Monday, 30 July 2012

Sunday cinema

I though i'd show you the outfit i wore on sunday to go to the cinema to watch Batman. I went with my hubby who, lets say was much more excited than me to see it. The film was actually very good but it's a long one and after 2 hours my bum had well and truly fallen asleep! I needed to wear something light weight and comfy so i wore this dress.

This is the 'Frida' dress by Clements Ribeiro for evans i got it in the sale for £20 and if i remember correctly it was £55 full price so it was a great price. This dress came with the fabric belt that i wore and a black patent one which I'm wearing here. This dress is long enough to wear with bare legs but it was a little chilly when we set off for the cinema at 9am, yes that early! 
I also wore my headscarf from primark as my hair was not looking its best and of course i love head scarfs! 

While i was out i went into primark and picked up the french bulldog print dress i had to had it i love the print. Luckily they had a 20 left here's a sneak of the material but i'll be posting the dress later in the week.

How was your weekend did you do anything nice?

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Excited in excite

As i said in my plus north post i was lucky enough to meet some of the excite clothing team, they were really nice and very happy to chat. In our goodie bags we got a discount code for 20% off and i knew straight away what i was going to buy. I had my eye on this dress but by the time i got home it was out of stock in my size. As you know from previous posts i love leopard print and had already picked this dress out as a winner, so i added it to my basket and was super excited for it to come.
I ordered the dress on sunday night and by tuesday it was here, i'd not picked express delivery just the uk saver which was a complete bargain at £1.95. I couldn't believe it came so quickly, i tried it on straight away and the fit for me was great. I sized up to a 24 and i needed to, so if you are planning to order i would size up one or two sizes if you can depending on material and the fit you want.
The dress was £25 for with the discount it came to £20 which is a really great price!
So here is it on

I love how swirly this dress is !

I wore the dress out to dinner with a cardigan in case it was chilly in the restaurant and a giant bow headband that i found tidying my dressing room but i have no idea where its from sorry!
I really love this dress its really comfy and comes with a detachable silky ribbon to bring it in at the waist. The bottom half of the dress has two layers to add to the swirly effect, I'm 5 4'' and the dress was short on me not so short that you couldn't wear it with bare legs or tights but if you are taller or like a longer cut dress then bare this in mind.
If you can't already tell i love the dress and the service from excite was great so what are you waiting for have a look at their website but make sure you leave some of the pretty dresses for me!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Want Want Want

Currently evans and style 369 are both running an oylmipc discount now I'm not really interested in the olympics but if it means money off clothes then i love it! They are giving either 12% or 20 % off so grab a bargain.
Here are my picks of the items included in the discounts
Swan print dress
£45 then 20% off at checkout

Spot rain mac
£29.50 then 12% of at checkout
Ice blossom dress
£60 then 20% off at checkout
Style 369
Lovedrobe maxi
£40 12% off at checkout

Floral prom dress
£69.50 20% off at checkout

Lovedrobe skater dress
£35 12% off at checkout
Have you seen anything that you love ?

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Dip it low

This is something i wore to work earlier in the week, it was quite warm so i wanted a light breezy dress.  This is the only dipped hem item i have in my wardrobe and i really love it I'm not sure why i don't own more. I wore the dress with tights because i didn't want to flash at work and the front it quite short when i sit down. 
A close up of the print
The dress was from asos curve many months ago, i got it in the sale for about £15 and when i ordered it i wasn't sure if it would be 'me' but as soon as i came i loved it. I really love how the back floats out after me when i walking.

For some reason you can't seen the
dipped hem in this picture

I love the cut away detail on the back
These pictures were taken with my phone so aren't the best. You couldn't see the dipped hem detail from the front on pictures so i added a side view and then one from the back, check out the booty! 
Thought i'd share a picture of me and the hubby
looking all specksy !

Its the middle of the week now only a few days and it's the weekend do you have any plans?

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Want to know more?

I have been nominated for blog awards by the lovely Laura of Jelly Belly, Cheryl from Fashion and Make up and the amazing Beck from Beck to vintage. I have done a few of these so far and one quite recently so i decided to skip the nominating blog part, if you want to have nosey at the blogs I love check the left side bar or my blogger profile for a full list.
I firstly want to say thank you to Beck,Cheryl and Laura for nominating me for the awards, they are  lovely ladies so go and check out their blogs.
I decided that i would answer the questions that they all set so you might get to know a little more about me.
Becks award was the one lovely blog award there are no set questions, you just need to list 7 things about yourself. Here goes… 
  1. Im addicted to my iPhone so much that it sometimes needs to be charged twice a day
  2. I can sew a little but would love to get better 
  3. I have 2 cats marvin and buttons
  4. Im an only child
  5. I would love a pigmy goat
  6. I love garlic the more the better
  7. I have watched Easy A over 50 times 
Here are Laura's questions

