Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Scarlett & Jo Christmas Collection

As you know since Plus North I've done nothing but harp on about how much i need a certain velvet maxi dress in my life, but wasn't sure how much it would be or when to would be out, well last week i got an email from the lovely team at Scarlett & Jo and they included the christmas lookbook. I decided i couldn't keep it to myself so i wanted to share with you a few of my favourite bits.

Lace prom dress £65
 I love this fit and flare dress i think you could really dress it up and down easily.

Fit and Flare dress £45
I couldn't miss out the dress i modelled at Plus North!
Powerfit dress  £45
 Here it is… such a thing of beauty! I need this dress its truly amazing, and for £65 i think its a great price. I cannot wait till this comes out and i can wear it everywhere. Becky rocked it at Plus North and since then i have done nothing but pine for it! I'm sure this will be really popular so make sure you leave a 22 for me please :)

Velvet maxi dress

Beautiful details
For those of you who don't fancy floor length velvet, there is this knee length version. I love this one too but my heart still beats for the maxi.
Velvet powerfit £55

I really love Scarlett & Jo their designs are fun and cute and the price point can't be argued with for the quality that you get.
I cannot wait till this collection comes out, bet you can't get which dress I'm buying first ?!


  1. I absolutely love Scarlett and Jo, such gorgeous designs and great qualiity. I just love the Fit and Flare dress xx

    1. they have some amazing stuff don't they xx

  2. Ooh those last two velvet dresses are gorgeous! You'll look amazing in that maxi xx

    1. aren't they just ! i cant wait to try the maxi on xx


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