Sunday, 23 February 2014

Queen of Hearts

I was contacted recently and asked if I wanted to review something from Tesco. I have had several pieces from them over the years including that amazing leopard jacket I never seem to have off my back! I said yes and was sent this dress in a 22, I can fit into the main range at Tesco as a 22 but for anyone larger they do have the True collection which I have bought from before too.


I decided to keep it casual and paired this cute little dress with my converse. The dress is made of stretch jersey and the size 22 is perfect for me but maybe a little short for some of you.


The print really sold it to me and I thought it would be the most perfect summer day dress. You can get your hands on it here for a bargain price of £5 in the sale!


Here are a few other pieces that caught my eye on the Tesco site.
I love this shirt and i think the zip details makes it a little different from the ones i already own.

How fab is the print on this skirt?!

I think this may be a love it or hate it item but i love it!

There is so much more on the site but those were just a few of my favourites who knows maybe some of them might slip into my basket the next time I'm in store.

Friday, 21 February 2014

The 99p Dress

That's right this dress was a complete bargain at 99p! When i saw on twitter that Yours were offering the chance to bag one of their dresses for 99p i jumped at the chance. There was a choice of dresses but i went for the polka dot one as i had seen a similar one last year but never got round to buying it.


I ordered the dress in a size 22 and the fit is great for me. It also came with the red belt which fits, which isn't always the case with some plus size belts that come on dresses. This is a really easy dress to wear, add some tights and a faux fur for the winter or wear it on its own with bare legs for the summer.


The dress is made from a jersey material and has some stretch to it, the size 22 fits me great but if you are between sizes then i would say to get the smaller size. The dress has 3/4 sleeves and comes to just below my knees, so i think it will be a great dress for me to wear to work during the summer.


I also really love the neckline on this dress it allows my tattoos to peak out from under the dress. I am hoping to try to add different accessories to the dress including a leopard print belt which i think would look really cute. With it being a skater dress shape the skirt part of the dress is really full and is perfect for twirling.


You really can't complain when you get such a cute dress for 99p and it was a great way for people to try out Yours clothing if they hadn't before. The dress is available on the website for the full price of £32 if you want to get your hands on it you can here.
Did you end up getting yourself a bargain dress?

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Casual and Cosy

Today i thought i would share with you my outfit from work last Saturday. I hate dragging myself out of bed early on a Saturday morning but if i have to i want to be cosy and comfy for the day. So this is what i wore last week when it was still really rainy and windy.


I'm pretty sure you will all have worked out now how much i love these Claire Richards jeans by the amount of times you have seen them over the last few weeks! These jeans have been the most amazing addition to my wardrobe and i have actually ordered another pair of jeans in a damson colour so I'll let you all know how i get on with those.


I decided to wear my Simply Be Ax Paris jumper which i got in January for the bargain price of £10 in the White Rose store. I am wearing a size 24/26 and the fit on me is great but it is definitely small fitting, i had picked up the 24/26 as i wanted it to be a little over sized which it isn't but i still love it anyway.


This jumper is one of the softest that i own, i adore eyelash knits but this is my favourite. I wore it all day and it hardly lost any off its fluffiness and kept its shape. I have another eyelash knit from another company which unfortunately from the beginning didn't keep its shape and now after several wears it  is considerably longer at the back than the front. But I'm pleased to say there is no sign of that happening with this.


Look at all that fluffy!! I really love this jumper and will be wearing it more over the cooler months maybe even with shorts which i think might look cute. If you want to get your hands on this jumper they may still have some in store or you can get it online here.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Dancing Partners

A few weeks ago i went out with my favourite lady Lisa to celebrate my birthday. We met up for food and then spent the evening having a few cheeky drinks and doing a lot of dancing. I didn't get any pictures of my outfit before i went out that day as i had a few issues with tights and hair and false eyelashes which meant i was running around like crazy and getting a little stressed that i would be late.
I re created the outfit so you could see what i wore


I really did not dress for the weather is was pretty cold and really windy then half way through the night it started to rain and i don't think it stopped. My feet ended up getting so wet my shoes were leaving wet footprints on the dance floor but it didn't stop me and Lisa having a great time.


