Monday, 13 October 2014

Scuba Crop

I had seen this top online a few times but i had never gotten around to buying it. Then a few weeks ago i got an email from Fashion World with a 20% off code and free delivery too so i decided I'd take a look at what they had, as i already had my eye on a pair of shorts. I decided to check to the sale section and came across this top for a total bargain price of £4! I couldn't resist so i quickly added it to my basket.


This is advertised as a crop top but i think its far too long to be considered a crop top. The size 22 fit me like a standard length top, i didn't mind this at all as i bought it mainly for the print and not because it was a crop top.


I wore this top with my Primark tube skirt which you have seen a million times already. I thought the bright pink went well with the grey floral and really made it stand out. The scuba material is quite thick and feels really soft, and it has quite a bit of stretch to it too. Even though it is stretchy i think you can keep with your usual size unless you want a really fitted top.


This is actually the first thing I've bought in this material and i really love it! The only negative i have about this top is that it did have a really odd smell to it, I'm not sue if this has something to do with the scuba material or how it has been stored but this is nothing that a quick wash won't solve.


I really love this top and I'm sure that i will get plenty of wear from it. The thickness of the material is going to make it perfect for the winter. Have you got an sale bargain recently?


  1. I agree it looks to long to be a crop top !
    I love the print I'm a sucker for anything floral and the black and white makes
    it perfect for winter :)
    Launa x
    Sprinkles & Ink

  2. It is long to be a crop top, unless it's for someone who's 6ft 4! You look fab, as usual. x x

  3. It's definitely too long to be a crop top, but it's cute just the same. I love how you've styled it! xx

  4. I like the 'greyscale' with the bright pink. I would class it as too long for a crop too, but it's the perfect length.


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