1. If you could own ANY retail chain and mould it how you wanted and have infinite free clothes - who would it be?
I love so many different shops but id pick primark not for the free clothes but because they NEED to start doing larger sizes so if i could change that would.
2. If you had no ties and could move any where in the world, where would you go?
3. Favourite colour to wear?
I don't have a colour preference anything pokadot will do
4. Item of clothing you know doesn't suit you but you LOVE anyway?
I don't think i have anything that doesn't suit me other people might think it doesn't but i love all my clothes and think they look fab!
5. Fave nail colour/brand?
Barry M for the choice of colours you can get my favourite being red
6. Body part you love and why?
I love all of me because im amazing :P
7. One thing you want to do by your next birthday?
Learn how to do a beehive or victory roll
8. Do you have any tattoos, or ideas for one?
I have 7 and want a 1/4 sleeve but i don't have the funds
9. Pen or pencil?
10. Do you prefer texting or talking?
11. Who inspired you to be the person you are today?
I was inspired by all my family and i have different traits from all of them 

Now onto Cherly's questions
  1. What made you start blogging?   -- Reading other blogs and getting inspiration from some amazing ladies it made me want to be a part of that too.
  2. Heels or Flats? -- Heels unless i have to walk then flats
  3. Eyeshadows or Mascara? -- Mascara
  4. Clothes or Make up? -- Clothes
  5. What is your most used item ? -- My glasses i can't see further than arms length without them
  6. Whats the brand that you use often? -- I use dove everyday
  7. Evans or Yours? -- Evans, they seem to get a fair bit of stick but i love them and always will i think, they have the most amazing friendly staff which makes me love them more
  8. What make up item would you not leave the house with out on? -- sometimes i don't wear any at all but if i was to wear some it would be mascara 
  9. Whats the item you couldnt live without? -- Red lipstick
  10. What high street stores you shop at? -- Evans,Tesco,Simply Be, Asda, Excite clothing, Ax paris,Asos and many more!
  11. Make up or Clothing if you had to choose you would take away with you? -- Clothes i could buy a red lipstick when got there :)
So there are a few things about me you might not have known about me. Back to outfit posts and shopping wants and needs soon.
I hope the beginning of your week is going quickly 

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Good times

This week at work has gone really slowly partly because I've wanted Saturday night to come so quickly. I couldn't wait to put my glad rags on and have a girlie evening, not that i'd decided what to wear! My week was made a million times better on friday when a tweet from tesco clothing popped through to say i was featured on their blog i was of course very happy and might have let out a little squee of excitement. I love supermarket chic as you all know and can't help myself in the clothes aisles of tesco so i really was honoured, take a look at their blog there are some amazing ladies on there and a post from becky about plus north.
Now onto saturday i was working in the day but had a hour from finishing work to get ready, id narrowed my outfits down with the help of the hubby but still not decided on a bag etc. Im not one to be 100% prepared for anything!
When i was cleaning out my wardrobes to do my blog sale i caught a glimpse of this in the bottom of my wardrobe shinning out from the dark, it still had the tags on and i'd had to about a year and a half but  couldn't part with it.

I got this dress from asos curve it had been about £90 full price but in one of the amazing sales they had it went down to about £25 so i snapped it up. This is a size 26, it was the only one they had left but i felt i needed it so badly that i sized up. I loved the fit of it and i think that if i had bought my usual size it would have been too small for me. The dress is lined and then made up of sequins and it even has different sized diamantes every now and then too, it really does make you feel amazing.  
As i was going out and not sure whether dancing was on the cards i didn't wear my glasses, now i can't see further than my arm without my glasses but when your tipsy it all looks the same! So here the finished result

Got my happy face on 

What have you been up to this weekend i hope you've had fun whatever its been!

Friday, 20 July 2012

Sale bargain

I hope your all having a great week as i mentioned in my previous post my evans sale bargains came and i was excited to wear them out. I wore the Clements Ribeiro Adele tunic first, i got this in the sale for £12 as i got an extra 20% off at the checkout. When i first tried it on i wasn't sure about it i felt it needed something and i wasn't sure what that was, until i put the belt with it. As soon as i belted it i loved it. I had to get this in 22/24 as it was the only size left but i could easily have sized down, so if your on the lookout for one i'd suggest sizing down if you can.

The dress has great colours and you really stand out in it. I love the dress so much that I've worn it twice already, once to the cinema and also to work, and at work i got lots of lovely comments on it and the great colours. The dress is so comfy and a great length on me so i can wear it without tights or fear of flashing! i am only 5 4'' so being a shorty helps me here.
I wore the dress with the belt from the other evans sales dress i got and i did wear shoes but didn't have them on for the pictures so you get to see my awkward feet.

