Wednesday, 30 October 2013


A few weeks ago now I got the chance to met with the lovely Betty Pamper and some other lovely bloggers in Manchester and because Betty rocks she brought us all her new tee. I know lovely right?!


Betty had asked us before what size and neck we would like and I went for the 2xl in the slash neck as I already have a round neck killer curves tee which I love.


I really like the slash neck and I think I'll get more in this style in the future. I love the new design and I think it pops even more with the addition of the red.


I wore mine with shorts obviously ;) and the tshirt was really comfy, I think the 2xl is the perfect size for me, there is room without it being too baggy. They are really good quality tees and you can get the from Betty's site for £13.
The shorts were from Asos Curve in the sale i had to get these in a 26 to get them to fasten, yet again Asos and their crazy sizing but they were too cute to pass up for £11.


It was really lovely of Betty to think of us all and bring us a tee each so thank you again Betty!
If you want to get your hands on one of these tees,the original design or both head over to Betty's website here.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Dancing Queen

Last weekend me and Lisa decided to go to BGP in Manchester for those of you who haven't heard of it check out the website here. Now I'm sure that those of you who have might have some options on the night, before going I'd heard everything from it being great fun to it being like a fetish night. I went with an open mind, for me you can't really judge it till you try it, and I really loved it! I had a great night, I met some amazing ladies there and the guys that were there were friendly but never in a pervy way.
Me and Lisa got to the hotel early to relax ,get ready and have a few drinks. This turned into a bottle of wine and a bottle of vodka but we do like to start the party early!

I even managed to put fake lashes on myself and Lisa without either of us looking like an extra from a clockwork orange.

Here's what I wore for the night, this picture was taken by Lisa in the hotel but I have recreated it at home where the light is better.

I wanted something comfortable that I could dance the night away in and this was perfect.The top is a bodysuit I got ages ago from asos curve, I adore it and you don't have to keep tucking it in like you sometimes end up doing with tshirts.


The shorts are from Simply Be and I only have good things to say about them! They are a size 24 and fit perfectly they have some stretch and are lovely and short with the cute lace detail around the bottom. Unfortunately they don't have them in stock anymore if they did i would be buying a second pair they are that amazing!



We got to BGP around 9 and chatted to a few people then after an hour or so I decided it was time to dance and barely sat down for the rest of the night. I had a fab time and met lots of lovely people although maybe I danced too hard as my legs felt like they might fall off the next day

Monday, 21 October 2013

Busy Bee

I have been super busy over the last week or so which is why things had been quite over here, but its all been so much fun and i can't wait to share some of it with you in a few weeks time!
I don't have an outfit for you today, but there are plenty of new pieces in my wardrobes to show you. As I've been away from my lovely hubby for a few days has meant no photographer for me and I'm just no good at the old mirror pictures.
In between going from here to there i have managed to browse a few clothing websites so i thought I'd show you a few pieces that caught my eye.

Simply Be

I do love velvet and i love this short velvet skater dress available here.

OMG i am dying this dress is beautiful !!

I love this coat, i have so many faux furs already but this would be perfect for anyone wanting to add one to their collection.

This jumper looks so snugly and warm perfect for the winter!

It seems this is the swallow dress of this season, i have the previous ones that New Look have brought out but i think this might be my favourite.

Love these shorts but the sizing on asos can be crazy so i think I'll wait until they go into the sale.

I hope you have all had a great weekend and i will be back soon with an outfit post for you all !

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Scarlett & Jo Christmas Collection

As you know since Plus North I've done nothing but harp on about how much i need a certain velvet maxi dress in my life, but wasn't sure how much it would be or when to would be out, well last week i got an email from the lovely team at Scarlett & Jo and they included the christmas lookbook. I decided i couldn't keep it to myself so i wanted to share with you a few of my favourite bits.

Lace prom dress £65
 I love this fit and flare dress i think you could really dress it up and down easily.

