Sunday, 22 July 2012

Good times

This week at work has gone really slowly partly because I've wanted Saturday night to come so quickly. I couldn't wait to put my glad rags on and have a girlie evening, not that i'd decided what to wear! My week was made a million times better on friday when a tweet from tesco clothing popped through to say i was featured on their blog i was of course very happy and might have let out a little squee of excitement. I love supermarket chic as you all know and can't help myself in the clothes aisles of tesco so i really was honoured, take a look at their blog there are some amazing ladies on there and a post from becky about plus north.
Now onto saturday i was working in the day but had a hour from finishing work to get ready, id narrowed my outfits down with the help of the hubby but still not decided on a bag etc. Im not one to be 100% prepared for anything!
When i was cleaning out my wardrobes to do my blog sale i caught a glimpse of this in the bottom of my wardrobe shinning out from the dark, it still had the tags on and i'd had to about a year and a half but  couldn't part with it.

I got this dress from asos curve it had been about £90 full price but in one of the amazing sales they had it went down to about £25 so i snapped it up. This is a size 26, it was the only one they had left but i felt i needed it so badly that i sized up. I loved the fit of it and i think that if i had bought my usual size it would have been too small for me. The dress is lined and then made up of sequins and it even has different sized diamantes every now and then too, it really does make you feel amazing.  
As i was going out and not sure whether dancing was on the cards i didn't wear my glasses, now i can't see further than my arm without my glasses but when your tipsy it all looks the same! So here the finished result

Got my happy face on 

What have you been up to this weekend i hope you've had fun whatever its been!


  1. Amazing dress! You look great!;)
    Diana from

  2. Dear Rachel, You are so so beautiful.. The dress is wonderful I like sequins dresses so so much. And you are gorgeous.. I must say that Your makeup is absolutely beautiful..Your eyes seem big blue pretty eyes and I like your lip stick color so so much..
    and Congratulations for Tesco Clothing blog. I have visited the blog just now. Congratulations..:))
    All best wishes and all blessings..:))

    1. Thank you for all the lovely things you've said :) I don't usually wear make up at work so I like to go wild if I'm going out the
      Lipstick is Kate moss for rimmel the dark red one if you wanted to get it ( if they sell rimmel in turkey) I hope your having a good weekend xx

  3. Love this dress! And you are such a beautiful thing <3 xx

    1. me to i think its the sparkles its like wearing a present! thank you what a complement from a lovely lady like you i love your style :) xx

  4. Well done on being featured! What a lovely post about you! It's also all very true!! I love this ensemble! Very glam xx

  5. Love this dress on you. Looking amazing! x


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