Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Cheeky Lace

A few weeks ago i ordered 2 pairs of shorts from Simply Be for my birthday and couldn't wait to wear them. As I'm sure you all know i adore shorts and i will wear them for any occasion so when i saw that Simply Be had new shorts in stock i was so happy! I decide to wear this pair when i went out for a few drinks after work with some old friends.


I wore my Old Navy cardigan which i got years ago while I was in Florida, and the dipped hem tshirt that i picked up in the Simply Be sale for £10 just after Christmas. I really love this top it is so soft i spent most of the day stroking it! Unfortunately its not in stock on the website at the moment but if it comes up on ebay snap it up its so easy to wear!


These shorts are a size 22 and have a little room in them so if you fancy a pair you can just get your usual size. They have stretch to them, so they are really comfortable to wear and they come to mid thigh so they are pretty short. But you all know how i love a booty short.


The shorts have a white lace trim which just adds to the cuteness of them. I cannot wait until the summer when i can wear them with a cami or sheer shirt and bare legs, i did put nude tights on when i went out, as it was pretty chilly.

Bit of a squiffy face in this pic, i blame the hangover!

I have already got a few pairs of shorts from Simply Be and they never let me down they are always cute and a great fit. Every time i check their website i always check the shorts section first, i think i might have an addiction!


  1. Love these shorts, they're gorgeous, I love that they show off your tattoos so nicely. Loving the blue hair too. :)

    1. They are so cute I love them!! Thank you lovely xx

  2. Ha...looking at the pictures I thought it was green hair. But yeah, totally agree with Sian on the shorts. They look fantastic on you :-)

    1. Thank you hun :) it's like a blue/green so your both right really xx

  3. You look amazing! I love those shorts on you and how they show off your awesome tattoos! xx

    1. I am totally in love with these shorts they are fab! Thank you lovely xx


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