Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Want to know more?

I have been nominated for blog awards by the lovely Laura of Jelly Belly, Cheryl from Fashion and Make up and the amazing Beck from Beck to vintage. I have done a few of these so far and one quite recently so i decided to skip the nominating blog part, if you want to have nosey at the blogs I love check the left side bar or my blogger profile for a full list.
I firstly want to say thank you to Beck,Cheryl and Laura for nominating me for the awards, they are  lovely ladies so go and check out their blogs.
I decided that i would answer the questions that they all set so you might get to know a little more about me.
Becks award was the one lovely blog award there are no set questions, you just need to list 7 things about yourself. Here goes… 
  1. Im addicted to my iPhone so much that it sometimes needs to be charged twice a day
  2. I can sew a little but would love to get better 
  3. I have 2 cats marvin and buttons
  4. Im an only child
  5. I would love a pigmy goat
  6. I love garlic the more the better
  7. I have watched Easy A over 50 times 
Here are Laura's questions

1. If you could own ANY retail chain and mould it how you wanted and have infinite free clothes - who would it be?
I love so many different shops but id pick primark not for the free clothes but because they NEED to start doing larger sizes so if i could change that would.
2. If you had no ties and could move any where in the world, where would you go?
3. Favourite colour to wear?
I don't have a colour preference anything pokadot will do
4. Item of clothing you know doesn't suit you but you LOVE anyway?
I don't think i have anything that doesn't suit me other people might think it doesn't but i love all my clothes and think they look fab!
5. Fave nail colour/brand?
Barry M for the choice of colours you can get my favourite being red
6. Body part you love and why?
I love all of me because im amazing :P
7. One thing you want to do by your next birthday?
Learn how to do a beehive or victory roll
8. Do you have any tattoos, or ideas for one?
I have 7 and want a 1/4 sleeve but i don't have the funds
9. Pen or pencil?
10. Do you prefer texting or talking?
11. Who inspired you to be the person you are today?
I was inspired by all my family and i have different traits from all of them 

Now onto Cherly's questions
  1. What made you start blogging?   -- Reading other blogs and getting inspiration from some amazing ladies it made me want to be a part of that too.
  2. Heels or Flats? -- Heels unless i have to walk then flats
  3. Eyeshadows or Mascara? -- Mascara
  4. Clothes or Make up? -- Clothes
  5. What is your most used item ? -- My glasses i can't see further than arms length without them
  6. Whats the brand that you use often? -- I use dove everyday
  7. Evans or Yours? -- Evans, they seem to get a fair bit of stick but i love them and always will i think, they have the most amazing friendly staff which makes me love them more
  8. What make up item would you not leave the house with out on? -- sometimes i don't wear any at all but if i was to wear some it would be mascara 
  9. Whats the item you couldnt live without? -- Red lipstick
  10. What high street stores you shop at? -- Evans,Tesco,Simply Be, Asda, Excite clothing, Ax paris,Asos and many more!
  11. Make up or Clothing if you had to choose you would take away with you? -- Clothes i could buy a red lipstick when got there :)
So there are a few things about me you might not have known about me. Back to outfit posts and shopping wants and needs soon.
I hope the beginning of your week is going quickly 


  1. Thank you very much dear Rachel.. You are very sweetheart and very good friend..:)) I am very happy to meet you..:))
    I wish you happy days with your family and all your loves..:))

    1. Thank you great to meet and speak to you too xx

  2. Wow- 7 tattoos?!! You should do a post to show them all! I adore tats. Really interesting reading a bit more about you xx

    1. I'd really love a 1/4 sleeve but I don't think I'll ever be able to afford it :( thanks I really struggle to think of things about me but I feel bad if I don't acknowledge them cos it's so nice to be nominated xx


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