Friday, 11 October 2013

Rad Fat Outing

This weekend after a night of drinking, laughs and some questionable singing with my lovely ladies Rebs and Lisa on Friday night, we got up early on Saturday and headed to Doncaster to meet Charlie who is the most beautiful person (inside and out) i have ever met. Here we are talking a picture just as we got to the shopping centre, the mirror must have been curved in someway it made us all look tiny!

Pic from Charlie's instagam

I went with the intention of just doing a little window shopping but that didn't last long! We popped into Simply Be and we all had a good try on. I decided to buy this dress as i fell in love with it once i put in on. As i was waiting for the others to finish trying on i decided to try on some boots. I didn't hold out much hope to be honest as i do have huge calfs but i was surprised when they fit with room! So obviously i had to buy them right?!
We wandered around some of the shops within the shopping centre on our way to our next stop Yours, i didn't get anything from there but some of the others did. Including Charlie who bought a beautiful purple and black skirt that i had tried on but didn't buy.
Next up was New Look who had a sale on so there were lots of things to try on, i think between the 4 of us we took over 30 things into the changing rooms with us. I picked up a hoodie, some denim shorts, floral peplum top and a plain black peplum top.
It was a very productive shopping day and i had such a good time with some of my favourite ladies. As you already know i love shopping but when i do it surrounded with such amazing people it makes it even better.


  1. Heeeeeeeeeeey, sexy ladies!

    That dress is gorge! x x

    1. Isn't it just I can't wait to blog it. It's so diff to my usual choice xx


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