Monday, 7 October 2013

Everyone Loves A Parka

PHow is it Monday morning already ?! I hope you have all had a great weekend mine has been filled with fun, friends and maybe a little bit of shopping.
I was contacted last week and asked if i wanted to review a coat for Simply Be, i had a long browse through the site and found quite a few coats that i liked but i decided to go for something that i have always loved from afar but never thought wold suit me.
I decided to go for a parka and chose this one in khaki but you can get it in blue too. I went for the khaki as i saw it as a more traditional parka style. I was a little worried that it maybe wouldn't suit me but i shouldn't have as soon as i put it on i fell in love.


The coat is quite light weight but is quilted inside so keeps you lovely and warm and there is also fur lining the hood and half way down the front under the zip area. I went for a size 22 which is my usual size and the fit is perfect, there is enough room for a jumper underneath. 
I wanted to show you the coat with more than one outfit so i added it to my denim shorts and tshirt, i would wear this open when i needed something that would keep me a little warmer than just a a cardigan and it has a hood which is perfect for me as my hair will run in the rain!



The coat comes down past my bum and is really comfy to wear, it has pockets that fasten with studs and a drawstring on the waist so you can create a waist if you wish. I had left mine loose as i like the look of the coat that way.


For the second outfit i added my new boots, which i am so in love with and will be in a post later this week, my squirrel tunic and leggings.
I think the parka loves amazing with these boots and i didn't actually want to take this off, the hubby commented on how nice my outfit was too.


I seriously don't have a bad word to say about this coat, it is perfect! Once the colder weather sets in i will be getting so much use out of this coat, although i love my faux fur sometime i need something a bit less bear like and i most definitely need a hood for when it rains or my face will turn purple!
If you want to get your hands on the perfect parka then you can get it here.


  1. What a lovely coat, I'm currently on the hunt for a perfect parker, especially with all this ruddy rain.

    Loving the last outfit especially looks so snug!


    1. It's a really lovely coat and the faux fur trim is so soft xx

  2. The coat is lovely and you look cute as a button in it! x x

  3. That coat looks so cosy, and it looks fab with the squirrel tunic and boots. I've not owned a parka in such a long time, but they do look really cute xx

    1. I've never had one before I've just admired from a far but I'm so in love with this one xx


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