Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Howdy Cowgirl

Here is a outfit that i wore for dress down at work the other week, i wanted something comfy and easy to wear so i decided to go with a shirt i have had for ages but never worn.


The shirt was from Evans last summer but i never got around to wearing it. It's a size 24 and fits over the bust but it is a little big everywhere else. I would like it to be more fitted but i guess i could tuck it into my jeans to give it a more fitted look in the future. 


The shirt has long sleeves but also has a button half way up the sleeves so you can roll them up and wear them like i have here. This shirt was really comfy to wear so although this isn't one of my favourite outfits ever it was good for a day at work.


The jeans are my trusty Claire Richards ones from Fashion World which you have seen quite a number of times since i first got them. So this might not be the most fashion forward outfit but for a busy day at work it was perfect. I'm hoping to try to wear the shirt with other items and in different ways to see if i can find one that i really love.
I was asked several times when was wearing this if i was going to a hoe down so here is a picture of me doing some silly pose, i think i was attempting to line dance at the time!




  1. Sometimes I really fancy a comfortable outfit. Nothing wrong with that! :)

    1. i really did that day too ! i think i might try tucking it in next time i think it was just way to baggy for my liking xx

  2. Some times a comfy pair of jeans and a casual shirt is necessary! The colours of the shirt are really cute. You could always get a couple of darts put in if you want it more fitted, or tuck in to some funky skirts! Whenever I wear a checked shirt with jeans I get asked if I'm joining Nirvana. Hahaha. I guess you either love checked shirts or hate them! xx

  3. The shirt is lovely, and all you need now is the horse. Cowgirl indeed! :) x x


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