The weekend is nearly here have you got any plans ? I'm working tomorrow but then im off out for birthday celebrations with lisa from my big fat blog and lots of other lovely ladies. i still haven't decided on an outfit so off into the wardrobe i go wish me luck!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Working it

Ive seen a few other bloggers in this dress including Becky from does my blog make me look phat

They all looked amazing in the dress and the print was so cute, i thought id go and get one myself. Now this wasn't easy every time i went into primark the dress was there but never in the size i wanted. Id pretty much given up but i went in the other week and saw it there in a 20 so i snapped it up! Now i know this meant i broke my shopping ban but i really couldn't pass it up not for £10.
I wore this to work it was really comfy and kept me cool in the office all day, i paired it with my lifes big canvas necklace which i got at plus north and I'm so in love with.

This is one of the only times I've been able to fit into the 20's at primark they are usually too small but thanks to Becky for showing me that i should try and sometimes you end up with  gem like this.
My Evans dresses came this week too here's a sneak peek of what i got. I panning on wearing one of them tonight so there will be a blog post soon.

Hope your all having a great week. Do you manage to find great things in primark?

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Simply Be

As you all know i have recently been buying a fair bit from Simply Be. If you haven't ordered from them you can get 20% off your first order and they have so much to choose from. Heres their 12 key items advert you can click through to the site. As you can see from the advert i have quite a few of these already.


Monday, 16 July 2012

Swanning about

This is a outfit i wore earlier in the week, i had the day off work and had intended to spend it in my pj's but my hubby got a last minute holiday at work and came home to surprise me, with a giant bourbon and an iced tea isn't he the best?!
We decided to head over to doncaster as i really needed a new bra, i had seen a few on the simply be website so i decided to visit the store to try a few on. Now if you haven't been to a simply be store and you have one near you i suggest you go it was a great experience. As i said i was only going for a bra but i did end up taking a playsuit and a dress into the changing rooms with me too. The store had a great sale on and most of the stock was reduced. It was really well laid out and i was very impressed with the store and the staff. The changing rooms are amazing and they have a magic mirror that takes your picture and you can email it to yourself or put it on twitter or facebook. I did try to use it but i think it must have been having an off day and just didn't want to work for me, sometimes i think technology hates me!
I ended up buying the dresses and a bra and put it onto my simply be account as you are able to do this in store as long as you have photo id and your account details. I decided as i was going to the simply be store it was only right to be wearing simply be so i put on my swan print dress I've had for a few months.

I bought this dress in my usual size 22 and it fits really well its so comfy and as its made of jersey it moves with you. It was £39 and is still available here if you are planning to buy it you don't need to size up its a great fit and a good length for me too.
I wore the dress with my new necklace which i love and you can read about in this post.
Here's a sneak peek of my dress and playsuit which i will blog about soon i promise.

My mr also spotted a sweet stand on the way out and we bought a few treats.I cannot explain how much i love baby ruth's!
Have you been up to much recently? bought any bargains ?

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Chain reaction

Today was the longest day at work ever but i came home to every girls dream,  a one off piece made just for me. For this i have to thank Chloe from lifes big canvas she makes the most amazing hand made jewellery. If you haven't heard of her or seen any of her pieces then take a look, i guarantee you will find something that you like. So back to my amazing parcel that was waiting for me when i got home. When i went to plus north last weekend a lot of people asked about my glasses chain including Chloe herself and after chatting to her i suggested maybe she add glasses chains to her store. As you know i bought a necklace and brooch from her stall at plus north so i knew if she did decide to make them they would be amazing. I suggested a few styles that i would like to see and Chloe very kindly offered to make me a chain to test. Here is the finished result,
The chain came in a cute little bag

The chain on my glasses

Me wearing it
Please excuse my crazy hair I've been at work and had just put my lounging dress on before opening my post.
The chain itself is plenty long enough to hold the glasses at chest height when you have them off and can be easily taken on and off. You attach the chain via the clear plastic loops you can see in the second picture. I love cats so this glasses chain couldn't be more me! I can see that i will get a lot of wear out of this and i will defiantly be buying more. Chloe only makes a few of each piece so no matter what you buy you know that your getting something that your not going to see on everyone. I like to be individual so this really is a plus point for me.
The glasses chains will range from £7-£12 depending on the design which is a great price, they would make a great stocking filler or just as a little gift for someone special.
So you can go to Chloe's website lifes big canvas to buy her lovely jewellery or if you want a glasses chain they are not on her store yet so contact her via twitter @peskychloe
So all in all i really cannot fault this glasses chain it gets the thumbs up from me !