Fit and Flare dress £45
I couldn't miss out the dress i modelled at Plus North!
Powerfit dress  £45
 Here it is… such a thing of beauty! I need this dress its truly amazing, and for £65 i think its a great price. I cannot wait till this comes out and i can wear it everywhere. Becky rocked it at Plus North and since then i have done nothing but pine for it! I'm sure this will be really popular so make sure you leave a 22 for me please :)

Velvet maxi dress

Beautiful details
For those of you who don't fancy floor length velvet, there is this knee length version. I love this one too but my heart still beats for the maxi.
Velvet powerfit £55

I really love Scarlett & Jo their designs are fun and cute and the price point can't be argued with for the quality that you get.
I cannot wait till this collection comes out, bet you can't get which dress I'm buying first ?!

Monday, 14 October 2013

Casual Kitty

Today brings another outfit from my recent shopping trip, everything is from New Look Inspire. I had seen this hoodie online a few weeks ago and thought it was cute, of course i did its a cat after all !
When i went into New Look last week i decided to give it a try and see how i looked in a hoodie as its not something I've worn in a few years.

I got this hoodie in a size 26 as i wanted something i could snuggle into and layer up underneath it too. It was £19.99 and you can get it online here along with a fox,raccoon and a mouse. I wore this to do some errands on Sunday with these shorts and it was comfy to wear and it meant i didn't need to think about a coat or a jacket.

 I love the fact the hood has cats ears on it as well as the face on the front its just so cute. I would say you need to size up at least once in this unless you want it to be tight fitting even though there is some stretch to it.

The inside of the hood is leopard print which as you know i love so much! These shorts are a size 22 which I've had for quite a while now, they were the first pair i bought and the start of an obsession for me. I'm sure this hoodie will get worn quite a bit as its perfect for those hungover/ or lazy days. 

I realised how much of a crazy cat lady i looked when i was out in this as i had on this cat hoodie, my cat tattoos were to and i had a cat phone case in my hand!

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Can your dreams come true ?

Yes they can! While i was out shopping last weekend i decided to try on some of the extra curvy plus boots in Simply Be. I didn't expect them to fit so when they did i might have let out a little squee of excitement. I'm sure i have mentioned before but my calfs measure 21 inches which means they are too large for 99% of boots out there but Simply Be have come to my rescue.
I tried these boots on first and they fit really well there was even some room in the leg which surprised  me then i spotted these and fell in love!


How amazing are these boots ?! I got a size 5 EEE fitting in calf width extra curvy plus and the fit is really good they haven't gone baggy around the ankles like you can sometimes get with knee boots. I have literally so many outfits planned to wear these with. It has been about 10 years if not more since i have been able to get boots to fit so I'm really happy.


As you can seen i have leggings on and there is still space at the top of the boots. I really love the details on these boots, i think they add a little something which makes them a bit more than just a pair or black boots.


The back of the boots has this amazing quilted detail which was the reason that i chose them over the other boots that i tried on. They are so worth the money in fact when i picked them up and saw the price tag i actually thought that they were going to be much more expensive.
If you are like me and have larger than large calfs then you need to give these boots a try you won't regret it.

Here they are as part of an outfit

At the moment there are only a few styles in the extra curvy plus but fingers crossed there will be more in the future.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Rad Fat Outing

This weekend after a night of drinking, laughs and some questionable singing with my lovely ladies Rebs and Lisa on Friday night, we got up early on Saturday and headed to Doncaster to meet Charlie who is the most beautiful person (inside and out) i have ever met. Here we are talking a picture just as we got to the shopping centre, the mirror must have been curved in someway it made us all look tiny!

Pic from Charlie's instagam

I went with the intention of just doing a little window shopping but that didn't last long! We popped into Simply Be and we all had a good try on. I decided to buy this dress as i fell in love with it once i put in on. As i was waiting for the others to finish trying on i decided to try on some boots. I didn't hold out much hope to be honest as i do have huge calfs but i was surprised when they fit with room! So obviously i had to buy them right?!
We wandered around some of the shops within the shopping centre on our way to our next stop Yours, i didn't get anything from there but some of the others did. Including Charlie who bought a beautiful purple and black skirt that i had tried on but didn't buy.
Next up was New Look who had a sale on so there were lots of things to try on, i think between the 4 of us we took over 30 things into the changing rooms with us. I picked up a hoodie, some denim shorts, floral peplum top and a plain black peplum top.
It was a very productive shopping day and i had such a good time with some of my favourite ladies. As you already know i love shopping but when i do it surrounded with such amazing people it makes it even better.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Velvet Shorts

This weeks omcz post was a free week, now this outfit is not out of my comfort zone but while wearing it i noticed it got a lot of attention, lots of disapproving looks and few tuts thrown in for good measure. Now just because my outfit gets that reaction doesn't mean i don't feel fabulous in it or that i won't wear it again. I truly believe that if you love what you wear nothing else matters and you should never let anyone make you feel uncomfortable in something that you love.
I am very aware that not everyone has my level of confidence or the ability to look someone in the eye who's obviously chatting shit about you and give them that sarcastic, i caught you and i don't care look. In a way this outfit is for you.


