Monday, 20 October 2014

Long Forgotten

I was looking through my dress wardrobe the other day to find something to wear for work when i spotted this leopard print dress.


Now i must admit my dress wardrobe has been a little neglected recently as i have fallen more in love with shorts over the last few months. But i never expected this dress to still have the tags on as i knew i bought it over a year ago!


This dress is one i got from New Look all those months ago. I remember i loved the detail on the sleeves so much i knew it was going to be coming home with me. I really is a shame it hasn't been worn since that day as it really is a beautiful dress.


As is been over a year since i bought it this dress doesn't quite fit right and is a little too big in a few places. I think next time i wear it i will add my brown belt as i think that will pull it in better under the bust giving the dress a much better shape. 
Do you have anything hanging in your wardrobe that still has the tags on?


  1. Oh, I'm always finding things which still have the tags on - I'm such a disgrace!

  2. I have a few things I bought ages ago I haven't worn yet, like a navy waterfall blazer I bought three years ago, but I generally wear most of my new clothes the same week I buy them. My wardrobe used to be filled with clothes I never wore once (when I wasn't as body confident), but I've worked out what suits me and curbed the impulse buying! xx

  3. Finding clothes with the tags still on is like finding free clothes. YAY! xx

  4. OHYES. I have lots of stuff just hanging there begging to be worn. I should just sell it on ebay but I think nah- I WILL wear it one day.....sigh.


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