Wednesday, 30 October 2013


A few weeks ago now I got the chance to met with the lovely Betty Pamper and some other lovely bloggers in Manchester and because Betty rocks she brought us all her new tee. I know lovely right?!


Betty had asked us before what size and neck we would like and I went for the 2xl in the slash neck as I already have a round neck killer curves tee which I love.


I really like the slash neck and I think I'll get more in this style in the future. I love the new design and I think it pops even more with the addition of the red.


I wore mine with shorts obviously ;) and the tshirt was really comfy, I think the 2xl is the perfect size for me, there is room without it being too baggy. They are really good quality tees and you can get the from Betty's site for £13.
The shorts were from Asos Curve in the sale i had to get these in a 26 to get them to fasten, yet again Asos and their crazy sizing but they were too cute to pass up for £11.


It was really lovely of Betty to think of us all and bring us a tee each so thank you again Betty!
If you want to get your hands on one of these tees,the original design or both head over to Betty's website here.


  1. I love the t-shirt. I hope that Betty might bring some to Plus London as it would be convenient buy one then. Would be great for dress down Fridays and gigs as well. xx

    1. It's fab isn't it :) she might do you could always tweet her and ask to buy one now but for her to bring it on the day xx

  2. That t-shirt is so great. I need it in my life. Can't wear round neck t-shirts, cos I have a weird phobia about clothes touching my throat, so this is perfect. Off to order one now :) x

    1. hope you got one! they are amazing i especialy love the little chubby belly she has xx

  3. I love the t shirt and the shorts! What a cute little outfit. xx


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