I hope your all having a great weekend, have you got any plans?
Thank you for reading 

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Plus North

Hi lovelies this post will be text and picture heavy but i had such an amazing day i want to include as much as i can. First of all i would like to thank Toni and Becky for organising such a great event it really was amazing and i had the best of times!
Everyone at the event looked amazing i have seriously never seen so many gorgeous ladies in one room! I really wish i had talked to more of you but sometimes i get a little socially awkward but now I've seen you once there will be no stopping me next time, prepare to have your ears chewed off :)
First off here's what i wore

I wore a dress from tesco i bought it quite a while ago on one of my many lunch time shopping sprees. Its a 22 and was £16 a complete bargain if you ask me. The tights and shoes are primark and the glasses chain is from asos. So many people asked about it I've seen a few tweets since and it seems I'm bringing the glasses chain back lots of lovely ladies buying them.
I went to the event with lolly likes and as she was modelling in the simply be catwalk we were there a little early. We helped out a little by sorting out the ballons for the table and i discovered that i simply can't tie knots and at the age of 25 whats happening to me?!
Here is a picture i took of the venue

It was so pretty the building was gorgeous as you can see I'm not the best photographer, that coupled with the fact  was far too excited to remember to take pictures means i don't have many i took myself.
Once the event started my first port of call was the photo booth, what a great addition ! I didn't want to get out of it here are the pictures from the mighty boof!
Heres me,lolly and lisa
As well as the photo booth there were some lovely ladies painting nails for a donation to charity, id done mine the night before so i didn't have mine done, a lovely table full of brownies, macaroons and cupcakes from the lovely people of fat cow moos. I didn't have a cupcake but i did have a macaroon and a few pieces of brownie and they were amazing if i though i could have got away with taking the plate with me i would have done!
Her is lolly likes enjoying her cupcake

The lovely Rivkie from SLiNK magazine was there i bought issue 6, which I've not read yet because i don't want to finish it and have to wait for another issue, we also got a copy of issue 5 in our goodie bags which I've already read and i love it its a great magazine so if you haven't read it before now get yourself to the website and by a copy what are you waiting for?

There were lots of other stalls there including Stella & dotDea londonBenefit, Curvissa, Eve activewearTrapped in a skinny world (who had amazing t-shirts I'm kicking myself i didn't buy one).
As i wandered about and i saw the Excite clothing stand and i had to go over. Im always looking at the pretty dresses on the website and I've had my eye on a few as you have probably seen from previous posts. They were really nice to talk to and i loved seeing the new styles they had. Ive bought a dress from them with my plus north discount i know it will be the start of many more (i'll post about it soon).
My next stop was Chesca they had some really lovely things, very elegant especially this dress which looked amazing on the mannequin! Again it was lovely to meet them and i can wait to see the collection aimed at the younger audience they spoke about.
Simply be has a sample sale with some great pieces including bags, but I'm pretty sure if i'd have returned home with yet another bag my hubby would have been questioning my sanity!
Here is the video go the fashion show this is from sarah who has a great you tube channel found on film.

After the fashion show Kim from tesco talked to us about the plans for the True range and the other plus size brands they are now working with. I can't wait to see what they have in store for True i love the range and have a few dresses from it. Nikki from metail also let us know about the online fitting room which is just a great idea, to be able to input your own details and have a 3d version of you to try on clothes online, how amazing?!
I did buy some lovely jewellery from the lovely Chloe of life's big canvas. She does great pieces usually only a few of the same design so your not going to see hundreds of people all wearing the same as you, which is great. She also sells the necklace separate to your charm so you can get the best fit and length for you. She is a lovely lady and it was great to have a chat to her. Here's what i bought
What an amazing brooch

Evans were there too and it was really nice to meet them me and Lisa had a chat to them, we spent so long talking we were almost late for the fashion show as we didn't realise the time. So if i had to squeeze past you on the stairs I'm sorry ! I was measured by the evans team who told me my shape was busty which id already guessed, they are offering clothes to match your shape and or busty girls i think this is amazing as i'll no longer have to size up to fit the girls in :) Ive seen a few of the busty dresses on the website and can't wait to give one a try.
We also got a great goodie bag with discount codes a ann harvey scarf and some we love colours tights which i tried on as soon as i got home and am deeply in love with.

So i think that just about sums it up i really did have a great day if you would like to see more pictures from the day have a look at simply be's pictures here and the lovely Rebecca's pictures here
I really enjoyed meeting all the ladies i did you are fabulous, and to the ones i didn't have chance to or was to shy to speak to heres to next time!