Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Ebay bargains

I wanted to share with you some of my recent eBay purchases i bought these a few weeks ago but they took a while to come as they came from China. You can always find a bargain on eBay and everything below came to a grand total of  £5.97!
First up I ordered some more hair bones as I lost one while I was in Blackpool for Lisa's birthday. These came as a pack of 4 and they did have other colours too. The off white splattered ones are glow in the dark too.

I have wanted a mermaid style clip for my hair for ages so when I saw this I knew I had to have it. It's so perfect and it changes colour slightly when the light hits it.

Last up is I got a new phone case, I spotted this and knew it was made for me. It's the perfect crazy cat lady phone case.

I did order a bag too but that hasn't arrived yet but when I'm getting free delivery I don't mind the wait too much. 
Have you bought anything from eBay recently ?

Monday, 20 October 2014

Long Forgotten

I was looking through my dress wardrobe the other day to find something to wear for work when i spotted this leopard print dress.


Now i must admit my dress wardrobe has been a little neglected recently as i have fallen more in love with shorts over the last few months. But i never expected this dress to still have the tags on as i knew i bought it over a year ago!


This dress is one i got from New Look all those months ago. I remember i loved the detail on the sleeves so much i knew it was going to be coming home with me. I really is a shame it hasn't been worn since that day as it really is a beautiful dress.


As is been over a year since i bought it this dress doesn't quite fit right and is a little too big in a few places. I think next time i wear it i will add my brown belt as i think that will pull it in better under the bust giving the dress a much better shape. 
Do you have anything hanging in your wardrobe that still has the tags on?

Friday, 17 October 2014

PVC Pinkie

Today i have another sale bargain from Fashion World to share with you. This skirt is another one of those items that i had been looking at for some time but wasn't sure how it would look on me, but as it was down to £13.50 in the sale i decided to give it a go.


This skirt is a bit of a marmite item with people some love it, others just aren't keen but that never stops me i will always wear what i want. Anyway i love it ! This is made from super soft pvc which is lined so it doesn't stick to your legs and makes it more comfortable to wear.


I had seen a few reviews of this skirt before i bought it which advised to size up but i decided i would try my usual size 22 first. This was a good idea as the fit is perfect on me. The skirt has an elasticated waist which makes it super easy to get on and comfortable to wear too. This is another piece that i think will be good for the winter months, as i soon warmed up when i had put it on. I don't think i would have been able to wear it in the summer without getting uncomfortably warm.


I wore this with my oversized heart print shirt from Asda but although i like how it looks the shirt has shrunk in the wash so it was a little too short to tuck in properly. I have so many outfit planned with this skirt and i can't wait to wear them!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Winter Warmers

It's getting to that time of year again where we need to dig out our comfy cosy clothes that have been gathering dust at the back of the wardrobe for the last few months. I love nothing more than grabbing a cosy cardigan or jumper to add to my outfit but sometimes i find that my tastes have changed or that my perfect winter outfit has a stain on it or is looking a little worn. In that case its time to look around and see what beauties there are out there to replace it.
I thought i would share with you a few of my winter must haves and things that have caught my eye over the last few weeks.
I spotted this coat in New Look a few weeks ago and i fell in love! It would be the perfect winter coat and the colour is just beautiful.

Next up are a couple of jumpers that have caught my eye, they are perfect with shorts and tights or over cute dresses.
I love how fluffy this jumper is and its leopard print too which is a favourite of mine as you know!
£32 Simply Be
I need a new eyelash knit jumper and this one is perfect.

£25 Yours clothing
Now i know the onesie is a bit of a marmite item but i love mine and it is perfect for keeping warm in the winter without having a massive heating bill.
Look how snug and warm this looks!
£28 Yours
I do still wear dresses and shorts throughout the winter so i need a good pair of tights, although they can be hard to find! I am still on the search for the perfect pair of winter tights but when i find them i will let you know! If any of you have any recommendations for 100+ denier tights then let me know.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Scuba Crop

I had seen this top online a few times but i had never gotten around to buying it. Then a few weeks ago i got an email from Fashion World with a 20% off code and free delivery too so i decided I'd take a look at what they had, as i already had my eye on a pair of shorts. I decided to check to the sale section and came across this top for a total bargain price of £4! I couldn't resist so i quickly added it to my basket.