I wore my Tesco leopard jacket which you have seen a few times now, my much loved New Look inspire denim shorts and a cute floral tshirt which i got last summer from New Look inspire but never wore. I think i paid about £15 for it and got it in a size 24. I thought the floral and leopard print went really well together and i loved how this outfit looked even when it was wet through!



I am looking forward to re creating this outfit in the summer without the tights and hopefully without getting caught out in the rain again. 
I hope you all had a great weekend. 

Friday, 14 February 2014

I Heart...

Don't worry this isn't another valentines days post just an ootd to show you what i wore today and it features my favourite tshirt ever! I personally don't celebrate valentines day but if you do i hope you have a great day whatever you do.
Here is my outfit from today which has been very wet and windy. Sorry i look a little windswept the Mr took these pics just after I'd finished work.

This is me trying to look normal while the hubby is
pulling faces behind the camera!

Because of the rain and wind i decided to wear my Simply Be Parka which i seriously love! This is a size 22 and a great for me. It keeps me dry and snugly warm but isn't really thick so you don't feel like your wearing a duvet cover.


I really like how the parka has a fur lined hood and trim just inside the coat for a bit of added warmth. I wore my Dpcted Apparel tshirt with the "i heart chubby bearded guys" slogan on and my Claire Richards Fashion World jeans which i am in love with! I cannot believe after not wearing jeans for over 5 years i have found the perfect pair. These are a 22 which fit like a glove they are snug but so so comfortable.


I wore flat pumps too which probably wasn't the most sensible idea as my feet got wet through but they looked cute and I'm a sucker for looking cute. I turned the bottoms up a little on the jeans as they are a little long if I'm in flats but i like that i could take the turn up down and wear them with heels.


This tshirt is one of my favourite items in my wardrobe and after i waited so long before ordering it ( i was worried about customs charges) i like to wear it ever chance i get. I really love this whole outfit, i felt really comfortable all day and it kept me warm and dry too so with the weather we are having at the minute it was perfect.


I of course can't finish a post about how much i love chubby bearded guys without mentioning the Mr, who is the best hubby (and blog photographer) ever.
I hope you all have a great weekend :)

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Birthday Girl

I thought today I would share with you my birthday outfit. I wore this on Tuesday to go for food and a spot of shopping with the hubby.


The dress is one I got from the Evans sale a few seasons ago and was from the Clements Ribeiro swan range. I decided as it was my birthday I was going to wear something a little fancier and even put my false lashes on for the occasion. I wore my hair in a bow and it went really well it must have been birthday luck !


I really like this dress and for £20 in the sale it was a real bargain, I would love it even more if it had just a bit more room in the bust section. The waist on the dress is just under the bust section and was riding up a little I think if there was more room up top this wouldn't happen. This dress is a size 22 but the 24 was way too big, id advise to get your usual size in this dress if you spot one on ebay.


I was very spoilt by the Mr who bought me little mermaid, as it's my all time favourite Disney film and the cutest case ever!

We went to do a little shopping before food and as it was my birthday I treated myself to a few bits, including a tongue in cheek tshirt from next.

Crop top and denim pencil skirt from New Look
Tshirt from Next
Eyelashes from Superdrug
It's been a while since the Mr has featured in a post so here he is wearing his favourite ninja turtles tshirt and looking super handsome.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Taking Shape Spring Lookbook

Last week the lovelies at Taking Shape sent me some details on their spring lookbook so i thought that i would share some of these with you.
Love this look it would be great
for holidays

I love the colours in this dress

I think these would be perfect for the summer over shorts or jeans and priced well too.

These light jackets would be fab for me to take to the festivals over the summer especially the pink one, I'd wear it with a simple t shirt and shorts and if its like last year wellies!

