Monday, 24 March 2014

Live Fast Die Yum

I have had a few pieces from Black Heart Creatives which i adore so when i saw a tweet from them a few weeks ago asking if anyone wanted to review a piece from the Live fast die yum collection i got in touch. I'm a big fan of food related accessories so i couldn't wait to see the designs and when i finally did i might have let out a small (ok so pretty loud) squeak of excitement.


I was sent Sweet Like Chocolate which is a pretty good match for me as i am quite a chocoholic! I was really impressed when it arrived it looked good enough to eat! Charlotte kindly sent me a discount code too for 25% off which is at the bottom of this post.


As always the quality on the necklace is great and the little touches that Black Heart Creatives put into their pieces make them extra special. This necklace really reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the way the foil looks like its been folded back while someone took their fist bite.


The necklace is a really good length for me long enough so i don't feel restricted but not so long that it spends the whole day bouncing from one boob to the other, this always happens to be when i wear a longer chain!


As you can see from this picture i was pretty excited when it came!


I really love Black Heart Creatives they make some amazing pieces from necklaces to brooches and earrings and if you want something unique they will custom make a piece for you too. I already have my eye on my next purchase which will be the Good Burger necklace as anyone who knows me knows how much i love a good burger!
You can use discount code dress25 to get 25% off your order (this code is valid for 1 week)  so what are you waiting for check out the website and find your favourites.


  1. Thats so cute I love it, I've never seen anything from Black Heart Creatives before. xx

  2. Would be rude not to take up this fab offer! x

  3. Ah, I love it! You can't go wrong with a novelty necklace- they're the best! I really love the hamburger, too. It'll look amazing on you. I've bookmarked their website to have a browse of later because it looks like my kind of brand xx


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