Saturday, 12 October 2013

Can your dreams come true ?

Yes they can! While i was out shopping last weekend i decided to try on some of the extra curvy plus boots in Simply Be. I didn't expect them to fit so when they did i might have let out a little squee of excitement. I'm sure i have mentioned before but my calfs measure 21 inches which means they are too large for 99% of boots out there but Simply Be have come to my rescue.
I tried these boots on first and they fit really well there was even some room in the leg which surprised  me then i spotted these and fell in love!


How amazing are these boots ?! I got a size 5 EEE fitting in calf width extra curvy plus and the fit is really good they haven't gone baggy around the ankles like you can sometimes get with knee boots. I have literally so many outfits planned to wear these with. It has been about 10 years if not more since i have been able to get boots to fit so I'm really happy.


As you can seen i have leggings on and there is still space at the top of the boots. I really love the details on these boots, i think they add a little something which makes them a bit more than just a pair or black boots.


The back of the boots has this amazing quilted detail which was the reason that i chose them over the other boots that i tried on. They are so worth the money in fact when i picked them up and saw the price tag i actually thought that they were going to be much more expensive.
If you are like me and have larger than large calfs then you need to give these boots a try you won't regret it.

Here they are as part of an outfit

At the moment there are only a few styles in the extra curvy plus but fingers crossed there will be more in the future.


  1. Love them! the extra curvy range boots are the ONLY ones that fit my calf too. I bought some brown ones the other week. I don't have a Simply Be shop near me so I always buy online and keep my fingers crossed! x

  2. In love with them already..look lush on to you to chick :)
    soooo wanna buy some from this range been hearing people rave about them..might do some ordering soon :)

    Tamara xx

  3. These are the boots I want! I've had my eyes on them for ages. I need them nooooooow. x x

  4. They look amazing, and I want them! I LOVE the quilted detailing to the back. I have quite wide calfs too, so boots shopping can be a pain, but I'm hearing good things about Simply Be boots xx

  5. Gorgeous. I really struggle to get boots to fit round my calfs too, definitely going to look at these now!


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