This is advertised as a crop top but i think its far too long to be considered a crop top. The size 22 fit me like a standard length top, i didn't mind this at all as i bought it mainly for the print and not because it was a crop top.


I wore this top with my Primark tube skirt which you have seen a million times already. I thought the bright pink went well with the grey floral and really made it stand out. The scuba material is quite thick and feels really soft, and it has quite a bit of stretch to it too. Even though it is stretchy i think you can keep with your usual size unless you want a really fitted top.


This is actually the first thing I've bought in this material and i really love it! The only negative i have about this top is that it did have a really odd smell to it, I'm not sue if this has something to do with the scuba material or how it has been stored but this is nothing that a quick wash won't solve.


I really love this top and I'm sure that i will get plenty of wear from it. The thickness of the material is going to make it perfect for the winter. Have you got an sale bargain recently?

Friday, 10 October 2014

You Beauty

It's the time of month when I show you what I got in my beauty box. First up I did want to mention that I did have some trouble ordering my box which I have never had before but this month the selections opened up at 7am (previously it had been midnight) but with all the problems I didn't actually manage to get onto the page to order till after 8 which was quite frustrating.

So onto my picks this month, first up I chose the MeMeMe lip and cheek tint. I have used a similar product a few years ago but I had never bought another when I ran out. This gives a nice colour to your lips or cheeks and is easy to use but it does smell pretty strong. This has a rrp of £5.50 on the website. I tried out the tint on my lips and here it is, its a nice shade but doesn't have very long staying power. I think this works much better on the cheeks but is nice if you want a nice red lip that isn't too over the top.

My second choice was the Crabtree and Evelyn nail polish which I got in the most gorgeous shade, apple/rouge sublime. I used this the day it came and I can say it's a dream to apply and so shiny once it's on and dry. This polish is definitely something I would buy again as I think it's very good quality. This has a rrp of £6 so not the cheapest polish you can buy but it is well worth the money.

I was disappointed by the added extras this month, the first was a collagen gold drink. I opened this smelt it and poured it straight down the sink! I smells so bad and looks even worse. This is not something I would ever buy.

The second extra was a sample of cowshed night serum, I did use this but as it's an oil it left my skin greasy and an hour later it still hadn't soaked in so again not something I would look to buy. I must say the day after my skin felt very soft but it hadn't helped my dry skin patches, this might work for some of you but not me.

Monday, 6 October 2014

The Winner Is...

My Travelodge giveaway is now closed and he winner is...

Congratulations Lousie i hope you enjoy your stay :)

Ann Harvey

I was recently contacted by Ann Harvey asking if I wanted to review a piece from their collection. I had spoken to the team at Plus North and they were lovely so I said yes and sent my choice of dress over. I wasn't sure what to go for so I decided on this maxi dress. I went for a 22 but this is a bit big on me so I have had to belt it. I would advise to size down at least 1 size if your planning on getting this dress. I think if I'd have tried this in a 20 it would have been perfect.


I really love the colours of this maxi and I think it will work great in the winter for work with a thick cardigan. The dress is well made and is a really nice soft jersey material which does have some stretch to it. This is available up to a size 30 but would fit larger than that size due to the stretch and the generous cut of this dress.


This maxi comes to just above my ankles and I'm 5 4" so keep that in mind if you are taller and after a floor length dress. The dress does come in under the bust to give it a great shape, so you wouldn't need to add a belt to it.


The bottom half of the dress also has a slight tulip shape to it so it comes in at the bottom which is really unusual and makes this maxi different to any of the others I own. Ann Harvey have a great new collection out so make sure you have a look and I'm sure you'll find something that catches your eye!