And finally these print dresses would be great for the office.

Its finally Friday i hope you all have a nice weekend planned.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Perfect Purple

Last week I was contacted by the lovelies at Scarlett & Jo and asked if I wanted to review a dress for them. I love Scarlett & Jo and have quite a few pieces already in my wardrobe so I happily accepted. The dress came yesterday which was my birthday so it was like getting another present!


I was sent this dipped hem dress in purple in a size 22 which I have to say is a perfect fit for me. If you have a smaller bust though then I would suggest to size down. The dress is made from a stretch jersey and is quite thick so great for the current weather. It also has 3/4 sleeves for some added warmth in the winter and means you don't need to wear it with a cardigan when it does get a little warmer.


It has a tie which I have brought round the front and tied at the back but if you wanted a looser look then you could just tie this at the back. I have a feeling this dress would be amazing for twirling in as it has a lot of volume.


The dress is knee length on me but the dipped hems at the side are longer around mid calf on me. I have never owned a dress in this style and it isn't one that i would have picked out but I really love how it looks on and I think the hem line looks so cute.


I kept the dress simple without any accessories but I did add my irregular choice tape measure kitten keels to finish the outfit off. Thank you to Scarlett & Jo for coming up with another winner for my wardrobe!

Monday, 3 February 2014

Just Not Sure

I wore this outfit when i went out to the cinema with the Mr and Lisa to see the wolf of wall street. I have had this dress forever but its another one of those that i never got round to wearing. For some reason I'm not sure about this outfit I'm just not feeling it. The dress is cute and i love the cardigan but I'm just not sure the dress is very me.


The dress is about 18 months old and when i first bought it i got it in a 24 and now its quite oversized so i have had to add a belt to it. I wore the dress with my Primark cardigan and thick tights as its quite chilly out there.


The dress is made from a thin jersey material so there was no need for me to size up the first time. Although I'm not sure on this dress i think i might move it over to my workwear wardrobe so that i can get more wear out of it. I don't like to give up on dresses so when i fall a little out of love with something i tend to move it over to my work wardrobe, it means that then if i don't wear it to work them it goes onto the sale or swap pile.


Looking at the pictures i think that maybe its just the colour that makes me love the dress a little less. 
Have you ever bought something to finally wear and then not be all that sure?

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Marisota Dressolutions

I was contacted recently by Marisota who invited me to be part of their dressolutions challenge. I was given a budget and the challenge to push myself into different styles and try out some pieces that i would never pick before in an attempt to shake up my wardrobe. I chose 3 items two tops and a skirt as i never really wear skirts and i think i only have 3 in my wardrobe which compared to a hundred dresses is a tiny percentage of my wardrobe.
Here is how i styled the items up, firstly this gorgeous cats eye glasses print tshirt. I had got this with the intention to put it with the skirt i was sent but it looked much cuter with these shorts.



 I love the relaxed look of this top and the print is so cute! I was sent a 22 which was a great fit for me, there is a bit of room too which is always good. This is a more relaxed look and one that would be perfect for summer.
Next up i was sent this leopard print blouse in a size 24, i picked this as i don't own a single blouse. I would advise to size up in this, due to the silky material there isn't much room for stretch. I really love this shirt and the pink really pops from the leopard print. There is also really cute detail to the shoulder.




I decided to pair this with the skirt i was sent as i wanted to try clashing prints as it isn't something i do that often. I really love this top, it is really versatile i can see it with shorts, jeans and the other skirts that i own too. 
Lastly is the spotted mesh prom skirt, as i don't have many in my wardrobe i thought i would give this a go and I'm really glad that i did. I was sent a 22 which fits great for me and the elasticated waist means it would fit at least 1 maybe 2 sizes bigger.



I actually wore this over the body con dress i posted on Wednesday and i really love how it looks. Its a lovely skirt and it has so much volume to it, it was made to be twirled in!
A big thank you to Marisota for giving me that chance to try something new and these dressolutions are definitely winners for me!