Saturday, 14 July 2012

Chain reaction

Today was the longest day at work ever but i came home to every girls dream,  a one off piece made just for me. For this i have to thank Chloe from lifes big canvas she makes the most amazing hand made jewellery. If you haven't heard of her or seen any of her pieces then take a look, i guarantee you will find something that you like. So back to my amazing parcel that was waiting for me when i got home. When i went to plus north last weekend a lot of people asked about my glasses chain including Chloe herself and after chatting to her i suggested maybe she add glasses chains to her store. As you know i bought a necklace and brooch from her stall at plus north so i knew if she did decide to make them they would be amazing. I suggested a few styles that i would like to see and Chloe very kindly offered to make me a chain to test. Here is the finished result,
The chain came in a cute little bag

The chain on my glasses

Me wearing it
Please excuse my crazy hair I've been at work and had just put my lounging dress on before opening my post.
The chain itself is plenty long enough to hold the glasses at chest height when you have them off and can be easily taken on and off. You attach the chain via the clear plastic loops you can see in the second picture. I love cats so this glasses chain couldn't be more me! I can see that i will get a lot of wear out of this and i will defiantly be buying more. Chloe only makes a few of each piece so no matter what you buy you know that your getting something that your not going to see on everyone. I like to be individual so this really is a plus point for me.
The glasses chains will range from £7-£12 depending on the design which is a great price, they would make a great stocking filler or just as a little gift for someone special.
So you can go to Chloe's website lifes big canvas to buy her lovely jewellery or if you want a glasses chain they are not on her store yet so contact her via twitter @peskychloe
So all in all i really cannot fault this glasses chain it gets the thumbs up from me !

I hope your all having a great weekend, have you got any plans?
Thank you for reading 


  1. Hi dear Rachel, You are very lucky that you have a good friend..:)) Your new glass chain is gorgeous..:)) I like it so so much expecially the cat figure..
    Well I have visited the site you shared and I am sure I will find so nice things for me there..:))
    Best wishes....:))

    1. its very cute isn't it she does really nice things on her shop
      hope you have a great weekend

  2. Wow, the chain is amazing!! I love that it's unique to you; can't get better than that!! I'm going to have to check out her shop :) xx

    1. thanks i love it :) she doesn't have the chains on her shop yet if you wanted one for your sunglasses but you can tweet her or she has a contact me on her shop. she has some amazing jewellery i love it all xx

  3. I really wish I'd bought something from Chloe at Plus North but there were loads of people around the table and I got all flappy haha! God bless the internet.
    I LOVE the cat, it's so cute. <3 xx

    1. Her stuff is amazing I was lucky I went when it was quiet so I got to have a good browse around :) her site is amazing next time I'm in Leeds I'm seeking out the shop xx


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