Sunday, 30 March 2014

Rough to Smooth

I'm not a beauty blogger and have serious envy of anyone who can photograph their lips, i tried once and 50 pictures later i still hadn't got it right! But i do have a beauty post for you today.
As you may know i dyed my hair recently but to get rid of the neon blue it was before i had to bleach it more than once. This left my hair in really bad condition and i was worried that i had damaged it beyond repair.

I went from neon blue to washed up mermaid which is a much lighter pastel shade. While i was changing my hair colour i thought it would be good to try a new brand and after reading a few reviews on the Bleach London dye i decided to give it a try. The dye itself is very conditioning so that helped with the condition the bleach had left it in but i decided it needed more help.
That's when the Bleach London hair mask came to my rescue, i had picked it up because it was on 3 for 2 when i was buying the dye and i didn't think i would use it. But I'm so glad that i did! 
I used it last weekend, i left it in for 15 minutes then washed it off, not only did it leave my hair super soft but it also didn't fade the colour. A week later my hair is still much softer than it was before (although not as soft as just after the mask) at only £6 i can see this being my hair saving product!
So if you have to bleach your hair and the condition isn't what  it used to be i would recommend giving this a go!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

BooHoo plus size collection

I was invited to the launch of the BooHoo plus size collection recently, sadly i wasn't able to go but the lovelies at BooHoo sent me a piece to share with you. They let me choose something to review and i decided on this dress although there are lots of pieces that i could have chosen!


I chose this dress because i loved the colours and the print, they are so vibrant. I got the dress in a size 22 which i would say is true to size fit wise. The dress is a body con style so it's fitted but made from jersey material so has lots of stretch to it.


The dress has full length sleeves but i decided i preferred them pushed up slightly so it gave the effect of 3/4 sleeves. It wasn't noticeable that i had done this so i think you could easily wear it either way.


I really like this dress, the fit is great and the price point with this collection is really affordable. This dress is only £18 and that's full price, so its not going to break the bank if you feel like treating yourself to something new.


The only issue i have with this dress is the length, its pretty short on me and I'm only 5 4''. The dress covers my bum but i don't think i could wear it out dancing without flashing a cheek, however i love this dress so much i think I'm going to give it a go with leggings. I'm also planning on wearing this as a top tucked into skirts which i think will look fabulous.
Here are a few of the other pieces i have my eye on from BooHoo's plus size collection,
I lived in skorts when i was young so i have to add one to my wardrobe now they have come back around again!
Woven Skort £15
These bodysuits are only £10 and a great basic to have in your wardrobe.

Finally i love the colour of this jumper is perfect!

I really impressed with the collection the prices are great and the quality of the dress i received was great too. I can't wait to try out more pieces from BooHoo! 
Have you tried anything from the collection yet?

Monday, 24 March 2014

Live Fast Die Yum

I have had a few pieces from Black Heart Creatives which i adore so when i saw a tweet from them a few weeks ago asking if anyone wanted to review a piece from the Live fast die yum collection i got in touch. I'm a big fan of food related accessories so i couldn't wait to see the designs and when i finally did i might have let out a small (ok so pretty loud) squeak of excitement.


I was sent Sweet Like Chocolate which is a pretty good match for me as i am quite a chocoholic! I was really impressed when it arrived it looked good enough to eat! Charlotte kindly sent me a discount code too for 25% off which is at the bottom of this post.


As always the quality on the necklace is great and the little touches that Black Heart Creatives put into their pieces make them extra special. This necklace really reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the way the foil looks like its been folded back while someone took their fist bite.


The necklace is a really good length for me long enough so i don't feel restricted but not so long that it spends the whole day bouncing from one boob to the other, this always happens to be when i wear a longer chain!


As you can see from this picture i was pretty excited when it came!


I really love Black Heart Creatives they make some amazing pieces from necklaces to brooches and earrings and if you want something unique they will custom make a piece for you too. I already have my eye on my next purchase which will be the Good Burger necklace as anyone who knows me knows how much i love a good burger!
You can use discount code dress25 to get 25% off your order (this code is valid for 1 week)  so what are you waiting for check out the website and find your favourites.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Bonmarché S/S14

I was sent through the look book from Bonmarché yesterday and it had so many cute pieces in that i wanted to share them with you and a discount code for 10% off too!
I reviewed this gorgeous dress from Bonmarché recently and it really opened my eyes to the different styles they have available and how much more of the range appealed to me than i had initially thought.


