Friday, 14 February 2014

I Heart...

Don't worry this isn't another valentines days post just an ootd to show you what i wore today and it features my favourite tshirt ever! I personally don't celebrate valentines day but if you do i hope you have a great day whatever you do.
Here is my outfit from today which has been very wet and windy. Sorry i look a little windswept the Mr took these pics just after I'd finished work.

This is me trying to look normal while the hubby is
pulling faces behind the camera!

Because of the rain and wind i decided to wear my Simply Be Parka which i seriously love! This is a size 22 and a great for me. It keeps me dry and snugly warm but isn't really thick so you don't feel like your wearing a duvet cover.


I really like how the parka has a fur lined hood and trim just inside the coat for a bit of added warmth. I wore my Dpcted Apparel tshirt with the "i heart chubby bearded guys" slogan on and my Claire Richards Fashion World jeans which i am in love with! I cannot believe after not wearing jeans for over 5 years i have found the perfect pair. These are a 22 which fit like a glove they are snug but so so comfortable.


I wore flat pumps too which probably wasn't the most sensible idea as my feet got wet through but they looked cute and I'm a sucker for looking cute. I turned the bottoms up a little on the jeans as they are a little long if I'm in flats but i like that i could take the turn up down and wear them with heels.


This tshirt is one of my favourite items in my wardrobe and after i waited so long before ordering it ( i was worried about customs charges) i like to wear it ever chance i get. I really love this whole outfit, i felt really comfortable all day and it kept me warm and dry too so with the weather we are having at the minute it was perfect.


I of course can't finish a post about how much i love chubby bearded guys without mentioning the Mr, who is the best hubby (and blog photographer) ever.
I hope you all have a great weekend :)


  1. I love the t shirt! So awesome. xx

  2. The t-shirt is brilliant and so cute! The parka looks so warm and cosy, and those jeans look amazing on you! I'm still searching for my perfect pair xx

  3. I love your t-shirt. Im a bit chubby and rock a beard and stache! I love that you like guys with beards or at last chubby guys with beards. I also love your pics and love that your confident enough to wear skirts and body revealing cloths. I have a blog on tumblr It mixes music with fat and body positive. I reblogged one of your pics on there. I think your cute and sexy and love your curves! Check out my blog and post pics of yourself or any music your listening to if you wish.


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