I wore these shorts from Simply Be, yes they are short and they have a cut to on the side which makes them look even shorter. They are the most gorgeous velvet and they have pockets too. I went for a size 24 as i tend to size up in shorts and the fit it great they have got room but i think the 22 would have been too tight for me.


I wore them with this lightweight jumper from New Look as i wanted to dress down the shorts a little. The top is a size 24 as i wanted a baggier look and was only £14.99. I absolutely adore these shorts i wish Simply Be could do then in every colour so that i could buy them all! 


As you can see these shorts are short and there is a lot of leg on show but i love my legs so I'm going to get them out and no amount of tuts will ever stop that. I see a lot of people in short shorts but these are the first pair I've seen in a plus size store so thank you Simply Be for giving me something I've been longing for for months!


So I'm not breaking out of my comfort zone this week so why don't you give it a go instead, wear that item that's been in your wardrobe for months or the dress you love but never wear or you could take a leaf out of my book and opt for the tiny shorts!

Check out the others here,


Monday, 7 October 2013

Everyone Loves A Parka

PHow is it Monday morning already ?! I hope you have all had a great weekend mine has been filled with fun, friends and maybe a little bit of shopping.
I was contacted last week and asked if i wanted to review a coat for Simply Be, i had a long browse through the site and found quite a few coats that i liked but i decided to go for something that i have always loved from afar but never thought wold suit me.
I decided to go for a parka and chose this one in khaki but you can get it in blue too. I went for the khaki as i saw it as a more traditional parka style. I was a little worried that it maybe wouldn't suit me but i shouldn't have as soon as i put it on i fell in love.


The coat is quite light weight but is quilted inside so keeps you lovely and warm and there is also fur lining the hood and half way down the front under the zip area. I went for a size 22 which is my usual size and the fit is perfect, there is enough room for a jumper underneath. 
I wanted to show you the coat with more than one outfit so i added it to my denim shorts and tshirt, i would wear this open when i needed something that would keep me a little warmer than just a a cardigan and it has a hood which is perfect for me as my hair will run in the rain!



The coat comes down past my bum and is really comfy to wear, it has pockets that fasten with studs and a drawstring on the waist so you can create a waist if you wish. I had left mine loose as i like the look of the coat that way.


For the second outfit i added my new boots, which i am so in love with and will be in a post later this week, my squirrel tunic and leggings.
I think the parka loves amazing with these boots and i didn't actually want to take this off, the hubby commented on how nice my outfit was too.


I seriously don't have a bad word to say about this coat, it is perfect! Once the colder weather sets in i will be getting so much use out of this coat, although i love my faux fur sometime i need something a bit less bear like and i most definitely need a hood for when it rains or my face will turn purple!
If you want to get your hands on the perfect parka then you can get it here.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Black Heart Creatives

I wanted to do a little post today on my favourite place to buy laser cut jewellery. I'm sure many of you are familiar with Black Heart Creatives but for those if you who aren't then check out their website here.

The first order I placed with them was for the fat bitch necklace. It took me ages to decide on colour but I finally decided on red and I wasn't disappointed when it came.

This is quite the statement piece and I love it!! 
My next order was for a small love heart brooch and necklace saying c*nt now I know some people hate this word my mother included but I love it.
When I came back from Plus North I saw on twitter that they where doing a discount for the weekend so 20 minutes before it expired I placed an order, thankfully it went through and i didn't mis-spell anything, i don't work well under pressure lol! I decided to go for my blog name in purple, I was so excited to see how it would look and when it came a few days later I was in love.

You can have a custom made necklace and choose any design you wish, the necklaces are well made and really great prices too.
I'm ready thinking about my next custom necklace but I also have a soft spot for this cutie!

Do you have a favourite piece or an idea for your own custom piece?