So let me show you just some of the beauties that Bonmarché have to offer
First up is this amazing jumper, i really love the colour of it and its down from £24 to £18 whats not to love?!

Next up is this beautiful blossom print 2in1 dress, i think it would be really great for the office

This dress is one of my favourites, the print is divine, i think this would really hug your figure and i know it would make me feel fabulous !

This is summer in a dress, i love maxi dresses and the fact this one comes in 2 lengths is a real bonus. I can see myself wearing this in the summer with huge sunglasses and flip flops.

Lastly is this coat it looks so expensive, as soon as i saw this i could already see a fair few of my fellow bloggers in this.

So if you fancy getting your hands on these or some of the other great pieces on Bonmarché and want to save yourself some money too then use this discount code for 10% off (valid for 1 month)


Happy shopping ! Let me know what you buy :)

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Howdy Cowgirl

Here is a outfit that i wore for dress down at work the other week, i wanted something comfy and easy to wear so i decided to go with a shirt i have had for ages but never worn.


The shirt was from Evans last summer but i never got around to wearing it. It's a size 24 and fits over the bust but it is a little big everywhere else. I would like it to be more fitted but i guess i could tuck it into my jeans to give it a more fitted look in the future. 


The shirt has long sleeves but also has a button half way up the sleeves so you can roll them up and wear them like i have here. This shirt was really comfy to wear so although this isn't one of my favourite outfits ever it was good for a day at work.


The jeans are my trusty Claire Richards ones from Fashion World which you have seen quite a number of times since i first got them. So this might not be the most fashion forward outfit but for a busy day at work it was perfect. I'm hoping to try to wear the shirt with other items and in different ways to see if i can find one that i really love.
I was asked several times when was wearing this if i was going to a hoe down so here is a picture of me doing some silly pose, i think i was attempting to line dance at the time!



Monday, 17 March 2014

Bones and Bellies

This is an outfit that i bought from New Look Inspire a few week ago when i went in for a browse with the Mr. I picked the 2 pieces up not thinking that i would wear them together but when i went into the changing room and put them on i loved them together.


The skirt was in the sale for £7 and was the only one left, when i picked it up and saw it was a 22 i decided it was fate and i had to try it on. When i was younger i had a skirt similar to this but in a pale blue denim and i swear i lived in it for about a year. 


The size 20 in this skirt might have been better to give a more fitted look but for £7 i couldn't say no to this one. This is no longer available online but there might still be one or two left in the sale in store if your lucky.



The top was full price but still only £12.99 i was drawn to the print and didn't realise till i tried it on that its a boxy crop shape so it does show a few flashes of tummy which i like. The top is a size 24 which i need to fit my boobs into. I think if you get your usual size then you will get more of a cropped look. This top is still available online here if you want one too.


Finally to finish the outfit off i popped my hair up in a top knot and added my bone hair clip which i got from ebay for £1.31 for 3 what a bargain! I have wanted a bone clip for ages and after seeing how cheap these where i finally got some.


Have you got any bargains recently ?

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Piercings and Partying

Two weeks ago now me and Lisa went into Sheffield to have catch up, and few drinks and to get pierced. I had decided a few months ago that i wanted to get my tragus pierced so off we went to blue banana in Sheffield who i have been pierced by before. They are really nice and chatty and get everything done super fast.

After piercings we went and had a browse at the vintage fair that was in town and then off to the pub we went. I had a great day and night and lots of dancing was done as always when me and Lisa get together. Here is what i wore when i went out, again i am rubbish and didn't get a picture before we left for Sheffield in the morning so i recreated my outfit here,


Firstly i know you have been seeing a lot of this jacket recently but i am completely in love with it and its so easy to wear! I wish Tesco would bring it back out in other colours so i could buy more of them.  I have been desperately searching for something similar to this jacket so i can mix it up a bit but so far i haven't found anything.


