Friday, 17 October 2014

PVC Pinkie

Today i have another sale bargain from Fashion World to share with you. This skirt is another one of those items that i had been looking at for some time but wasn't sure how it would look on me, but as it was down to £13.50 in the sale i decided to give it a go.


This skirt is a bit of a marmite item with people some love it, others just aren't keen but that never stops me i will always wear what i want. Anyway i love it ! This is made from super soft pvc which is lined so it doesn't stick to your legs and makes it more comfortable to wear.


I had seen a few reviews of this skirt before i bought it which advised to size up but i decided i would try my usual size 22 first. This was a good idea as the fit is perfect on me. The skirt has an elasticated waist which makes it super easy to get on and comfortable to wear too. This is another piece that i think will be good for the winter months, as i soon warmed up when i had put it on. I don't think i would have been able to wear it in the summer without getting uncomfortably warm.


I wore this with my oversized heart print shirt from Asda but although i like how it looks the shirt has shrunk in the wash so it was a little too short to tuck in properly. I have so many outfit planned with this skirt and i can't wait to wear them!


  1. I bought the ASOS one and haven't had the chance to wear it yet, though I've always like the look of this one. Yeah all the reviews said it was tiny despite the elasticated waist, so that's good to hear you had no issues getting it on and off.

  2. You look great in this outfit! The skirt isn't really my style, but it suits you and I love the shirt! xx

  3. That skirt is a bit risque for Fashion World! Is it pale pink or white? It looks pale pink and made me think of fetishwear! Oo-er missus!


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