Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Blue to Pink

So i decided to do a post about my journey from blue hair to pink it was a long and frustrating one so i just wanted to share for anyone else who might have a similar issue.
For the last year my hair has looked like this

I had used directions turquoise and i really loved the colour but i was itching for a change so i decided to start to process of washing the colour out. I stupidly thought this would be pretty simple just a few hot washes and a bleach and bobs your uncle I'd be yellow blonde. How silly of me !
I did a bit of research online and decided to try a few home remedies first, i firstly decided to try the vitamin c and anti dandruff shampoo treatment. I did this about 4 times and it did lift some of the colour but not a huge about.

As you can see there wasn't much difference at all. After this i decided to do a bleach bath and thought i would see a serious change from this but i was about the be surprised.

I was expecting a very patch blue and yellow but no it was still just blue. I decided to give my hair a break after this as all the treatments had left my hair super dry. I kept on with the hot washes in anti dandruff shampoo and i made up super hot baths and let my hair soak in it for 10 minutes or so each time i washed it which actually seemed to lift cooler better that the other things i had tried.
Finally i decided i was going to have to get the big guns out and bleach it, this would get the blue out i told myself ......

I couldn't have been more wrong! My roots went blonde but the blue remained although it did lift another shade or so. 
I had wanted to do something different with my colour this time but as i wasn't sure how the colour would look with blonde roots and blue lengths i decided to just put one solid colour over it all. I went with cerise pink from directions which my lovely hubby did for me and i super happy with the results.

Yay no more blue!!!
I also wanted to mention i this post which products i used to keep my hair still attached to my head after 2 bleach baths and a full head of bleach! These have been my saviours and for a girl who has never paid more that £4 for a shampoo i now totally believe that paying that extra really gives you good results.

I got the OGX keratin oil shampoo and conditioner which was £6.99 each but well worth the money and i also got the coconut milk oil to use of damp hair so stop and further breakage. These are seriously good products and have helped my hair so much.

I am also using this hair mask as an intense conditioner just for an added boost if my hair needs it.

I am by no means a professional when it comes to hair, hell I'm no beauty blogger either but i thought it might be useful to show my hair journey and to share my favourite products to help your hair stay super smooth.


  1. Looks awesome!
    Turquoise is a bitch to lift. At the end of march I got rid of the turquoise too... 2 boxes of the lightest blonde in the shcwarzopf live range in the same day left me with a very pale mint colour (and a burnt scalp!)... I dyed it orange and its faded soooo quickly. I now remember why i liked the turquoise so much hah.

  2. Wow, I can't believe how difficult it was to get the blue out of your hair! It must've been so frustrating. Your blue hair looked amazing, but so does your new colour! I'm loving the pink! I'd love to dye my hair bright like yours, but I'm too scared to bleach mine- I'm worried about ruining my hair. xx

  3. Blue is a evil bitch to get out your hair! Nothing seemed to shift it on mine! Love the new colour x

  4. Ooohh thanks so much for the tips! I've been thinking of changing from my blonde becuase of the damage I've done to it with bleach, I'll have to try some of these products out!

    And the cerise pink is the bomb! xx

  5. Your hair looks awesome either way. but the pink is pretty cool. xx

  6. loved your blue and the pink looks great too! For getting colors out though it's better to use a color lifter than a bleach. Like you experienced, bleach isn't that great. Some kind of "color oops" is better. Anyway it all worked out for you so that's good. To get rid of my blue I just dumped black box dye on my head. I will probably regret it but hey it got rid of the blue lol

  7. Now try getting the pink out! Honestly I still find streaks of pink in mine after years of bleaching and I've not actually been pink for about 5 years. Never had trouble getting anything else out. I just wait until it's fading naturally, then bleach my whole head and it usually turns it all blonde (with slight hints of colour every now and then).


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