I decided to wear a shirt and shorts which i hadn't worn before but i thought they looked super cue together. The shirt is from New Look Inspire last summer and is a size 24 as i needed to size up to get it to close over my boobs. I really like this shirt the only negative about it was that a few of the buttons gape even though there is no tension in the shirt, it was happening over baggy part which i found very odd. However i could just sew the shirt up and leave the top few buttons so i can get it on and off.


Now lets talk about these shorts, i adore them! I bought these shorts from the Angela Ribbons collection at Simply Be along with this pair that i have already blogged about here. They were my birthday gift to myself and I'm so glad that i got them as i love both pairs so much. These are a size 22 and a perfect fit, there is even a little room. They are a little longer and not as fitted as the other pair, they also have this really great detail around the sides at the bottom.


These shorts are made from a thicker denim than the other pair and aren't as stretchy however they have a small stretch panel at the waist which helps keeps them comfy after a big dinner. Simply Be have come up trumps again for me with these shorts.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Window Shopping

I haven't been feeling great over the last few days so there isn't an outfit post today but i thought i would show you what i have been lusting after.

Simply Be
Right now I'm a bit in love with jeans an i love these spot print ones!

This dress is so cute and perfect for the summer i could really see Lisa rocking this too.

I really love sequins and i think this sequin vest would be great on summer nights out dancing.

I love the ditsy print of these shorts and they are a bargain at £14.99.
I could really use some basic tops and i really like these boob tubes but first i need to find a good strapless bra! 

I have seen this Claire Richards dress on several bloggers and they all look amazing its such a great dress.

Having a giant soft spot for animal print i do love this biker style jacket.

Yes another pair of shorts i know, i definitely have a shorts obsession! 

Finally a little bit more leopard just to add to the mix, love the colours on this tshirt.

What are you lusting after at the minute?

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Cheeky Lace

A few weeks ago i ordered 2 pairs of shorts from Simply Be for my birthday and couldn't wait to wear them. As I'm sure you all know i adore shorts and i will wear them for any occasion so when i saw that Simply Be had new shorts in stock i was so happy! I decide to wear this pair when i went out for a few drinks after work with some old friends.


I wore my Old Navy cardigan which i got years ago while I was in Florida, and the dipped hem tshirt that i picked up in the Simply Be sale for £10 just after Christmas. I really love this top it is so soft i spent most of the day stroking it! Unfortunately its not in stock on the website at the moment but if it comes up on ebay snap it up its so easy to wear!


These shorts are a size 22 and have a little room in them so if you fancy a pair you can just get your usual size. They have stretch to them, so they are really comfortable to wear and they come to mid thigh so they are pretty short. But you all know how i love a booty short.


The shorts have a white lace trim which just adds to the cuteness of them. I cannot wait until the summer when i can wear them with a cami or sheer shirt and bare legs, i did put nude tights on when i went out, as it was pretty chilly.

Bit of a squiffy face in this pic, i blame the hangover!

I have already got a few pairs of shorts from Simply Be and they never let me down they are always cute and a great fit. Every time i check their website i always check the shorts section first, i think i might have an addiction!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Chloe Super Stretch Jeans

After falling in love with these jeans i decided i would branch out and try a coloured pair. I had heard such good things about the Chloe jeans from Simply Be so when i saw that the damson pair in the sale i decided to give them a go.


I got these jeans in a size 22 and in the 33'' length as the 30'' wasn't in stock at the time. I don't mind that they are long as it means i can turn them up or wear them with heels if i want to. The jeans are really stretchy and are comfortable to wear. 



Here they are from the front and back, as you can see they aren't low rise so they stop up and you don't have to spend half your life having to yank them back up to avoid flashing your bum. I got these jeans for £16 which i thought was a bargain but they are now even cheaper and only £12 so grab yourself a pair !

I have worn these jeans quite a lot since i first got them and i i really love them. I added my Asos Curve tshirt as i wanted a casual look, plus the little squirrel in the pocket is too hard to resist i love him!  I would recommend these jeans to anyone they have great stretch and are so comfy. I have really only worn them casually but i think they would be easy to dress up too.


I now have my eye on a lilac pair of jeans but I'm not sure if i have anything that would go with them and i really don't need to be adding even more to my already overstuffed wardrobes!
Have you tried these jeans before?