although i love short dungarees i have never worn a full length pair but i think i might have to change that as I've seen so many people rocking them out recently.


I wore these out a few days after they arrived to go and do a little shopping and get food with the Mr. As it was a little chilly but i didn't want to take a coat i wore them with my My Little Pony jumper that i got from Primark a while ago. I thought the outfit looked super cute even if i was absolutely boiling by the time we sat down to eat.
If you are in the UK and lucky enough not to be working this bank holiday i hope you all have a great time and enjoy the long weekend!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Secret Separates

This 'dress' always gets a lot of compliments and plenty of shocked faced when i tell them its actually a skirt and top worn together. These were bought ages ago from Evans when they did one of their collections with Clements Ribeiro. I wasn't getting much wear so i decided to move it into my work wardrobe and since then it been worn so much.


Its really easy to throw on in a morning and look cute without any effort, just the way i like it when it comes to work wear! The skirt and top are made from a thin jersey material so they are both really light and keep you cool on warmer days too.


I think moving this into my work wardrobe was a great idea because I've completely fallen back in love with it. The print is of gloves which i think is really unusual and the art itself reminds me of Roald Dahl books from when i was younger. As i bought this so long ago its no longer available to buy from Evans but i have seen loads of these on eBay if you wanted to get your hands on the skirt or top or maybe both like me.
I hope everyone has a great Monday and that your day goes super quick!

Friday, 15 May 2015

Tropical Swing

So after what seems like forever I'm doing a proper outfit post! I bought this dress a few months ago from Simply Be, it was on the sale rail for £25 if i remember correctly. Swing dresses aren't something that i usually wear but i wanted something that had sleeves and that i wouldn't need to adjust as i danced the night away.


I picked this up in a 22 and this fit is great, the only negative to this dress is its pretty short and I'm only 5 4''. When I'm stood its long enough to cover everything but when i walk upstairs or I'm dancing none stop with my favourite dance partner Lisa its cutting it fine! As it was chilly when went out dancing i added some black tights which pretty much solved the bum flashing issues.


The print on this dress is great is a really bright tropical print and the long sleeves meant i didn't need to take a jacket to keep the chill off. This dress is really great to wear and the print is fun too so i didn't really add many accessories to it. The dress is still available online but a lot of the larger sizes seem to be sold out.


On a side note i much preferred this dress when i had blue hair, I'm not sure if its the camera making my hair look more red than pinky/purple that's making me think it. I do really like this dress but I'm not sure it will be my go to dress.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

You Beauty Box

My You Beauty discovery box landed on my doorstep last week after what seemed like forever, thanks to bank holiday post and my impatient nature! I was really excited for this one to come as i had picked some amazing products.
Mays shortlist of products was amazing I'm in not surprised most of it had sold out a few days later.

So onto my choices, the first pick for me was the Dr Organic snail gel. I had read about this before and was keen to try it but with a price tag of £20 for 50ml i wanted to try it before i splashed out. I was so happy to see this product in this months shortlist as soon as my box came it was the first thing i took out to try. The gel is clear and rubs into skin really easily, it left my face super soft and it wasn't greasy at all. If you are worried about the smell of the gel don't be it has a really refreshing lemon scent to it. This is a full size product at 50ml so the cost of your box is more than covered in this one item. Although £20 is expensive for cream i am really impressed with this and would consider buying this again.

My second choice was The Body Shop wild argan oil solid oil. I hadn't read anything about this product but i was keen to give it a try as it claims to work for skin and hair. I gave this a try on the dry skin on my elbows and it worked really well and its great for smoothing down stray hairs but i don't think it would be my go to product to use on my hair, i think i will continue to use it just for my skin.  I think this is a great product to have in your bathroom or to take on holiday with you. Again this is a full size product at 50g with an RRP of £8.

My subscription to You Beauty is £6.95 and my two choices this month total £28 which is incredible value, i know a few months ago i was unimpressed with the shortlisted products but since then You Beauty seem to have really stepped up their game!
Lastly are my extra treats which this month were, a sample of the Dr Organic snail gel which I'm giving to a work colleague so they can try it. A 20% off gift voucher for M&S beauty which I'll probably never use and a sample of Jimmy Choo Man, i have had this sample a few times before and the Mr loves it, so much so i bough him a bottle a few months ago.

