Monday, 14 October 2013

Casual Kitty

Today brings another outfit from my recent shopping trip, everything is from New Look Inspire. I had seen this hoodie online a few weeks ago and thought it was cute, of course i did its a cat after all !
When i went into New Look last week i decided to give it a try and see how i looked in a hoodie as its not something I've worn in a few years.

I got this hoodie in a size 26 as i wanted something i could snuggle into and layer up underneath it too. It was £19.99 and you can get it online here along with a fox,raccoon and a mouse. I wore this to do some errands on Sunday with these shorts and it was comfy to wear and it meant i didn't need to think about a coat or a jacket.

 I love the fact the hood has cats ears on it as well as the face on the front its just so cute. I would say you need to size up at least once in this unless you want it to be tight fitting even though there is some stretch to it.

The inside of the hood is leopard print which as you know i love so much! These shorts are a size 22 which I've had for quite a while now, they were the first pair i bought and the start of an obsession for me. I'm sure this hoodie will get worn quite a bit as its perfect for those hungover/ or lazy days. 

I realised how much of a crazy cat lady i looked when i was out in this as i had on this cat hoodie, my cat tattoos were to and i had a cat phone case in my hand!


  1. Aww I do like the face / ears on the hoodie - very cute!

  2. Replies
    1. it really is but to get it like that i did have to size up twice xx

  3. It looks so cute and cosy! You were brave going out in October in short shorts! Weren't you freezing? I'm chilly inside in my PJs! xx

    1. it wasn't that cold it was one of the warmer days but I'm still going to be in shorts in winter lol xx


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