Monday, 25 May 2015


We don't have a uniform or a strict dress policy where i work its pretty much smart casual so I'm quite free when it comes to how i dress which is lucky. I never really buy things with the intention of wearing them for work but some pieces make there way into my work wardrobe pretty fast.
Last month i was having a nosey around Matalan when i spotted a few cute bits and decided to try them on.


The first thing i tried was this cute pencil skirt. I usually wear a 22 but as Matalan only goes up to a 20 in most of the cute stuff i always go and have a try on to see if a 20 will work. That day was a good fitting day and pretty much everything i tried on in a 20 fit which really surprised me. The skirt is a pull on pencil skirt and is made from a thick stretch material so you don't get that awful white stretch you get from some thinner printed pencil skirts.


I can't remember how much the skirt was and i can't seem to find it online but i don't think it was more than £12 which is great value too. As there is so much stretch in the skirt it's really comfortable to wear all day at work and i rarely find myself having to re adjust it.


The shirt was also from Matalan and i was convinced that this wouldn't fit as it was only a 20 and i usually have to wear a 22 or 24 in shirts depending on the cut and fabric. The shirt is still online and it other colours too. Mine was full price at £12 but its down to a bargain £6 now online so you can't go wrong!


The sleeves on the shirt are really unusual almost like a cape in my opinion. I think these too pieces go really well together and just go to show how you should always try on if you like something as you never know what the fit might be like.
Do you have any plans for today if your not working? My plans involve having a nice lazy day before being back at work tomorrow.


  1. Adore the skirt! Love Matalan!

  2. Love the skirt! I haven't bought any clothes from Matalan in ages. Though, I did pick up three novelty bags last week. xx


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