What have you got in your subscription box this month?

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Wish List

Today's post is just a quick one to show you a few things that have been catching my eye recently.
I adore this perfume bottle from Asda, it would look beautiful on your dressing table.

I am totally in love with this sundress from Asda too.

Cute notebooks get me every time!

Fast food earrings? Yes please! 

I love maxi dresses and it this time of year that my collection always seems to expand!

I love to colour and find it super relaxing and i think i have found the perfect colouring book for me!

And this well just because i am...

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Blue to Pink

So i decided to do a post about my journey from blue hair to pink it was a long and frustrating one so i just wanted to share for anyone else who might have a similar issue.
For the last year my hair has looked like this

I had used directions turquoise and i really loved the colour but i was itching for a change so i decided to start to process of washing the colour out. I stupidly thought this would be pretty simple just a few hot washes and a bleach and bobs your uncle I'd be yellow blonde. How silly of me !
I did a bit of research online and decided to try a few home remedies first, i firstly decided to try the vitamin c and anti dandruff shampoo treatment. I did this about 4 times and it did lift some of the colour but not a huge about.

As you can see there wasn't much difference at all. After this i decided to do a bleach bath and thought i would see a serious change from this but i was about the be surprised.

I was expecting a very patch blue and yellow but no it was still just blue. I decided to give my hair a break after this as all the treatments had left my hair super dry. I kept on with the hot washes in anti dandruff shampoo and i made up super hot baths and let my hair soak in it for 10 minutes or so each time i washed it which actually seemed to lift cooler better that the other things i had tried.
Finally i decided i was going to have to get the big guns out and bleach it, this would get the blue out i told myself ......

I couldn't have been more wrong! My roots went blonde but the blue remained although it did lift another shade or so. 
I had wanted to do something different with my colour this time but as i wasn't sure how the colour would look with blonde roots and blue lengths i decided to just put one solid colour over it all. I went with cerise pink from directions which my lovely hubby did for me and i super happy with the results.

Yay no more blue!!!
I also wanted to mention i this post which products i used to keep my hair still attached to my head after 2 bleach baths and a full head of bleach! These have been my saviours and for a girl who has never paid more that £4 for a shampoo i now totally believe that paying that extra really gives you good results.

I got the OGX keratin oil shampoo and conditioner which was £6.99 each but well worth the money and i also got the coconut milk oil to use of damp hair so stop and further breakage. These are seriously good products and have helped my hair so much.

I am also using this hair mask as an intense conditioner just for an added boost if my hair needs it.

I am by no means a professional when it comes to hair, hell I'm no beauty blogger either but i thought it might be useful to show my hair journey and to share my favourite products to help your hair stay super smooth.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

The Best Nights

Its been a while hasn't it?! Well I'm still here over in this little corner of the internet, things have been super busy recently and i haven't taken a proper outfit picture it what seems like forever but i wanted to do a little post to share my outfit from last Saturday.

I had arranged to go over to Lisa's for a few drinks and a general catch up last Saturday, let me put this out there right now i had no intention of going out at all, i took no make up, jewellery or clothes with me expect for my super old jumpsuit i wear for bed if its cold.
After a few hours of catching up and a good few drink me and Lisa got that feeling, the one where being inside the house just isn't working and you need to go dance your butt off and dance it off we did!
As i didn't have anything to wear Lisa very kindly looked through her vast array of clothes and came up with an absolute beauty!

The dress was one of the 99p ones that Yours did last year and i believe the belt was from Primark. I totally fell in love with this outfit and it was perfect for dancing the night away in, apart from being a little chilly on the way to town i had no complaints.

Lisa very kindly let me use her make up too so that i didn't look like I'd been up for the last 48hrs! I was so in love with this lipstick although i have forgotten which it was now!
Saturday night was totally unplanned but it was one of the best nights I've had in ages, i danced so much my arms hurt the next day and i was even up and dancing on the tables in one place, i haven't done that in years!!

It was an amazing night and i had the best time! Sometimes those totally unplanned and unorganised nights are the best.